Golden Eyes

A/n: I know what you're thinking. Why is he doing so many new stories? One is that I am having trouble thinking about all the other stories. Two this story came into my head. Three I like this story and always wanted to try this type of Naruto Genre.

Well here we go.

Training ground 56. It was built during the Third Shinobi war. It was developed so that Konoha Nin's could practice fighting against the coastline. The put a forest all around and rivers and some places. It was a spectacular piece of work. The only problem was is that they had to move it very far from the village since the rivers had to be quite large.

It was so far that not may people went there. Many didn't want to travel that far just to practice and would rather stick to the training grounds closer to the village. For a long time it was empty… well until now.

"DAMN HIM, THAT FUCKING LOW LIFE SON OF A BITCH" Naruto screamed in the woods as he raged in his self pity. Naruto screamed to the skies as if to curse Kami but rather he cursed a human. "That fucking bastard, some sensei he is. Yea I have to train Sasuke, Dammit, favoritism. And what he passes me off to some damn closet pervert. That bastard, he doesn't even bother to give me a good job or even give me a hint into beating Neji." Naruto kicked a stone on the ground.

Naruto Uzumaki was a peculiar person. Being the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi, a user of Kinjutsu, among other things. He was not at all a normal person. His happy, hyper active, unobservant, tactless persona, that was all made up. His loud, brash personality, to catch people off guard. Even his jumpsuit was just a means to 'accommodate' his persona of an unintelligent, hyperactive, and overall useless Shinobi. Yep, Naruto did all this because it was necessary. Why? To ensure, that he would have a trump card. At first, he never really did now why people hated him. What he did know was that he needed to protect himself. What better than deception? By lying to everyone, he could save his true observation, save his true nature for when the time came.

Of course there were some parts that he showed that were true. His attitude to be hard headed and see things through that was still there. His promise to protect the ones he cherished that was there as well. He even still wanted to be Hokage.

'WHY, WHY DO THEY ALL TREAT ME LIKE TRASH, I WORKED MY ASS OF TO BE HERE!' Naruto clutched his head as he fell to the ground. Anger, he felt rage, anger, he wanted to beat something senseless, destroy something. No he did not want to kill someone he wanted justice. Yes Justice. HE WANTED JUSTICE!

Naruto looked up and time slowed. Everything came to a halt. The world became sharper, definite, and alive. Naruto felt like he could see… no feel, everything that was going on. Naruto shot forward at a thick patch of trees that was near the river. Naruto struck against the thick trunk of a tree. His fist impacted or what it looked like it impacted. Naruto's fist drilled into the tree. But Naruto did not stop there. He moved forward punching, punching and punching. He broke through the patch with trees faster than 30 loggers could. He reached the edge of the water, breathing slowly. He did not realize what he had just done; he did not realize the power he was slowly gaining. Naruto walked to the edge of the river and looked down. What he saw shocked him. His eyes were different. They were not blue like normal; they were not red like the kyuubi's chakra.

They were gold. Suddenly, his new golden eyes faded into his regular blue and his body felt tired. Oh so tired. Naruto dropped to his knees and panted. 'What was that? My eyes were gold. What did I do?'

Naruto turned around and his eyes widened as eh saw the havoc and destruction he had caused. 'Did I do that?' Naruto got up shakily and walked towards the broken trees. He knelt down and looked at one of the sizzling holes he had made when he went berserk. Naruto reached forward and touched one of the holes, immediately he brought back his hand. It was burning hot…

Naruto fell on his butt thinking what just happened. He had just broke 50 trees in a matter of seconds. There was no way this could be possible on his own. Kyuubi's chakra? No his eyes would have been red. Then it had to be something else. Then what caused the holes in the trees. They were perfectly circular; it was as if something had formed over Naruto's hand like a glove.

Naruto sat on his butt thinking about what he had just done for 20 minutes. Reviewing everything or at least trying to him felt his world slow down. It was if he had slowed down time. But that wasn't right … he just reacted faster. Naruto sighed… he was getting no where. Naruto sighed… he had 4 hours left before he should turn in and get ready for tomorrow with the stupid closet pervert. Naruto sighed. 'Dammit that fucking Kakashi…' Naruto looked up at the sky… 'You know one of these days I'll show everyone what the right thing to do is.'

Naruto suddenly felt something burst inside him. Like liquid water running down a stream, or fire spreading through a forest, felt energy burst in him. 'This feeling, yes this is it.' Naruto stood up and looked at his hands. He felt like he could do anything. Naruto looked up and saw a falling leaf… it was slow, very slow. Naruto reached out with his hands to catch it. As it was about to land on his hand it was suddenly ripped to shreds. Naruto eyes widened 'what the.' Naruto blinked. This meant that something was covering his hands but what. Naruto stepped forward to one of the fallen trees and placed his hands. As if like magic, as Naruto reached to touch the tree, the tree was being cut into, tiny little cuts like a drill. 'So my chakra, or what ever this is, is making invisible gloves around my hand that cut incredibly fast. Cutting… Iruka sensei said something about cutting… elemental chakra? … but what was it.' Naruto sighed as he looked down. Back to square one. 'I should test out the limits.' Naruto lifted his head up and looked around… 'Ok let's see if I punch in mid air.' Naruto faced a tree about 5 meters away. He took a deep breath, took one step forward, and punched while sending chakra through his arm. Without even touching the tree, he repeated the process as if he had punched it up close. 'So it also does range. How about slashing.' Naruto repeated the process on another tree and once again it was successful. 'Alright … I don't know what this ability is, or the consequences of using it but I know for a fact that I can use it to beat Neji… now if I can do it with my arms… how about my legs.'

Naruto was about to lift his legs, when suddenly the energy left him and he fell to the ground. His body started shaking. 'Uggh it hurts' Naruto fell to the ground trembling. It felt as if all his muscles were being squeezed together and being stabbed. It continued like this for 3 minutes until finally the pain faded. Naruto lay on the ground panting, sweat pouring off him in buckets. 'Now I know the backfires.' Naruto got up shakily once more and started walking home… he would experiment later.

Next Day

And so the training with Ebisu, the closet pervert, went. Naruto sighed and looked down at the water getting ready feel the pain. Gathering his chakra into his feet Naruto kept a constant flow as he attempted to walk on the water, key word being attempted here. And being in a hot spring the water was really, really hot.

"ACK!!!" Quickly jumping out Naruto's clothes was soaked and you could literally see the steam rising of him.

'Why can't I get this' Naruto thought… Ever since he had been stabbed, or something, by that snake guy he couldn't use his chakra correctly, it was as if something was turning his chakra the wrong way.

Pressing on Naruto continued to experiment in ways to stay on top of the water until he finally managed to keep one foot on the water without sinking or just dropping in on the first time. Moving from there he attempted to take another step only for him to fall in again due to not adjusting the chakra correctly or rather not being able to.

Naruto sighed as he hoisted himself up on the stone street. 'I have to get this right; I have to prove to that so called sensei that I can beat Neji… I can do this.' Sealing his resolves Naruto stood up once more. Putting his foot back out onto the water his foot help firm, attempting another step again Naruto managed to put enough chakra to stay afloat but as soon as he was fully on the water his chakra fluctuated and he fell in.

'Crap.' Naruto thought disdainfully. And this went on for about an hour with Naruto attempting to take baby steps and him falling in. Pulling himself up Naruto was about to attempt it again when he heard arguing a ways off.

"I will not allow any shameless acts in my presence!" shouted his substitute teacher.

Almost two seconds later, Naruto heard something being summoned and then someone being slammed into the ground pretty hard that Naruto felt sorry for that person. Naruto, wanting a break, decided to check it out. Naruto got up and made his way over to the ruckus. Naruto found what he was looking for not to far away, around the corner actually. Ebisu face down on the ground presumably knocked out and some old guy on a toad with long white hair, a weird leaf metal headband, and a large scroll on his back.

'OK as interesting and amusing it is to see Ebisu get thrashed me needed him for my training.' Naruto sighed as he walked up to the old man on the frog. Naruto deciding to keep playing his annoying role of the idiot in orange yelled on the top of his lungs "HEY PERVERT ON THE FROG!"

The so called pervert face vaulted at that and returned the yell in louder voice, "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU CALLING A PERVERT YOU BRAT!!"

Naruto's eye brow twitched 'Oh he is going down!' Using the area to his advantage Naruto shouted once more, "THE ONE WHO IS PEEPING INTO WOMENS BATHS THATS WHO!!!"

Hearing this, the women in the hot spring quickly covered themselves and ran out of the hot spring screaming about a pervert.

"Dammit! Why did you have to go and do that you just ruined my research!"

"Research?" Naruto's gut dropped. He could feel where this was going.

Reaching into his shirt pocket the he pulled out a book that Naruto seemed familiar to Naruto. With an orange cover and the title "Icha Icha Paradise" he finally recalled where he had seen it.

Naruto's eye twitched once more at the relation of the book to the damn scarecrow "Hey that's the book stupid Kakashi-sensei always reads."

Jiraiya took note of the 'sarcasm' and tone used by Naruto when talking about Kakashi but brushed it off. With a pervert smile he said, "Ah so you've met a fan of the novel. My book must be quite popular."

"You mean you're the one who writes that?" Naruto mentally sighed 'Of course… then again, why am I wasting my time here.'

Deciding to amuse the kid, Jiraiya chose his idiotic, fancy and purely original way of introducing himself. "I am Myouboku Mountain's Monk of the frog spirits. Also known as the Toad sage. Other wise known as Jiraiya of the Sannin!" at the end he finishing his introduction with a ridiculous pose on top of the toads head.

A sweat drop forming on Naruto's head. But then Naruto recognizes the name of Sannin. 'OK never mind my luck is still in play. Now how do I convince this guy to train me… hmm?' Naruto once again decided to use his idiotic persona to do the trick.

"Ok so your the toad sage now will you help me train or not?"

Giving Naruto a critical eye he then gives him his response. 'This is his kid… I owe him one for not being there for him… I guess I can… but I can't make it look to easy.' "And what would I get in return for this?"

Inwardly sighing Naruto thought about it for a minute until he came up with an idea. 'Perverts will be perverts… and dear Kami why do I have to do this.' Putting his hands into one of his favorite hand signs he calls out

"Sexy no Jutsu!"

In a puff of smoke appears one of Naruto's original jutsu for dealing with perverts. Naruto was surprised by Jaraiya's reaction. .

"ALL RIGHT YOU HAVE GOT A DEAL!!" Jiraiya yelled holding up two thumbs up. 'NOW THIS IS PAYMENT!'

Naruto sweat-dropped at this, again, and mentally gave a really heavy sigh. But he didn't really care as long as the sannin agreed to train him.

"Although there is one condition to this agreement..." Turning around, pushing his fingers together, and giggling like a schoolgirl Jiraiya said his condition.

"You have to stay like that when you are around me." Puffing out of his form in anger Naruto glared at the old man

Naruto raged inwardly and outwardly 'Damn perverts' "I knew it! You are a pervert!"

"I am not just any old pervert! I'm a SUPER PERVERT!!"

Sighing at his future teacher Naruto gave Jiraiya a blank look. 'At least he agreed to train me.'

"So are you going train me or not." Naruto asked with an annoyed tone.

Sighing in defeat the sannin finally dropped his side of the argument. 'Ok that's settled lets see what this kid can do.'

"Find kid I'll oversee your training and help you as I am able." grinning from ear to ear Naruto cheered out loud and he went to continue his training 'Finally, I can start working.'

"But we are gonna move to a better location for your training." Jiraiya said… 'This place is too… packed for the training I am going to give him.'

Naruto smirked. 'I know just the place.'

After several minutes Naruto reached training ground 56. Jiraiya looked around and whistled at the destruction. 'Wow, someone did a number on this place.' Jiraiya looked at one of the felled trees and bent down. 'This feeling… is this wind chakra?' Pushing the thoughts for later investigation, Jiraiya called out to Naruto. "Ok brat get back to your water walking and I will point out what I can." Taking a seat down further away from the river.

Naruto once again tried it with a tired mental sigh. 'Hello water' and then he fell in, again… Naruto pulled himself onto land and took off his jacket and shirt… it was getting heavy and very annoying.

After a while, Naruto decided to leak some Intel onto why he was having this problem. 'If this sannin lives up to his name, he'll know how to fix this problem.' "Dammit I can't even control my chakra any more… fucking snake bastard."

Jiraiya perked up as shivers went down his spine. 'Orochimaru? That's not good.' "Snake guy?"

Naruto nodded, mentally cheering 'Good I got his attention.' "Yea his skin was pale white and his eyes were yellow and he had long black hair."

'Orochimaru it is.' walking over to Naruto he stood over him and looked down at him. "What did he do to you?"

Naruto shrugged. "I was fighting him in the forest… and he soritve grabbed me and stabbed me in the gut."

Jiraiya eyes widened ever so slightly. 'Tampering with Kyuubi's seal… I'll have to take a look.' Hey kid, I want you to channel your chakra again but this time hold it, and don't step onto the water." Pretending to be confused by the request but not looking to disobey the sannin, Naruto began to channel his chakra.

Jiraiya watched Naruto's stomach. 'So this is the Kyuubi's seal… first time I've seen it in person… Wait what is this… the five prong seal… on the even seal makes an influx blocking chakra from correctly moving… no wonder this kid can't control his chakra.' Jiraiya sighed. "Ok kid I'll fix ya up… close your eyes and get ready for pain."

Naruto raised an eye brow "Eh"

Jiraiya, not waiting for Naruto, slammed his fist into Naruto's stomach.

Naruto coughed 'OWW THAT HURT!' Naruto doubled over on the ground and gasped for air.

Jiraiya stepped back and nodded 'That should do it.'

Naruto looked up and glared, playing his part Naruto yelled out "WHAT WAS THAT"

Jiraiya rolled his eyes. "Just do the water walking exercise again."

Naruto stood up angrily but mentally he was grateful to the sannin for alleviating his problem. Naruto could fully feel his chakra again… but for some reason it felt different. It was as if the chakra was super charged. It felt so powerful, as if he could blow up all of Konoha with it. Naruto breathed slowly in and out and then stepped onto the water. Sure enough, he got it down. 'YES!' Naruto turned around and gave Jiraiya the thumbs up saying "Thanks pervert!"

Jiraiya eyebrow twitched "Shut up! Brat!"Ok well whatever boy keep up your training until you can't walk on water without falling and maybe I'll teach you a cool jutsu." 'Good he got it down. Maybe just maybe he can surpass you, Minato.'

Motivated at the prospect of learning something new, Naruto stepped onto the water once again and let his chakra stream out. But this time instead of just letting his chakra just sit there, Naruto tried lowering the amount of chakra he used. At first he almost fell in but when Naruto accidentally placed his chakra in certain places, he found out he stood afloat. Interested Naruto decided to lower his chakra usage while at the same time test out different places of placing his chakra. Slowly but surely Naruto felt himself use less chakra to keep him afloat.

After an hour and a half Naruto's chakra gave in and Naruto fell in the water panting. Jiraiya smirked as he watched Naruto climb up the side and onto dry grass. Jiraiya stood over Naruto and hoisted him up. "OK Brat time for the technique…"

Naruto nodded tiredly 'I better pay attention.' "Alright"

Jiraiya hoisted up a summoning contract and explained him the basics of it. Naruto listened thoroughly, repeating it to himself to ensure that he got it correctly. Naruto sighed as he searched for useable chakra… 'I can't use this technique if I don't have any chakra… wait a minute … what about that' Naruto thought about using his new found ability… maybe it was like a bolster that provided him chakra… 'No … Jiraiya is watching me I can't … another source… another source… oh I see…' Naruto looked up briefly at Jiraiya and back down at the summoning contract, his eyes widening at his realization. 'He wants me to use the Kyuubi's chakra.'

Jiraiya looked at Naruto and smirked as he saw the epiphany look Naruto had on his face. 'So he figured what I wanted him to do.'

Naruto stood up and took a deep breath. In his head he mentally cried out. 'GIVE ME CHAKRA YOU FUCKING FOX'

One second passed by, three seconds passed by… then Naruto felt a sudden rush of energy… Naruto noticed something as he was getting the energy. It felt similar to feeling he got from his new ability. Did this mean that his ability came from demon chakra… no…? As Naruto felt the Kyuubi's chakra… this chakra was too malevolent… too wild for it to be the chakra he had felt earlier. Naruto pushed his thoughts for another time and went through the hand seals.


Naruto lay in his apartment and sighed. 'OK the Toad boss will help me… so that's a bonus but … what about this feeling.' Naruto raised his hand and looked at it. The moon light shone on it. 'I know it's not the kyuubi's chakra because it feels too different.' Naruto sighed... there was only one place to go… the library.

Nin library

Naruto quietly crept into the nin section of the library and looked around. He needed to find something on elemental chakra. If the chakra that came bursted into him was elemental chakra then… he would have to investigate.

'Well, forbidden things call for forbidden action.' Naruto put his hands into a familiar hand seal. "Kage bunshin no jutsu" A few pops later and 10 Naruto's appeared. Moving quickly each of the Naruto's moved to a different section and started searching for scrolls or books on elemental chakra or something similar. (Naruto does know that Kage bunshin does save memories.)

After 3 hours the original Naruto went back to his apartment. Only then did he allow his kage bunshin to dispel. As predicted, Naruto fell onto his bed, out cold from the heavy process of information.

Next day

Naruto had talked to Jiraiya the day before and Jiraiya said he had to do something for 2 days so Naruto should practice on his own. 'I have two and a half weeks left… I better make them count.' Naruto thought. Naruto created 8 kage bunshins and divided jobs among them. He had 4 kage bunshins work on water walking, 2 kage bunshins spar each other while one observe their mistakes, and finally Naruto had one kage bunshin enter the 'new' state.

Naruto watched as the Kage bunshin closed his eyes and concentrate. After half a minute the Kage bunshin opened its eyes, its eyes were golden. Naruto nodded signaling that the kage bunshin had indeed entered the 'state.'

'Now then … if kage bunshin can transfer information … can it transfer this?' Naruto pondered the question for a while but finally decided that it was better to experiment. "Dispel yourself." Naruto commanded.

The kage bunshin did so and suddenly Naruto felt the rush of entering the state. As he felt the world slow down, and his energy rise Naruto laughed. 'So it works.' Naruto turned to the other kage bunshins who were still diligently doing their assigned chores. It seemed that the state from a kage bunshin only transfers to the original… interesting.

Naruto allowed the state to fade and his eyes turn back to blue. Naruto waited for the pain to come but it never did. 'what the … then why did it do this… was it because the state came from the Kage bunshin… unlikely…' Naruto eyes widened… 'Of course, when Jiraiya undid what ever that snake bastard did onto his stomach… did that mean he could use this form without repercussions….'

Naruto sighed… that was for a later time. Naruto sat against a tree and dispelled his kage bunshins. Naruto winced at the stabbing pain on his head but quickly shrugged it off.

'Alright I know that the state I go into create's wind chakra around my hands… I believe it speeds up my reaction. Sortive works like a chakra pill … but why.' Naruto pondered the thought. The chakra felt more like the Kyuubi's but nothing like it. The kyuubi's chakra was much more potent… wait that's it… If the chakra was more potent than it would mean he could use a super small amount of chakra to power a larger jutsu… but how was this possible… he had never heard anything like this…

'Its like the… ah I see…' Naruto's mind clicked and fit in the pieces… 'I know that the seal purifies the kyuubi's chakra into my own… that is why I have a ridiculous store of energy…it takes out its malevolence … the … demonic part of it. It doesn't take out its potency. The chakra I regularly use is my Natural chakra… but I have an over abundance of that… the purified chakra that comes from the kyuubi I haven't touched that… I probably didn't know how… so if I'm correct… by entering this state I am accessing the purified chakra…' Naruto thought over this theory… and the more he thought about it the more it made sense. 'And…' Naruto paused thinking about the incident in the wave country and the fight against Orochimaru 'because I am entering a state of heightened emotions I access that chakra subconsciously creating… this'

Naruto went over to the river and the smallest sliver of chakra he could cut down. He pushed the sliver of chakra into his feet and stepped onto the chakra. Naruto eyes widened as he stopped onto the water without a problem. Not only was he stepping on the water like he did in his regular state, the water felt solid. Normally with his regular chakra he actively measured his chakra balance but now he didn't even need to, the chakra went exactly where it needed to be. 'I am not forcing it to go there so what is happening.' Naruto took a couple more steps and then stepped off the water. 'Is my body subconsciously putting where the chakra needs to go.' Deciding to experiment, Naruto stepped onto the water without pushing any chakra… sure enough he stood on it like he did on land. 'Amazing.' Naruto looked down into his reflection and another question popped into his head. 'then what about my eyes.'

Once again it was time to hit the scrolls.

Naruto entered the library this time a half an hour after everyone had left it. Naruto did not want to cause an overlord since he needed to think hard. 'Ok first up color sepctum.' Naruto scourged the library on anything with color reference. He dug through several scrolls, and finally he found the thing he needed. ( A/N: Thank you partner for learning chemistry). 'Ok so light is refered from how much energy is concentrated ro is there. The more energy the closer the wave lengths are… and the closer the wavelengths the different colors on the visible spectrum. Ok blue is over there and red is over there… then why is yellow over here… Of course! Since the purified chakra is more closely related to the Kyuubi it will have more energy then regular. That must mean that my purified chakra is going to my eyes, which is why it is changing colors…' Naruto bit his lip… but what did that mean for him. 'Ok review what I know. The purified chakra from the kyuubi is accessed through heightened emotions. My body subconsciously calls it and puts it where it needs to go. My eyes turn yellow due to the chakra going into my eyes. Wait My EYES! Of course because my eyes are being infused with chakra, I can see thing slower… wait no.'

Naruto paced across the library floor. 'Ok why do I see things slower… I know that it has to do with chakra going in my eyes but what does it do.' Naruto sighed and looked up. And if sent by Kami, Naruto's eyes were attracted to a scroll called reaction time. Naruto mentally thanked Kami and grabbed the scroll, drinking in its contents.

Naruto sat down and sighed as he tried to intake the information. 'Ok so the chakra in my eyes help send signals to my brain faster than normal .Similar to the sharingan but not wuite. I can't memorize things so I can't copy ninjutsu. I probably still can't see thorugh genjutsu… dammit that would have helped.' Naruto got up and brushed his clothes. 'Ok I know that my chakra is just raising my body's potential but doesn't that mean my body will get used to running on that chakra.' Naruto's reasoning was sound. If a person stayed on soldier pills to long they would get addicted which was why man y people used soldier pills sparingly since the properties were hard to wane off of. 'Think Naruto think… Why you are not addicted to it just yet…' Naruto looked at his hands and the answer hit him like a ton of bricks. 'Of course most of its transferring into my natural elemental effinity… wind chakra.'

This was the answer. He had figured it out. Naruto smirked as he thought about it. 'OK because I am using wind Chakra I need to know how to use Wind jutsus, and…' Naruto looked around at the hundreds and hundreds of scrolls 'What better place than the library.'

This time Naruto did create Kage bunshins and had them scourge the area for anything related to wind.

2 days later

Naruto panted as he stood in the middle of the field. All around him were dozens and dozens of trees that were cut in many places. Naruto had practiced on them yesterday to master the basics of using wind. What interested Naruto was not the slicing and cutting of the wind but what many Wind masters could scarcely believe possible. Using wind to control pressure. Yes it was amamzing, Naruto had heard hints and pieces of it in the nmany scrolls his Kage bunshin had read. Some of the experimenters of wind had triede to concentrate wind. They said that the were able to put high pressure winds on certain areas, hence creating Fuuton: Great breakthrough, but that was not the point. One master even tried doing the opposite and releasing pressure. The result he created a high sped technique, Naruto already had 3 kage bunshins practicing that.

The possibilities were endless. Naruto wanted to create thousands upon thousands of Kage bunshin to start practicing but if he did that then he would be in a coma till the finals and that was a no no. Naruto settled for only 50 of them. He divvied up the work to 20 on the basics and the rest on different techniques.

Interestingly enough, Naruto had created the trough for a new river. It was about 8 feet wide and 3 feet deep, and it reached for about 28 feet away. 'Its powerful but it can't last far away since the compression needs to be continued. Naruto sighed as he bent down to examine his destruction. 'Its usuable…'

Why was Naruto creating such destructive techniques? To defeat Neji, Bah that was easy now with his new state. Naruto was preparing for something else. Unlike most of his gennin class, Naruto could see tension. He understood why the Sound nin tried to attack his team. He saw that the Sand gennin were far beyond gennin level … so what was the point of trying them out, it had to be much more than simply showing off. Plus, why send a mentally unstable kid to an ally's home. It was really suspicious. And with the appearance of Orochimaru, this made Naruto think… what the hell was going on.

Simply put Naruto already had a theory. On what was happening he just needed confirmation. If … his theory was wrong then he could use the techniques against Gaara anyways since they were extremely … explosive. Naruto took a deep breath in and once again entered his state. Naruto opened his eyes and started feeling for threads of chakras. He needed these 'threads' to control the wind, manipulate it to its will. Naruto paused for what seemed like hours but was only a second. Naruto pushed the pressure of the air away from his body. At first it felt like lifting a house, but slowly and surely he lifted it off himself. 'Almost there;' Naruto thought. From the scrolls he had read, he had come to the conclusion that 2 inches away from the body was the optimum distance. As soon as estimated that the pressure was being held two inches away Naruto decided to test out what would happen if he lifted air pressure.

Naruto ran around the field which was about 1 mile… in a minute. He moved so fast that a huge gust of wind followed. As Naruto stopped and looked at the swaying trees Narurto body shook with glee… 'With it I can move at full potential.'

*crack* Naruto eyes widened and he immediately turned and jumped at the sound. Naruto saw a familiar set of robs jump back quickly as Naruto struck the ground, using the wind to create induced pressure, making his punch so heavy that it made a 3 foot deep crater.

"Woah… brat you got something interesting." Jiraiya said smirking.

Naruto stood up and glared at the man. "How long have you been watching."

Jiraiya smirked, "Since you made the Kage bunshins."

Naruto glared even harder, 'Damn I didn't even sense him.'

Naruto turned around, "Fine, you can watch but don't interfere."

Jiraiya raised an eyebrow. "OH, but don't you want help using your wind chakra?"

Naruto whipped around and ran at Jiraiya who jumped back. Naruto growled at the man. "how did you know?"

Jiraiya smirked "Because its my affinity as well."

It was Naruto's turn to raise an eyebrow. "Ok…but do you even know what I'm doing."

Jiraiya nodded. "Pushing Wind in multiple ways to manipulate atmospheric pressure. You could literally create a glove out of nothing and make it heavier than a 10 feet bolder."

Naruto nodded. Jiraiya walked past Naruto and looked at the different Kage bunshins diligently working on their tasks, ignoring Jiraiya. "What you have here, is mainuplating wind to create a … bullet type jutsu."

Naruto nodded once more. "I am already practicing them with Kage bunshins… it is difficult to manipulate them and it takes time… but I believe that with time I an reproduce them easily."

Jiraiya raised an eyebrow. "Big words."

Naruto shrugged "If I put my mind to it…"

Jiraiya laughed. "No I meant big words from a stupid ninja like yourself."

Naruto moved forward to punch Jiraiya but the sannin had already jumped out of the way.

Jiraiya noticed one thing though … "You aren't ready to control pressure completely so you can't block physical things, sure you can create bullets, scythes, or even a good o'l gravity pressure." Jiraiya pointed over to 5 Kage bunshins concentrating wind so hard that it was literally condensing the particles around it. "But since you can't dodge a kunai without loosing your balance … YOU SUCK!"

Naruto's eye brow twitched. "I CAN'T HELP THAT NO ONE TEACHES ME!"

Jiraiya's eyebrow also twitched "THAT'S WHY I AM OFFERING TO HELP YOU BRAT!"

Naruto yelled back "THANK YOU, YOU IDIOT PERVET!"

Jiraiya returned the favor. "YOUR WELCOME, BRAT!"

The crossed their arms and looked in opposite directions. After a few seconds, they started laughing. Jiraiya was the first to stop. "OK brat lets start with blades… how many can you make."

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