A/N: Heylo there. This the prequal to Tomorrow, It Begins. This will include the first births of all the Shitennou and how they met. It will also focus on their relationships. There is a high possibility of this becoming an M eventually due to some *ahem* yaoi lemons. ;)

Keep in mind as you read that this is taking place before the Golden Kingdom was created, before Endymion, Serenity, and the Senshi we know and love (well, sort a) were born. There may be some OCs playing the Senshi of this time period popping up in passing, but nothing significant at the moment. The current queen of the Silver Millennium, which does exist in this time period as it's much older than the Golden Kingdom, is Queen Selene. Selene is the original goddess of the moon in Greek mythology. I'm drawing a lot of what I'm writing -character names, etc- from Greek myths because I got the fealing that's what the people who created Sailor Moon *bows to them for their genius* were doing.

This is slightly AU and YAOI.

Clarifications: The words in italics are Kunzite's personal thoughts and the words in 'italics' with the single apostrophes around them are his Mother speaking to him. The conversations between them are done in Kunzite's mind, thus it's all done telepathically. That's why Kunzite's mother may answer things he says/thinks in his head.

Warnings: AU, eventual yaoi (when the others enter that is).

Sorry this is so short, but then again it's only the prologue. But don't panic, the real chapters will be longer, no worries.

And now, without further ado, I present....



Everything is so silent. What is this feeling?

Something soft and moving caresses his body. Something soft and gentle presses against his closed eyelids. Soft feathery strands brush across his face.

What is this? What is this feeling? Where am I? Who am I?

'You are safe in my arms, child of mine.'


'I am your mother. I bear upon my breast the countless lives dwelling on my surface and below it.'


'Yes, my child.'

Where am I?

'You are floating within the blood of my life. The Fountain of Youth as the humans call it.'

humans? Am I a human?

A gentle laugh. 'No, my little one. You are not.'

Than what am I? Who am I?

'You are my Firstborn. You are neither human, nor plant, nor animal. You are a guardian. To you will fall the duty of protecting my chosen one who shall bear the responsibility of ruling this world.'

But…Who am I, Mother? Do I have a name? Something to call myself?

Another gentle laugh and a caress across his cheek. 'So anxious, my child. Yes, you have a name. You name is Kunzite and you shall be the leader of you brethren, the Shitennou.'


'Open your eyes, my little one. Look around you.'

He obeys. He is surrounded by a blue…thing that brushes, caresses, and holds him afloat within its depths. A soft silvery light flickers above him distantly through a hole on the surface of the blue thing he floats in. It's beautiful.

'It's called water, dearest. Now, swim to the light, Kunzito.'

He begins to obey but pauses. It's so warm here. I don't want to leave.

'I know you don't, my precious one. But you must,' the gentle voice urges.

Why? Oh! What are those white strands floating by my face, Mother? And these soft white things I'm wearing?

The gentle laugh answers him again. 'The strands are your hair, Kunzito, and the things you are wearing are called clothes. The humans wear them to cover themselves.'


'Dear, dear, Kunzito. So many questions for a newborn.' His Mother chuckles lovingly. 'You'll understand all that and more if you swim to the light.'

But…He looks up at the small hole where the light is shining through. It is beautiful. My chest hurts.

His mother's voice becomes nervous. 'Please, love. Swim to the light.'

Will there be others like me?

'Soon there will be. The next will be born in Autumn. He will need you, Kunzite. But you must swim to the surface if you wish to see him, my son. Please.'

Alright. He carefully moves his arms through the warm water and swims gracefully to the light. My chest hurts so bad.

'Quickly, Kunzito!'

His head breaks the surface and he gasps desperately for air.

Air. So that's why my chest hurt. He takes another experimental breath while his arms and legs tread water so he stays afloat. His eyes are captivated by the silvery sky. Tiny white specks fall quietly from it only to settle atop the solid white surface of the water. He places his hands on the solid surface and, gasping, jerks his fingers back in surprise.

Cold! It's cold.

'It's called ice.'


'Yes. And the white specks are called snow.'

Snow. I like it. It's pretty.

'Get out of the water Kunzite. You will freeze otherwise.'


'Yes. Now get out and sit on the ice. Someone will be here to pick you up soon.'

You're leaving me!?

'No, dearest. I'll always be near you. But you must wait for you brothers to be born and that will take time. You must live until then.'

Live. To live. Taking another deep breath the boy pulled himself out of the water so he sat on the ice. Water dripped from his thoroughly soaked body causing his hair to stick to his face and his loose white clothes to cling to him like a second skin. Curious, he raised his deep silvery-grey eyes to the cloud-covered sky and watches the snow fall silently around him. No, not silently. The snow has a sound. It's soft and almost indiscernible. But it's there.

He sat unmoving on the ice, eyes closed, and listened to the sound of the falling snow.

"Kunzite," he whispers.

A/N: I hope that's ok. I know that most of it is from Kunzite's dream in chapter 13 of Tomorrow, It Begins. Keep in mind that this only the prologue. I'll post chapter 1 ASAP, but first I'm working on the next chapter for Tomorrow. I'll post it soon, probably tomorrow. *realizes what I just said* No pun intended.

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