MA: The ladies of Wisteria Lane thought of Friday as a regular day of the week, but each one had their own views. Lynette's Fridays were take out dinners and endless comedy shows. Bree's Fridays were wine and restless nights with Orson. Susan's Friday this time was a night alone until an unexpected visit from Edie led to drinks and laughter, and Gabby's Friday, was taking care of her two wonderful girls.

Gabby: Juanita.

Juan: yeah

Gabby: do you like Fridays

Juan: yes, I get to stay up late and watch cartoons

Gabby: don't you miss your old Fridays

Juan: I do this every Friday

Gabby: oh yeah, sorry, mommy was reminiscing about her old Fridays

Juan: why

Gabby: they were fun

Juan: what did you do

Gabby: lots of things. I would shop in Paris, eat in Rome, and party in New York.

Juan: I don't believe you

Gabby: well believe it, I use to be a supermodel before I had you guys

Juan: your lying, models are pretty

Gabby: mommy use to be pretty

Juan: you were

Gabby: yes want to see some pictures

Juan: uh huh

Gabby: here they are

Juan: wow mommy you were pretty

Gabby: I know honey I know

[show theme]

Lyn: hey guys come get dinner

Tom: what'd you get [kiss]

Lyn: Chinese

Tom: yum

Parker: Chinese again

Lyn: you don't have to eat

Porter: can I eat in my room

Lyn: why

Porter: loads of homework [starts running]

Lyn: finebut don't make a mess

Penny: can I eat in mine

Lyn: no

Pen: why

Lyn: because you eat at the dinner table

Pen: but I have……loads of homework

Lyn: do you really

Pen: yeah

Lyn: don't make a mess

Pen: thanks mom

Lyn: your welcome

Pen: I wont

Lyn: what about you porter don't you have loads of homework

Po: no

Lyn: ok [she sits on couch with tom, porter stays at table]

Tom: today's episode is hilarious

Lyn: how would you know

Tom: I took a few looks on the computer

Lyn: that's why you never finish a series tom

Tom: hey it's not my [some one throws a brick in there window, the brick has writing]

Lyn: oh my god

[in unison]

Tom: what the hell

Po: what is it

Lyn: it's a brick it has writing

Po: what does it say [Lyn reads it and hands it to Tom, he reads it, Lyn runs out side, Tom leaves brick on coffee table after Lyn]

Lyn: where are you shilling

Tom: Lynette get inside

Lyn: leave us alone! We have a restraining order! I will kill you!

Tom: Lynette get inside

Lyn: no Tom I have to get him [Susan and Edie run to Lyn's house, Lyn gets in car]

Susie: what's going on

Tom: Shilling threw a brick through the window

Susie: oh wow

Edie: shilling? Why would he do that?

Tom: Po….[porter come's outside]

Po: where's mom

Tom: she went after him

Po: why didn't you stop her

Tom: she ran in the car

Po: Ms Meyer where are your keys

Susie: On my Island why

Tom: porter no! [Po runs to Susan's house and gets in her car]

Susie: My car!

Tom: Porter [they run together]

Edie: what the hell aren't you guys telling me! What happened to the gossip! [Edie follows]

[B's house]

B: Orson

O: yes dear

B: Red or white wine

O: white don't want to stain the carpet

B: your right [she walks over to him with wine and glasses

O: dinner

B: you want me to cook

O: no I was just wondering if we were going to eat

B: well order pizza [she gives him the house phone]

O: your not mad are you

B: no I'm just tired

O: tired but I thought we were going to

B: sorry Orson I need to speak business with my son

O: but he's not…[doorbell rings, B goes to answer it, it's Susie, Tom & Edie]

Susie: we need your car

B: My car what's going on

Susie: we need to go! Where are your car keys.

B: over there but what's

Edie: Damn B get the keys

B: alright

Susie: Hi Orson

O: hello Susan, Edie, Tom.

B: what's going on

Tom: long story

Edie: I want to know

Susie: I'll tell you in the damn car now lets move

B: Bye Orson [they leave in the car]

O: [he gets the phone] yes can I have a large pizza [Andrew arrives]

A: where's mom

O: [hangs up] she left

A: where

O: I don't know…

A: I told her…

O: Susan was panicking and they left

A: any leftovers from dinner

O: dinner is on the way, Pizza.

[gabby's house]

Gabby: Carlos

C: hey honey where are the girls

Gabby: taking a bath

C: good I'm taking them out

Gabby: Oh that's wonderful you'll guys have a blast

C: don't you want to come

Gabby: I'm tired and the girls haven't seen you it will be a daughters and father thing

C: that's sounds nice. [kisses forehead, let me tell the girls, he goes upstairs]

Gabby: yes! A Friday all to myself. [she dances]


[ Lynette is driving crying and mad, she spots Susan's car & porter in it, she makes a sudden turn losing porter, she calls Susan]

Lyn: Susan what the hell is porter doing in your car

Susie: he took it

Lyn: how the hell…where are you

Susie: [doesn't want to say they're following her] I'm at home, alone & worried

Lyn: no your not I can hear other voices

Susie: no one else just me good old Susan

Lyn: are the rest of the girls there

Susie: No

Lyn: don't lie to me Susan, you were never a good liar

Susie: I take that as an insult

Lyn: your not at home

Susie: yes I am

Lyn: where are you Susan

Susie: at my house

Lyn: your following me

Susie: with what car Lynette

Lyn: your following me too

Susie: No Lynette don't hang up

Lyn: why

Susie: I'm worried and I'm alone at home

Edie: B! red light! [B brakes, Susan bumps her head]

Susie: ugh

Lyn: Red light

Susie: yeah, um I have a new message?

Lyn: alright Susan goodbye

Susie: no Lynette don't…..[she is cut off]

B: what did she say

Susie: not much

Tom: is she alright

Susie: yeah she's pretty mad

Edie: B let me drive before you kill someone

B: I'm sorry but you were tensing me up and plus if you had your seatbelt on then you would have been fine

Edie: or if you would have been watching the road

B: now Edie don't get me going on you sex life

Edie: oh right bag on the neighborhood


Edie: I was going to say pick

B: like your so


Tom: [picks ear] indoor voice

[B's house]

And: what is it with you and mom anyways

O: she got mad at me

And: why

O: for asking what's for dinner

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