Junie B Jones I don't want glasses Chapter 1 Eye Docter Junie B Jones woke up one morning and ate her breakfast. Right when she was walking to her room her mom said stop she stopped. Her mother said guess were we are going Junie B. Junie B said to toys are us?? No we are going to the eye docter to see to see if you need glasses mother said. WHAT?! IT IS A SCARY PLACE THERE THEY HAVE THIS THINGIE THAT BLOWS AIR IN OUR EYES!!!!!!!! AND AND AND IF I GET GLASSES I WILL BE A NERD!!!!!!! No Junie B you wont be a nerd if you have glasses you will look cute! When i was little i had glasses and they had hearts on the side and i loved them! mother said. Mom kids will make fun of me if i get glasses that is just how kids are these days I said. No they won't Jnie B if they do tell the teacher. If i tell the teacher i will be a tattletale though. No you wont mother said now come on. So i stomped in to the car and Guess what when we got there i played with toys! But than we went in their and GUESS WHAT THE BLOWIE THINGIE WAS THERE!!!!! Mother whispered to me don't be afraid Junie B it won't hurt trust me i even brought Philip Jonhy Bob. I grabbed Philip Jonhy Bob and hugged him really really tight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I grabbed mothers hand real tight when the blowie thingie happend and guess what it didn't even hurt!!! Chapter 2 Glasses After we got the eye stuff done we went in to the eye docter room and it felt like we sat there for hours and hours!! But than we went to a glasses room filled with glasses! I said Mommy are we going to have to get me glasses? Yes Junie B but cute ones she said. I said Mommy i will be a geek the will call me four eyes! No they wont Junie B now shhh. I stomped in to the glasses room until mommy stold me to quit stomping and smile. I smiled but it was a fake one cause i frowned in my head so haha. I picked out my glasses they were red and they had purple bows on the side. Mother said they looked really cute one me. I said i still dont want glasses. But guess what i couldn't have them until 3 days! Chapter 3 School The next day we went to school and i told mrs. that i was getting glasses she said i bet they will look so cute on you! That is what mother said but i don't want glasses these children in here will call me 4 eyes. If they do tell me i will handle it. No than i will be a tattletale. No you wont Junie B now go play. I went to tell my best friends Grace and Lucille but than May heard she called me four eyes like i said she would. No there cute i said! They are red with bows on the side. May fluffed her hair and left i danced around with my bestest friends Than when i got my glasses I loved them i wore them all the time! The End