Hide and Seek

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Hm, haven't quite done a separate one shot in quite some time. Especially one with little to no romance.

The door to the roof of Titans Tower opened, Robin sidling through with the hopes of seeking out peace and quiet while enjoying the sunset. Before reaching the edge, Robin caught sight of Starfire, her posture slightly hunched as she held the small Starfire puppet within her hands. She was turning the wooden doll over in her hands. Curiosity overcoming him, Robin broke the silence. "Hey Starfire, what are you doing with mini-Starfire?"

Starfire turned to face Robin, her wide eyes that were normally brimming with innocence this time seemed to hold sadness and shame. "Greetings Robin," she said in an unusually subdued voice.

Frowning, Robin sat next to her. "Hey…" He placed a hand on her shoulder. "What's wrong?"

Starfire dropped her gaze to the puppet that she held, concentrating on its small, complacent painted smile. "Nothing is wrong Robin, and yet at the same time, everything is so wrong."

Robin raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean?"

"I look into the artificial visage of this replica of myself and realize that the reflection is quite accurate. I just never noticed how accurate until now."

Still confused by her words, Robin rubbed the back of his neck and asked sheepishly, "Um, care to elaborate on that any further?"

Starfire held up the doll. "Do you see her smile?" She asked. Robin nodded. "Her smile is meant to be a mirror image of my own happy personality, yet when looking at this puppet, I see how fake I can be."

"Star, you're not fake," Robin protested. Starfire held up a hand, silencing him.

"I was not finished Robin. I mean the smile I wear everyday is not always true. I smile to convey happiness, to convince everyone that I am the okay, yet that is not always so." Starfire looked at the setting sun. "The moon and sun, they take turns hiding from view, much that like game children play."

"Hide and seek," Robin put in, relieved when Starfire looked at him, nodding.

"Yes, hide and seek," Starfire said. "You hide your eyes using your mask because you have mentioned that your eyes hold a bountiful supply of secrets you are not yet willing to share." She reached up and carefully let her fingers dance over the black of Robin's mask.

"I hide with my smile for I too, have secrets that I am not ready to have exposed. It appears that the whole world plays this game, even our friends play this game with their own unique ways. Everyone loves to hide, sometimes for the thrill of it and sometimes for the comfort of feeling protected. It is all a matter of whether peopleare willing to seek others out as well as allowing themselves to be sought out."

Robin reached up and took Starfire's hand in her own. "And one day we'll be willing to count to ten and begin the search."

Starfire smiled softly. "Hopefully one day soon."

Y'know, looking at this, it's like looking at a lighter version of Smile That is a Mask. Read that fic at your own risk.