Title: Snow Day

Rating: M (fer citrus)

Category: Romance/ Fluff

Pairing: MxY

Disclaimer: Yo I don't own every character and location is solely owned by Atlus ______________________________________________________________________

Yukari got up to the sound of hooting and hollering coming from just outside her frost covered window. She groaned and rubbed her head. The petite brunette had spent all night cramming for finals and hardly got any sleep. A loud knocked erupted from the outside of her door. 'If it's Stupei again...' She thought as she shuffled over to the door and wretched it open, fully prepared to yell at the idiotic freak when her eyes connected with a pair of smiling sky blues. The pale blunette looked down at her a small smirk playing on his lips. She felt her heart race as she licked her lips.

"Snow day , no school," he stated bluntly as ever as he stepped into her dorm room, "Junpei, Akihiko and Ken are trying to teach Mitsuru, Aigis and Fuuka how to have a proper snowball fight." He plopped down onto the floor propping himself against the side of the bed, Yukari looked outside, sure enough the rest of the group was out in the frigid cold and though she was fairly certain that what they were doing did in fact involve snowballs, she was pretty sure the correct word would have been massacring and not teaching. The brunette turned back to him,

"So we have the whole dorm to ourselves?" She felt a grin stretch across her face and he nodded. Minato patted his lap in a silent offering and she sat down, his head instantly lying on the top of her head he kissed the top of it and she looked up.

"No one to worry about seeing us, no rumors to think about." Yukari sighed in agreement and straddled his waist as he slowly guided his warm gentle hands up her soft creamy thighs. The brunette buried her head into his neck as his hands moved from the curvature of her thighs to the pale pink hem of her cotton shirt. A soft shaky breath left her lips as his fingertips mapped the area of her back. "No holding back." He whispered his breath tickling the shell of her before he nipped at her jawline.

"I can scream as loud as I want." She stated as his treacherous, torturous lips roamed over her neck, his canines snickering over the fragile skin before sinking down causing her to gasp and shiver beneath him.

"Within reason." he replied dryly as he licked at the slowly reddening piece of skin, soothing it lovingly with his tongue. "As long as it's not loud enough to break the windows." The petite brunette laughed throatily as he pulled away.

"It's never been that loud." She murmured and realizing she missed the suddenly missing source of heat, grabbed ahold of his collar and leaned back until her head hit the floor bringing him down with her.

He supported himself on his forearms, he knew her body could withstand a great amount of stress, endless battles in Tartarus and countless nights of doing exactly this taught him that. Minato took slow gentle baby sips from her mouth as her fingers slowly worked at the buttons of his shirt. He felt her palms move about beneath him, soft and uncalloused except fir the two fingers on her right hand. Minato smiled against her lips, he knew how self conscious she was about those two fingers, come to think of it the only thing she was more self conscious about was the thought of them being caught together.

The two walked out of the supply closet near the gym, Yukari's hands instantly smoothing down her coffee brown hair. Minato looked over at her a small grin playing at his features, she looked up at him the corners of those plump, gorgeously swollen lips curling into a smile of her own. The blunette leaned in for one more kiss, his navy blue hair still ruffled, the collar of his shirt still crumpled. Yukari automatically stepped back her fingers nervously twisting the hair she had tried so hard to smooth down. Minato straightened his shoulders and looked curiously down at her, watching as her cheeks turned a faint ruby red. Someone might see. He looked down at his watch, it was seven at night,the only people who might catch them would be the night guards. But of course that was two people too much. So he did what any other boy in his position would do and just gave her a mute nod the smile never fading.

Yukari's mouth bit into the lean muscle of his shoulder as he softly rubbed against her. Her hands had slipped as she had been undoing the snap of his pants and now she was paying the price. Her shirt was finally peeled off and now his hands were slowly kneading the small swell of her breasts as one hand valiantly attempted to undo the clasp. He leaned down and nudged the soft, lacy, pink (of course it was pink) bra out of the way. He pressed his fingertips against one of the rosy beads elicting a soft mewl of pleasure from the brunette girl. Minato wouldn't go off and say that he's examined Mitsuru's or Fuuka's chests, but when they were all in their bathing suits- it was pretty easy for him to tell whose was the smallest. Not that there was anything wrong with that, in fact he liked it most of the time, but in times like this.... He leaned down and took the coral tip into his mouth.... In times like this- he tried to ignore it and focus on her taste (Strawberries) her smell (Strawberries) and the sweet little noises she'd make.

Yukari dug her fingernails into the back of his head as she tried, in vain, to press more and more of her into that hot seeking mouth. Their first time had been all the way back in September and even now she could remember how she'd been so bashful and embarassed and... not her. It was something that amused the blue haired boy greatly.

But when she thought about it she did get the point across rather well.

"Hey...uhm...don't make any plans for tonight." She said taking a step closer to the blunette boy, their bodies so close that their clothes seemed to mix together- pink and black- he inhaled sharply as she leaned up. "I want to spend some time together...just the two of us." She laid a hand gingerly on his arm, letting it slowly slide down until he caught it carefully in his.

When their lips touched she crumbled.

She felt his hand rough, and calloused from so many fights in Tartarus gently cup her cheek. His mouth slowly, earnestly working hers open. She pulled away her fingers shaking lightly in the aftermath and could feel her cheeks burning and silently she cursed her fair complexion. "I'm blushing aren't I." She whispered, he didn't answer, just pulled her closer for yet another kiss.

The sex because that's all it was, Yukari was constantly reminding herself of that , although in a sense the whole making love thing didn't seem that far off. Because when she thought about it, sex was sex was sex, but when someone made love that meant they would hold you afterwards right?

She bit back a yelp as he slid inside of her, her nicely cut nails digging into the flesh of his back, his rough hands smoothing over her skin as her body burned with some invisible fire, he stretched out and with a sheer stroke of luck caught her mouth in his. Yukari whimpered beneath him, her lips twisting anxiously against his own. Minato picked up the hint and drove into her harder, faster, deeper trying his hardest to keep from yelling out as her nails dug deeper and her head snapped away from his, rosy pink lips planting hectic, seeking kisses along his collar bone driving his senses wild with want. The blue haired boy bit down on her shoulder to keep his voice from sounding out, her body really was wonderful, an interesting mix of soft curves and lean muscle. He pumped deeper still pushing his straining muscles to go that much faster as her nails bit once more into his shoulder blades and finally she came, and he could feel her nails leave a few neat rows of vivid red scratches that he would probably get questioned about later- but right then at that moment all he cared about was her screaming and writhing like the world was on fire, her "Oh gods" and "Sonofabitches" sweet music to his ears.

Afterward, after Minato used the last of his energy to make sure the two of them were tucked into her pink covered bed, they laid coiled together and Yukari rested her head on his chest she let herself have a moment of weakness and thought of the future, work, house kids, and the like before she caught herself, nuzzled her head against his chest and with his arms wrapped protectively around her waist and his heart beating steadily in her ear she fell asleep.

Hey howdy hey there friends so lemons...yeah...that was one of the first ones i've ever written all the way through...hope it lived up to peoples standards if it doesn't then oh well there'll be others.... anyways i gotta go take a shower i feel kinda dirty now :P