Title: I finally see you

Author: Galadrielle

Fandom: Avatar

Series: third in my "Losing and Gaining" series

Pairing: Tsu'tey/Jake Sully

Summary: Jake Sully decides to finally welcome his new destiny and to bid farewell to the woman he thought he loved more than life itself.

Warnings: slash

Rating: PG-13

AN: SPOILERS! If you haven't seen Avatar you probably shouldn't read this. It also will make no sense to you, I advise you to go see it beforehand!

Chapter One

Jake Sully wheeled over to Mo'at who was already waiting for him. The shaman had been kind enough to come down to the ground rather than have him find someone to carry him up to her.

"Jakesully, you have finally come to me." Mo'at was happy to see his eyes clear for the first time since her daughter had died. 'May Eywa grant him happiness on the path he has to walk for all our sake.'

Uncomfortable, Jake scratched his neck, "Yeah, just finished thinking about what happened, you know?"

Nodding gracefully Mo'at replied, "You mean the talk with my daughter through Eywa…"

Speechless, Jake just looked at her. When nothing further was said he caught himself, "You knew…But how…"

The shaman laughed throwing back her head, "I am bound to Eywa, even more than all other Na'vi. Eywa doesn't usually interfere, but with you Eywa makes exceptions." Looking him up and down Mo'at continues, "You were not meant to be with her, Jakesully. Another is destined to be your mate…"

Blushing behind his mask Jake interrupted her, "I know, I know! Neytiri told me about…him. But it's not easy to accept! It isn't well liked by others when a man starts something with another…"

"Ah, Jakesully...You forget that, while your body may have human origins, your heart is Na'vi. You long for the freedom you tasted, to be free of this machine you have to rely on," she pointed at the oxygen mask, "and to be able to run, fly and hunt with the others." Mo'at gently touched his paralyzed legs. "You can have this freedom. Eywa will surely grant you the gift, even if you decide to fight against your destiny."

Sadness spread through Jake, "But why wasn't Grace…"

Kneeling down in front of him and looking him in the eyes Mo'at stroked his cheek, "She was too weak. Had she made it to Eywa sooner it may have worked. Do not condemn Eywa for it."

Jake shook his head in denial, "I don't! Eywa helped us in our fight, even after Neytiri told me that Eywa wouldn't pick a side and would just provide balance! I just…"

"You are unsure if you really want to take the step, because it would be the final treason to your own race," Mo'at saw the war within Jakesully's eyes, and she could only hope that his Na'vi heart would win over his human fear.

"Partly, yes. But I also don't want to start another relationship, one that goes against everything I was taught, just to be left again."

The loss present in his voice cut deep into the shaman's heart. "You lost someone dear to you prior to coming to us?"

Nodding shakily Jake replied, "My brother."

Taking hold of his chin Mo'at raised his head, "It is always right to grieve those lost to us, but you also have to let them go. This is the same thing my daughter asked of you."

"But that is different! I know she has joined with Eywa, but Tom didn't!" Before Jake could start his angry tirade, his shoulder was grabbed by a strong hand.

Hearing the human become more and more agitated a strong but gentle voice interrupted him, "Calm yourself, Jakesully." Tsu'tey stood behind Jake holding his shoulder firmly but without intent to hurt.

The way Jake didn't flinch away from his hands encouraged Tsu'tey. Releasing his hold he walked around the human to stand right in front of him, "No matter what you choose to do, Jakesully, I see you." The warrior knelt down and gently grasped Jake's trembling hand, kissing it while looking deep within those alien eyes. "I see you."

Jake blinked and the next moment Tsu'tey stood up, jumping up a branch hanging above his head and vanished. Leaving behind a confused but also blushing Jake Sully.

Mo'at liked the way the human's skin changed colors, indicating he wasn't as reluctant as he seemed to be. The interest in the new leader of the Omaticaya was definitely there. Smiling, she thought of ways to make sure Eywa's volition would come true.