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*italics* - the voices speaking to Nephrite

:italics: - Nephrite speaking telepathically

Chapter 12

"Sear! Sear, I must speak with," Helios soft voice called.

Sear raised his head from gazing at the sleeping brothers, and upon seeing the agitated priest, stood and began to stride towards him when a small pull on his vest stopped him. He turned to find Nephrite fisting his vest and staring at him with sky blue eyes. He gently undid Nephrite's grasp and whispered, "I'm not going far. I need to speak with Helios now, can you watch Kunzite for me?"

The brunette nodded and curled closer to his fitfully sleeping brother, but his eyes remain glued to Sear's back. The ranger strode to Helios who spoke quickly and quietly, too quietly for the youth to hear. But from Sear's reaction Nephrite deduced that something had happened. How curious.


*Yes, many visitors.*

*From Atlantis they come, seeking answers to riddles already solved.*

*If only they used their eyes to see.*

*Indeed. One of them is Gemini. Why would they leave the brother behind?*

*Dangerous, so very dangerous.*

*What are they thinking?*

:Gemini?: Nephrite asked the whispering voices. :What is Gemini?:

*Gemini are the twins.*

*Eternally bound to the other, inseparable, powerful, loyal. To separate is pain, or death.*

*Foolish humans. Why do they separate them?*

:That's awful!: Nephrite exclaimed. The voices murmured their agreement. :What will happen to them?:

*Listen, One Guided by the Dark Star, you must return the Gemini to their rightful places t each other's side.*

*Yes, and hurry. It has already begun*

:What has?:

*The illness.*

*Hurry! We will show you the way.*

Overcome by curiosity, Nephrite's body literally twitched as he forced himself to wait for Helios to leave. When the priest was finally gone, Sear came back and sat on the bed by Nephrite's side. Nephrite want to wait until Sear's attention was away, but the voices became increasingly insistent until finally, he gave up and struggled out of the cocoon of blankets. He had to find Gemini.

"Nephrite, is something wrong?" the ranger asked placing a gentle hand on the youth's shoulder.

"I have to find Gemini."


"Gemini. I have to find Gemini. The voices, they say I have to or something bad will happen."

"Voices? Nephrite calm down. You have to stay here. There are people here who are not exactly trustworthy."

"Then why are they here?"

"Because of the sun. Remember how it hurt you? Well it hurt them too and they're trying to figure out why."

"Oh, but I have to go. Sear please. I'm not the child I was once. I've grown since. I may be naive, and I admit that, but I know my limits. We cannot be sheltered like this forever. Let me do this. Stay with my brother." Blue eyes traveled to the still sleeping albino. "Kunzite took most of the attack on himself. He protected me as best he could and did his best to save the one that lost. He felt the loss a lot more than I did. He can't be left alone like this." The eyes returned to Sear's grey ones. "Stay with him. I promise, I'll be back."

Sear was floored. It hadn't even been a year and already Nephrite was growing up. He'd watched the change over the months, but he still couldn't believe it. He'd been there the entirety of Nephrite's life and now he had grown up right before his eyes. This was too soon. But it seemed that Nephrite was ready, so…

Besides, Nephrite was right. Kunzite needed him right now. He wasn't blind. He'd seen Kunzite before Helios had helped him, and even afterwards he still looked like hell. Even now, Kunzite still twitched and rolled about in his sleep moaning and whimpering as if something were attacking him.

Sighing resignedly, Sear scratched his head in unhappy acceptance and nodded.

"Thank you," Nephrite said, before placing a gentle kiss on his father figure's forehead, to Sear's surprise. Then a moment later, Nephrite raced out the door.


Helios nodded to the people gathered in the council amphitheatre before taking his seat beside the old priest Father Aeryn. Once he was settled the old priest called the council to order.

"Welcome, guests from Atlantis. I assume you're all here due to recent events, am I correct?" he asked, his old voice carrying well in stone amphitheatre.

"You are," the Magi School Master replied. "Although, I have one favor to ask before we begin, Father."

The old priest nodded respectfully for the master to continue. "I would like to place a barrier around us to prevent any unwelcome ears from hearing us."

"Granted, Master Myrrdin."

The magi whispered unknown syllables and brushed two fingers before his lips and a great, translucent dome appeared around the circular amphitheatre. "Thank you, Father. Now, let us begin."


"We came here because-"

"What's wrong with my brother?" a new voice interrupted the magi.

"Your Highness, please," Myrrdin whispered respectfully.

"No! I'm tired of waiting. I want to know why my brother won't wake up."

Instantly, voices murmured amongst each other. Helios leaned forward in alert interest as the prince stood and recounted the events leading up to this moment.

"Earlier this morning, a brilliant light filled the sky and something attacked my mind. I wasn't alone. My brother's mind was also assaulted as well as several of the magi. If this is an attempt on my or my brother's life, then it did a damn good job at it. My brother is currently unconscious and no amount of encouragement and wake him. I want to know what happened."

Once again, whispers filled the stone circle.

"Atlantis weren't the only one to be attacked your highness," a soft, gentle baritone spoke immediately silencing the other voices. All eyes turned to the speaker in both surprise and suspicion, but the speaker ignored their gazes and instead focused only on prince's hard blue eyes.

"It attacked several people here as well, including myself. Tell me, Prince Eryn, what did the attack feel like? Was it like nails scrapping against your mind or a force pressing against your head?"

The blonde prince thought a moment before answering. "A pressure. It was if I'd suddenly been forced under gallons of water. How do you-"

"That's what it felt like to me as well, although at least two others here felt nails scrapping against their minds. I barely managed to save one of them whose mind had gone into shock in an effort to escape the pain."

"I mean no disrespect Helios," Myrrdin interrupted, "but do you think this light had anything to do with the two magical burst from the earth that have occurred over the past year?"

"None taken, Master Myrrdin, and I'm not sure of the answer as of yet. I can tell you with certainty that the light was a solar flare the likes of which has never been recorded in Terran history before today. Also, there seemed to be some sort of entity within the flare that may have been what atta-"

Helios was interrupted by a sudden disturbance above and to the right of him as attention was drawn away from and whispers began circulating. He turned toward the focus of the attention and paled.


He followed the voices as they guided him through the many open-air hallways and pathways until he reached the amphitheatre. But surrounding it was a smooth, gold-tinted bubble. He would have stopped to admire it had the voices not urged him onward into the bubble itself.

Obeying the voices quiet demands, Nephrite stepped through the dome and was suddenly standing on the top tier of the amphitheatre surrounded by priests and other unfamiliar people.

*There! By the magi. Do you see?*

:You mean the blonde boy?:

*Yes, he is Gemini.*

*You must return him to his other.*

Without thinking, Nephrite darted between the priests, leaping from tier to tier stepping lightly in the opening between the bottoms seated on them until he was finally within arm's reach of the blonde boy.

"What are you doing here?" he demanded.

The blonde boy looked surprised and a bit annoyed. "Who are you?"

"I'm the one asking the questions, stupid Gemini. Why are you here? Where is your brother? Why did you leave him?"

At the word 'Gemini' the people around the twosome suddenly erupted into chaos. Nephrite was grabbed from behind pinning his arms to his sides as an old man stepped between him and the Gemini boy.

The person holding Nephrite began dragging him away to the brunette dismay. He struggled and called out, "Idiot! Your brother is dying! Go back to him or you'll lose him permanently! Stupid Gemini!"

"Wait! Stop!"

Helios suddenly appeared faced the old man. "Please Myrddin, he was one of the people was attacked by the light. Please have mercy on him."

"I'm not crazy, priest! The Gemini will die! The voices say so. They say the Gemini will die if that idiot doesn't go back to his brother. The distance is killing them. The other is already wounded; if this idiot doesn't go back then the other will die. They cannot be separated!"

"How do you know about that?" the blonde boy demanded, stepped around the old man to stare at Nephrite.

"The voices say so."

"What voices? Are you insane?"

"Not as insane as a Gemini who would dare leave his wounded brother behind."

"What voices? Tell me! Who told you we were Gemini twins?"

"The voices."

"What voices?"

"I don-"

"What voices?"

"The STARS!"

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