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After we got back to Forks, Alice and I had a long discussion about what she had told Bella. She explained her side and I explained mine. As with Bella, I really made no progress, but we heard what the other had to say. I was very lucky to have Alice as a sister. She and I were closer than any of my other siblings. It was impossible to stay mad at her.

Together, she and I conspired to get Bella to the Prom. For Alice, it was getting to live that human experience through Bella since she had no memories of her human life. For me, it was important to make sure Bella experienced every human milestone that my siblings and I had missed out on. Prom was the first of these for her. She was adamant that she not attend Prom. I knew how she felt ever since she started rejecting every boy in town who approached her about the earlier dance. In order to get her to go, Alice and I couldn't tell her that Prom was where she was going.

The day of the Prom, Alice invited Bella over to the house for a girl's day. Bella agreed because she and Alice had become fast friends and she truly loved spending time with my family. Alice spent the day curling and pinning Bella's hair into flowing curls, adding make-up with hints of glitter. She then found a dress she had picked up in Paris and had never worn.

Alice was a fashionista and could not pass up something she found unique and beautiful, even if she had no particular plans for it. The dress was the exact opposite of Bella's personality and sensibility. Bella was a natural beauty, whose skin was radiant without the addition of make-up and her long hair flowed beautifully down her back without tons of hair-products. Bella was beautiful from the inside out.

Alice knew my favorite color on Bella was blue, like the blouse she had worn the night of our first date in Port Angeles. The dress she found was a deep blue, off the shoulder, frilly number. With the addition of the one stiletto heel that tied around her calf in a satin ribbon, Bella looked breathtaking. She still had the boot cast on from her broken leg so it was impossible to wear a matching pair of shoes. Still, I thought the idea of putting Bella in stiletto heels was a dangerous proposition. The only reason I went along with it is because I knew I would be with her, protecting her from herself.

I had gone out into the woods a few miles from the house while Alice played dress-up with Bella. I remembered a patch of Western Trillium that I wanted to pick for her. I thought the beautiful white flowers would look breath-taking throughout her dark curls.

I returned to the house, showered and put on my black, four-button tuxedo that I had hand-made in Italy over 20 years ago. I had very few occasions in which to wear it but I had it on hand for events such as these.

As soon as I finished tying my white bow tie, I took the flowers to Alice's room, knocking on the door first.

"Come in, Edward," Alice said.

Bella sat on Alice's vanity stool, patiently letting her put the final touches on her hair. We caught each other's eyes in the mirror. She saw the flowers in my hand.

"I picked these for your hair," I said, moving closer to her.

"Thank you," Bella said softly.

Alice smiled, widely and reached to take them from me.

No, Alice. I want to pin them in her hair.

Okay, Alice thought to me as she stepped back. I moved in behind Bella and laid the flowers on the vanity as I took bobby pins and pinned each one in her hair. She sat patiently, watching me in the mirror with curiosity. If she knew where she was going, she hadn't said. I could only imagine what was going through her mind.

We continued to exchange smiles and glances in the mirror, never speaking. She was so beautiful I was at a loss for words. I just wanted to take in every moment and remember this for all eternity.

"Are you ready?" I asked, reaching for her hand to help her stand up.

"Yes," she said quietly. She was curious what all this was about. I could sense that.

I helped her down the stairs and out to the car. Alice and the others would not need long to get ready for the Prom. No one wanted to get ready while Bella was there, worried they would tip her off and she would refuse to go. Of course Rosalie didn't care and was holed up in her room preparing. Rosalie always took a great deal of time when she was going to an event. She didn't need it to make her beautiful. I think she simply liked sitting in front of the mirror, admiring herself.

After I got her into the car, I headed down the driveway. Her lips were pursed and she asked me what I was up to.

I reached over for her hand and held it on her lap, grinning from ear to ear. I was pleased Alice and I had pulled this off and I was in awe of Bella.

"I'm shocked that you haven't figured it out yet," I turned to her and dazzled her, taking her breath away. I hoped it would give me a little more time before I had to tell her where she was going. I wanted to enjoy the moment without arguing with her.

She turned the tables on me and dazzled me in an effort to catch me off-guard. "I did mention that you looked very nice, didn't I?" she smiled.

"Yes," I said simply. I figured the fewer the words the better.

"I'm not coming over anymore if Alice is going to treat me like Guinea Pig Barbie when I do," she complained, flipping the frills of the dress that stretched across her arms. The off-the-shoulder dress made her look absolutely delectable.

Before she could say another word, my phone rang. I quickly looked at the caller ID before I answered. It was Chief Swan. I was suspicious. He wasn't expecting us. We both agreed that if we stopped at his house, Bella would take the opportunity to bail.

I had told him of my plans and he was pleased to see Bella going to Prom although he had been quite upset with her since Phoenix. He had implemented a strict curfew and visiting hours for me.

Charlie was eternally grateful to Carlisle for saving Bella. In the same regard, he blamed me for her running away. I knew that was something I had to deal with and I did it happily. It had been my fault and I had to make amends for it.

"Hello, Charlie," I said warily, hoping he was just calling to see how things were going.

Bella quickly turned her head towards me and shot a glare that could have burned a whole straight through my custom tuxedo.

"Edward, Tyler Crowley is here to pick Bella up for the Prom," Charlie said in disbelief.

I couldn't help but to laugh. "You're kidding!"

Bella was growing more suspicious by the minute and I figured the jig was up soon. "What is it?" she demanded.

I ignored her and addressed the Tyler situation. "Why don't you let me talk to him?" I asked.

Chief Swan handed the phone to Tyler. "Hello?" he said, curiously.

"Hello, Tyler, this is Edward Cullen." I did my best to sound friendly, although that jealous feeling I had experienced with Mike Newton was surfacing and there was an edge to my voice that Tyler probably didn't notice at first.

Bella looked at me with her mouth hanging open. I think that was the moment everything clicked for her and she figured out where I was taking her. She clasped her hands together and laid them forcefully into her lap.

"I'm sorry if there's been some kind of miscommunication, but Bella is unavailable tonight." I turned to her and winked. She met my wink with a steely glare. I found it sexy. "To be perfectly honest, she'll be unavailable every night, as far as anyone besides myself is concerned. No offense. And I'm sorry about your evening."

"Ummm, okay. Sorry," Tyler responded.

I flipped the phone closed and slipped it back into my pocket, grinning from ear to ear. I felt very territorial. I felt like a German shepherd that had just lifted its leg and marked the fire hydrant in front of the poodle's house.

Now I had to deal with Bella. I could almost see the smoke coming from her ears she was so angry. She had been tricked and she was not happy about it.

"Was that last part a bit too much? I didn't mean to offend you," I joked.

"You're taking me to the prom!" she yelled. The sound of her voice was deafening inside the Volvo.

I pressed my lips together and grew more serious. "Don't be difficult, Bella."

"Why are you doing this to me?" she asked in horror, as if I were attaching her to some medieval torture device. She really did have a flair for the dramatic.

I gestured to my tuxedo and asked her, "Honestly, Bella, what did you think we were doing?"

She fumed for a few more seconds and I suddenly saw tears stream down her face. She reached up to dab her eyes, fearing her make-up was running. Fortunately Alice had foreseen that water-proof mascara would be a prudent choice.

I was very frustrated with her. Alice and I had put a great deal of effort and planning into tricking Bella into this and I wanted her to appreciate it. "This is completely ridiculous. Why are you crying?"

"Because I'm mad," she growled.

"Humor me," I insisted.

I looked deeply into her eyes again, hoping I could use that dazzle technique again. I wasn't quite certain how it worked, but whenever I looked for an extended period of time into her eyes and added a crooked grin, it seemed to work.

"Fine," she pouted, crossing her arms across her chest. "I'll go quietly. But you'll see. I'm way overdue for more bad luck. I'll probably break my other leg. Look at this shoe! It's a death trap!" she said, stretching out her good leg.

"Hmmmm." I sighed, staring at her beautiful calf, with the muscles stretched taut. "Remind me to thank Alice for that tonight."

"Alice is going to be there?" she asked.

"With Jasper, and Emmett…and Rosalie," I admitted.

She looked disheartened. While her relationship with Emmett and Alice flourished, there had been no progress as far as Rosalie was concerned. Unless you consider the fact that Rosalie was now avoiding Bella instead of glaring angrily at her.

"Is Charlie in on this?" Bella asked.

"Of course," I chuckled. She probably figured he wouldn't be in on it since he was still disappointed in me. "Apparently Tyler wasn't though."

We had arrived at the school and I pulled in next to Rosalie's red convertible, which was already there. I stepped out and walked slowly to her side of the car, opening the door for her as I always did.

I lowered my hand to her so I could help her out of the car. She was stubbornly sitting in the front seat with her arms crossed across her chest. She knew I could not forcibly remove her in front of all these witnesses. She had promised to go quietly.

I sighed and laid my hand on the roof of the car, bending my head over to whisper to her. "When someone wants to kill you, you're brave as a lion – and then when someone mentions dancing…" I shook my head in disbelief.

She gulped and relaxed her arms, slightly. She still didn't uncross them, but she was coming around.

"Bella, I won't let anything hurt you – not even yourself. I won't let go of you once, I promise." I again extended my hand to her. This time she took it.

"There, now," I said as I took her hand and wrapped my other arm around her waist, lifting her from the seat. I never let go of her, as I promised. I held on tightly to her to offer her support as she limped awkwardly in her one stiletto up to the gym.

As we entered the balloon archway Bella giggled. "This looks like a horror movie waiting to happen."

I whispered in her ear, "Well, there are more than enough vampires here."

I then walked with her up to the ticket table and purchased our prom tickets. I had actually succeeded in getting her to the dance. I considered it one of my greatest accomplishments.

Alice and Jasper and Emmett and Rosalie were holding court, twirling gracefully around the dance floor as the awkward teenagers stood to the side, gawking at their fluidity and stunning appearance. Bella's smile disappeared as she looked towards them. I knew she was intimidated by Rosalie but there was no reason she should be.

"Do you want me to bolt the doors so you can massacre the unsuspecting townsfolk?" she whispered towards me, trying to separate herself from becoming one of the gawkers.

"And where do you fit into that scheme?" I glared.

"Oh, I'm with the vampires, of course."

I smiled at her. "Anything to get out of dancing."


I turned Bella towards the dance floor but she refused to pick her feet up. I figured she was going to make me drag her, kicking and screaming.

I finally managed to drag her out to where my family was dancing. A horrified look swept across her face. I sensed that she was scanning every exit in the gym for an escape. Even on her best day, she had no hope of escaping my grasp.

"Edward," she croaked. "I honestly can't dance!" I could feel her heart rate accelerate from sheer panic.

"Don't worry, silly," I whispered to her. "I can." I slowly and seductively ran my fingertips down her arms, wrapping them around my neck, gently lifting her onto my feet.

Suddenly all of our classmates noticed we had entered the room. The stares that had been reserved for my siblings were now turned in our direction. Bella was simply radiant even though she was terrified and I know every boy in the room wished he were me.

I effortlessly began dancing a waltz along with the other Cullens and Bella lost herself in the moment, laughing.

"I feel like I'm five years old," she giggled, looking down at her feet resting on my mine as I turned her around the dance floor.

"You don't look five," I murmured, pulling her closer to my chest, lifting her feet even further off the ground.

Alice smiled at us as we waltzed around her and Jasper. She was happy and Bella seemed happy too, smiling back.

"Okay," she admitted, "this isn't half-bad."

Just as she had lightened up Jacob Black had entered the building. She hadn't noticed yet, but I did and stiffened in response.

"What is it?" she asked, feeling the change in my posture.

She followed my eyes and saw him enter the gym. He didn't even have the decency to show up in a tuxedo. He had the gall to show up to this event in a long-sleeved shirt and tie. How unrefined.

I snarled lowly at him. Bella noticed.

"Behave!" she demanded.

"He wants to chat with you," I told her.

Jacob had made his way through the crowd to us and looked at us both with embarrassment, as he should.

"Hey, Bella, I was hoping you would be here," he smiled at her. While his words indicated he hoped she would be here, I noticed hesitation and felt he truly had hoped she would not be here.

"Hi, Jacob," Bella said cheerfully. "What's up?"

He looked at me, then her. "Can I cut in?" he asked, gesturing towards Bella.

I wouldn't cause a scene and ruin this memory for Bella although there was nothing more I wanted to do than show him out myself.

I gently sat Bella down on her own two feet and stepped back.

"Thanks," Jacob said to me, moving in and wrapping his arms around Bella's waist. She put her hands on his shoulders to support herself. He didn't even know how to dance properly.

I moved with ease through the crowd and stood against the wall. I kept my eyes on them the entire time and listened to Jacob's thoughts in case I needed to intervene suddenly.

He seemed to be telling her something about his car and some deal he had made with his father to come to the prom. Mixed in with the thoughts of what he was saying to Bella were thoughts that I did not appreciate.

Wow. Bella is so pretty. I wish I was here with her instead of Edward.

Still, Bella didn't indicate she was in any danger and I kept my distance out of respect for her.

I noticed they stopped dancing and I paid particular attention to his thoughts then.

Apparently his father thought I had been responsible for Bella's injuries. It didn't seem young Jacob shared his father's opinion. He seemed to believe whatever it was Bella told him.

There was more and Jacob looked very uncomfortable with his thoughts.

He said to warn you that 'we'll be watching. What did he mean by that and would the interference into Bella's life ever stop. I wished there was no stupid treaty and I could run right down to the reservation and have a conversation with Billy Black myself, man to man.

Bella laughed at Jacob's warning. Obviously she hadn't felt threatened.

Jacob was thinking of dancing another dance with Bella. He had officially worn out his welcome and I made my way back across the dance floor, taking Bella's hands in mine again, lifting her onto my feet. "That's all right Jacob. I'll take it from here."

Jacob said his goodbyes and sauntered away. "Sorry," he mouthed to Bella as he left the gym.

The next song was more up-tempo, but I knew Bella was doing well to slow dance. I wound my arms around her waist and continued to dance to my own music.

"Feeling better?" she teased.

"Not really," I replied honestly.

"Don't be mad at Billy," she sighed. "He just worried about me for Charlie's sake. It's nothing personal."

"I'm not mad at Billy," I corrected her assumption. "But his son is irritating me."

She pulled back to look at me and I wasn't smiling.

"First of all, he made me break my promise."

She looked at me in confusion.

I managed a slight smile. "I promised I wouldn't let go of you tonight," I explained.

She smiled wryly and moved closer to me again. "Oh. Well, I forgive you," she said.

"Thanks. But there's something else," I frowned.

She didn't say a word. Instead, looked up at me and waited for my explanation.

"He called you pretty," I continued to frown, looking down at her ravishing beauty. "That's practically an insult, the way you look right now. You're much more than beautiful."

She laughed in embarrassment. "You might be a little biased."

I was twirling her around the dance floor again and she asked me what my reason was for the whole prom production.

I danced our way through the crowds without touching a single person and out the back door. We were dancing in the cool evening air, under a fading sunset.

When I was certain we were alone, I swung Bella up into my arms and carried her across the grounds, until we reached a bench under one of the Madrone trees. I sat down, keeping her cradled against my chest.

I looked up at the moon and realized that this perfect evening would soon come to an end.

"The point?" she reminded me.

I sighed and continued to stare at the moon. "Twilight, again," I murmured. "Another ending. No matter how perfect the day is, it always has to end."

Bella muttered through her teeth, taking another shot at immortality. "Some things don't have to end."

I sighed. I wished I could give her everything she wanted, but when it came to this, there was no wavering on my part.

I returned my glance to her and explained my motives. "I brought you to the prom because I don't want you to miss anything. I don't want my presence to take anything away from you, if I can help it. I want you to be human. I want your life to continue as it would have if I'd died in nineteen-eighteen like I should have."

She shuddered when I said that and shook her head. "In what strange, parallel dimension would I ever have gone to prom of my own free will? If you weren't a thousand times stronger than me, I would never have let you get away with this."

I smiled briefly. "It wasn't so bad, you said so yourself."

She reached up gently and touched my cheek with great tenderness. "That's because I was with you."

I looked back at the moon as she focused on me.

"Will you tell me something?" I smiled down at her again.

"Don't I always?"

"Just promise you'll tell me," I said, grinning. I knew how stubborn she could be at times and I wanted assurances.


"You seemed honestly surprised when you figured out that I was taking you here," I began.

"I was," she interjected.

"Exactly," I said, nodding my head in agreement. "But you must have had some other theory…I'm curious – what did you think I was dressing you up for?"

She immediately pursed her lips together and hesitated. "I don't want to tell you."

"You promised," I objected. If she would hold me to my promises, I would hold her to hers.

"I know."

"What's the problem?"

"I think it will make you mad, or sad," she said softly, looking down towards the ground.

I thought about that and couldn't understand what would make me respond that way. "I still want to know. Please?"

She sighed, considering her promise and her hesitation to follow through on it.

"Well…I assumed it was some kind of…occasion. But I didn't think it would be some trite human thing…prom!" she scoffed. She was disappointed it wasn't something else.

"Human?" I asked flatly. I knew that was the key to whole thing.

She reached down to her dress and played with a piece of chiffon, debating whether to expand on her answer, which I fully expected her to do.

"Okay," she said in a rush of bravery. "So I was hoping that you might have changed your mind…that you were going to change me, after all."

So many emotions ran through my mind. I was angry at her for pushing the immortality issue when I had explained my decision on that matter; I was amused at her thinking that would be an event; I was disappointed that my perfect evening hadn't turned out to be her perfect evening.

"You thought that would be a black tie occasion, did you?" I teased, touching the lapel of my tuxedo.

She was clearly embarrassed but tried to hide it with a scowl. "I don't know how these things work. To me, at least, it seems more rational than prom does."

I was still grinning at the way her mind worked. She constantly amazed me.

"It's not funny," she said, playfully slapping my chest.

"No, you're right," I said, wiping the smile from my face. "I'd rather treat it like a joke, though, than believe you're serious."

"But I am serious."

I sighed deeply. I was certain of that. "I know. And you're really that willing?" I asked her with a hint of the emotional pain I felt every time this subject came up.

She bit her lip and nodded at me.

"So ready for this to be the end," I said, shaking my head and looking towards the ground, "for this to be the twilight of your life, though your life has barely started. You're ready to give up everything."

"It's not the end, it's the beginning," she disagreed under her breath.

"I'm not worth it," I tried to convince her.

She reached up to my face again, placing her warm palm against my cheek. I responded to her touch by leaning into her hand.

"Do you remember when you told me that I didn't see myself very clearly?" she asked, raising her eyebrows. "You obviously have the same blindness."

"I know what I am," I said. I was a monster in a tuxedo. In truth, Bella had been dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight. I was not her Knight in Shining Armor as she had convinced herself.

I pursed my lips and looked deeply into her eyes. Was she serious? Was she bluffing? What would she do if I called her on it? Was this truly what she wanted?

"You're ready now, then?" I asked her.

She seemed surprised with my response. "Um," she gulped, lifting her head to expose her throat ever so slightly to me. "Yes?"

I smiled and lowered my head slowly until my lips brushed against the skin under the corner of her jaw. I could again feel her heart race and the electricity was traveling through my body.

"Right now?" I whispered, breathing softly on her neck, sending a shiver through her body.

"Yes," she maintained.

I laughed at her bravery and audacity and leaned away from her. I was disappointed that she had called my bluff. I was hoping she would see for herself that this…life…was not what she wanted after all.

"You can't really believe that I would give in so easily," I responded, mocking her.

"A girl can dream," she answered.

I raised my eyebrows at her. "Is that what you dream about? Being a monster?"

"Not exactly," she frowned. She hated it when I referred to myself that way, even though that is exactly what I was, disguised as something far more innocent. "Mostly I dream about being with you forever."

Her voice held such despair and pain, just as mine did when I spoke of the thought of her becoming immortal. It was so hard for me not to give into her, to give her exactly what she wanted.

"Bella," I said, tracing her lips lightly with my fingertip. "I will stay with you – isn't that enough?"

A smile formed on her lips. "Enough for now."

I was frustrated. She wouldn't give in and neither would I. Either way, no one was surrendering tonight.

She touched my face again, "Look. I love you more than everything else in the world, combined. Isn't that enough?"

I smiled at her. "Yes, it's enough. Enough for forever."

I then leaned over and pressed my lips again against her throat.

For now this would have to be our perfect ending to our perfect evening, sitting with each other under the Midnight Sun.

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