Title: The Allure of Christmas Lights and Gingerbread houses

Rating: Older Teen

Category: Fluff Romance

Pairing: YukarixMinato MitsuruxAkihiko (DAMN ME AND MY LOVE FOR OBVIOUS IN GAME PAIRINGS)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters mentioned in this story atlus does. If I did the whole Yukari Christmas scene would've gone like this.

The street was ablaze with tacky, brightly lit Christmas lights as Akihiko parked the car and he, Mitsuru, Yukari and Minato got out of his brand spankin' new SUV.

"Well look at all this Christmas cheer." Mitsuru quipped, her scarlet red hair pulled into a long ponytail. She was donning her usual outfit, black peacoat sweater, white blouse. The only thing she wore that was different was pitch black cigarette pants. The cut flattered her legs and Akihiko thought she looked pretty damn nice. His thought obviously written all over his face according to the look the other, slightly younger man shot him.

"I doubt Akihiko's thinking about the Christmas type of cheer Senpai." The navy blue haired boy said ignoring the poisonous glare the silver haired boxer was sending him. Akihiko looked over at Yukari who currently had the blue haired boy's arm wrapped gingerly around her slim waist. She looked pretty damn nice too in her pink body-hugging v-neck and darkwashed slightly ripped jeans. Minato was obviously enjoying the view too if his warm smile and the fact that he couldn't take his eyes off her said anything about it.

"You're a damn hypocrite Minato" Akihiko hissed into the other boy's ear he watched the smile melt into a scowl as he turned his pretty boy face to the boxer.

"Akihiko shut up. Get in the Christmas spirit." Minato mumbled covering up his obvious leering with a blush and a duck of his head. Thankfully neither of the two girls noticed they had both been to busy staring at one of the fully decked out houses.

"Gosh this can really take your mind off of exams huh?" Yukari said breathlessly Minato looked down at her and shrugged his slim shoulders. He moved in behind her placing his free hand on her waist. He watched her cheeks bloom a dusty pink color as he leaned down to kiss her cheek. Times like this didn't happen often with Yukari; she had had all those "secrecy" issues when they were at school. In fact he was surprised she hadn't ducked out of his grasp. 'Then again' he mused 'We're not at school.'

"Exams? Damn I thought we were done with those things." Akihiko said Mitsuru glared at her companion. Her reddish brown eyes giving him a look he was all too familiar with. The look that said her Execution was looking like the ideal kind of consequence. Akihiko shuddered under her gaze. "Uhm… I said something wrong didn't I…" He continued weakly. Minato looked at his Senpai.

"Akihiko I'd hate to pull a Junpei by stating the obvious but well…Yeah, yeah you did." Now even Yukari was looking at the silver haired boxer. Her mind suddenly off the sparkling fluorescent lights and focused on just how badly Akihiko was going to get it. Mitsuru's gaze turned to razors and she cleared her throat a warning sign that made even Minato cringed.

"I think you and I need to have a discussion Aki." Mitsuru said Yukari and Minato glanced at each other. Yeah Senpai was about to get his ass handed to him. By his girlfriend. "So if you two don't mind." The red head continued, "We will move on ahead…enjoy the rest of your night, Akihiko you, me, car now" The silver haired young man nodded and Minato could've sworn he saw him shiver. Once the older couple was out of sight Yukari and Minato continued their stroll tossing back ideas about what their senpai's were really talking about. It wasn't until they got to one extraordinarily overdone house. Complete with a man-sized ginger bread house and a red and green toy ferris wheel with plush snowmen riding in the carts. The whole front yard was covered in a huge snow white fleece sheet of, what the two of them guessed was supposed to be snow. Yukari broke out of Minato's grip and ran to the ginger bread house. It was as tall as she was and after she grabbed the fake candy cane doorknob and ducked inside. The brunette looked around the inside as plain and colorless as the outside was opulent and tacky. She crawled to the little window and opened it. She stuck her head back outside. Minato laughed as she waved her hands at a group of kids that were walking by. Needless to say they sped up.

The navy blue haired boy shook his head, 'Yeah she's a totally different girl out of school.' He thought as he watched her cup her hands over her mouth.

"You know there is room for one more." She yelled her hands accentuating the volume of her voice. Minato looked around and shrugged. Yukari rolled her brown eyes, "Don't act like you have a conscience, and just get over here." Well he didn't need to be told twice. The navy haired boy was inside the compact house with her in thirty seconds flat the door shut behind him. The girl held out her slender arms and the boy crawled into her embrace wrapping his lean muscular arms around her as well. He chuckled softly as her arms slid down to the front of his black sweater. Pulling it up and off as she kissed the little spot where his neck met his shoulder. He groaned softly beneath her kisses she was aggressive out of school too. He learned that when she snuck him into her dorm, but that memory was probably best to be remembered at a later date. Preferably when she wasn't busy gently nibbling his earlobe.

"You know someone could walk in anytime." Minato murmured his hands betraying his thoughts as they dragged over her denim clad thighs. She groaned softly burying her head into the crook of his neck "Don't start Yukari you are the one who doesn't want anyone other than Mitsuru and Akihiko to know about us." She pulled away from him and let herself drown in his beautiful bluish gray eyes.

"You're growing a conscience again." She growled their faces close enough that she could feel his sweet breath on her face she looked at him, really looked at him her brown eyes pleading with him, "Please Minato just surrender to the moment." She whispered and with a low sigh, he did.

The morning after when he had woken up to her soft, fragrant hair against his chest and her soft, warm, hand resting on his arm. When he looked at her still sleeping figure and heard the soft melody of a pair of very familiar voices just outside the fake ginger bread door he thought about what he would use as their excuse.

He'd blame everything on the gingerbread house and the allure of the Christmas lights.

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