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The wind had slowly begun to blow, creating the only noise that entered the beloved study of Sherlock Holmes. Irene Adler waited at the window, watching the busy street flash with people passing by. However, none of these people passing by the house were the one her heart ached to see. His face had yet to come into view. Spinning around on her heel, she stood with her back against the window, allowing her midnight black locks to rise with the wind. For some reason, unknown to her, she knew that there was going to be a surprise coming with the arrival of the detective. One that she would never have been able to guess was coming in the air. Shrugging it off, she turned around to face the busy lane of Baker Street once again. The face that she had been seeking came into her view, a smile tugging up with her deep red colored lips, making her ivory skin sparkle. Sherlock Holmes. Her eyes, however, continued to follow his figure, spotting that his arm was extended behind him. His hand was intertwined with another, pulling the tan skinned figure alongside with him as he continued towards Baker Street. She began to ponder who the mysterious woman could be, still awaiting the trip the sleuth would make up the stairs and into his study. She heard the steps of the stairs creak, alerting her that they would soon be inside of the room. Closing the window as the wind continued to gush in, she heard the door swing open, followed by a young women's giggle. "Sherlock Holmes," Irene stated, keeping the same smile plastered on her face. Holmes stopped, staring at Irene for a moment, before stepping away from the woman he had pulled into the room.

An American, Renee registered at the sound of her accent. The appearance began to register in her mind afterwards. She was beautiful. Far fairer than any woman that she had seen around the dirty streets of London. And far more beautiful than the face Renee saw when she passed a mirror. Her mind failed to hear the words that Holmes exchanged with the foreign woman, but found herself amazed as the grand detective returned to her side once more. Wrapping his arms around her shoulders, Holmes smiled at the girl in front of us. "Renee," Holmes stated slowly, his voice strong as he began reaching for Renee's hand with his, "this is Irene. She will be joining us for the case," he finished, still staying in the position he had claimed. The detective was standing as if there was no other place he fit into completely other than her side. A sigh of relief threatened to escape Renee in her amazement. The world's greatest mind would over look beauty for something more common.

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