A/N: Ok, so I thought Cold and Out of Breath was a one-shot but apparently, there was still more of the smut to tell. Chapter 2 be here and this is really it, I swear :)


The firelight lays soft on tan flesh, the orange-yellow flickers throwing shadows deep into corners, colors lazy and fluid, the heat turning skin flushed pink-

The lazy slide of fingers through white fur, tickling along palms and forearms, surrounding with softness, with plush warmth-

The moans of passion ebb and flow, shifting hard through the air like a frantic melody-

The hiss and steam of smoke through the wood-

And the slap of flesh on flesh, the harsh cry of Dean coming undone, of Sam following close behind-

Stepping into Eden, yea, brother...

Sam jerks awake, the frigid air in the cabin seeping into his skin, surrounding his bones with the sickening memory of being lost in the storm, when he was cold, so fucking cold he couldn't even function, brain shutting down against the harsh raw wind and Dean-

He sits up quick as memories rush through him, Dean's mouth on him, Dean in him and Christ, he's sore as hell but so whimpering grateful, so on his knees thankful for the time, for the closeness and even if it changes in an instant, at least he had it for a moment-

His eyes chance on the fire in the hearth, now down to glowing coals, almost out and he hurriedly untangles himself from Dean's long twist of legs and throws back the covers, crawling forward to throw some more logs on, naked skin goose dimpling at the icy air and he shivers as he watches the flames curl hungrily around the snapping, popping wood. The fire warms his face as it grows, flicking and spitting around the maple logs, the heat spreading through his chest and front and God, that feels good-


The smell of it burning is a sharp bite, a tickle of old memory in his brain, camping at the base of a mountain, his dad hunting for the nymph that haunted the woods while young Dean and Sam, at base camp, kept the fire stoked so the bears and mountain lions would steer clear.

He remembered snatches of that time, pictures smeared together like watercolor, gathering wood under his brother's watchful eye, stacking it high to get them through the night, a tin cup of warm apple cider being pressed into his hand, filled with the water pot Dean had bubbling over the flames. Dean was so smart, he'd rigged some metal wire he'd found into a makeshift burner and he'd filled Sam's belly with canned soup and beans before surprising him with the sweet drink and while it might just be a powdered mix from an envelope, it was good and warm and Sam drank it down eagerly.

Later, he remembered he got to curl up with Dean in a sleeping bag, cuddled in for warmth, the stroke of his brother's hands on his hair as Dean soothed him, calmed his fears at the unfamiliar night sounds and he'd fallen asleep on that warm strong chest, listening to the thump of his brother's heart, safe knowing Dean would stay awake and watch over him.


He turns, suddenly needing to see Dean's face, and there-

The flames play on the form snuggled up under the blanket, orange flickers across the beautiful skin, face relaxed in sleep, so young and innocent now, bare shoulder sloping down, arm curling under the fat pillow cradling the tired head. The wax and wan of colors across the naked flesh makes Sam's heart beat in time as he stares, mouth watering with desire, wanting to taste, to touch.

Something gives a loud pop behind him and he jolts, spins but it's just the fire, the split of wood steams and smolders as it hisses and he throws another log on for good measure, welcoming the wet heat of it as it rolls over them and through the room. He turns back to Dean, crawling over to kneel near him, gazing down at the familiar face, something sweet and warm swelling in his chest, so huge it almost hurts, makes it hard to breath.

Christ, every line, every curve of Dean, the rough cut hair, the ever present frown across the heavy brows now smoothed out in sleep, the nose, bumped and broken too many times to count, the strong jaw that slopes down, the notch in the chin that Sam just wants to lick and that mouth-

His lips are too feminine, too girlish and Dean knows it, always thrusts the bottom one forward to make himself look tougher, more macho but it just draws attention to them and it's impossible to pull his gaze away once Sam settles on them. The memories of that mouth sliding up and down on his dick is enough to make him dizzy, overwhelmed with heat and suddenly wanting nothing more than to rip the blanket off his brother and take him, hard and fierce in this thick, soft rug.

God, he wants to bite and mark Dean all over his body because Dean's his, always has been, always will be-

Sam gives a deep sigh because he can't do that, doesn't know if he has that right yet, because yeah, they'd had awesome sex but then had fallen asleep almost immediately after, cold exhaustion and emotion taken its toll and he doesn't know how Dean will be when he wakes up.

Maybe he'll want to deny, want to forget this whole thing ever happened.

He'll probably punch me and call me a girl, make me feel stupid for even thinking this could be real between us, Sam thinks sadly, staring at the line of Dean's neck sloping into his shoulder, it's so smooth and gleaming in the light of the fire, and Sam wonders if it would taste as good as it looks-

"You see anything you like?"

The voice is smooth, like warm honey, deep and rolling around Sam's head, making his stomach give a jolt of pleasure and Sam's eyes find Dean's, now wide awake and staring back, laughter gleaming as he raises an eyebrow at Sam suggestively.

Sam smiles back, shrugs nonchalantly, teasing, testing, "Some stuff maybe."

And Dean growls at him, sitting up suddenly and pulling him in with a rough hand around his neck, taking his lips in a possessive, sizzling kiss, tongue dancing and sparking over his until Sam's dizzy with lust and then pulling back, staring at Sam with hooded eyes, the glittering heat in them stealing the rest of Sam's breath and just like that, Sam's rock hard with need-

So raw and wanting, it burns him and he's clinging to Dean's shoulders, begging for more, his lips swollen, almost bruised with the fierceness of Dean's mouth, his chest heaving at the rush of feelings racking through his tingling skin and he's swooning, terrified and exhilarated at the same time.

Dean's kisses leave him breathless, frantic.

Dean threads his fingers through Sam's hair, pulling back his head and those lips are on him, nipping and sucking at his throat, and shivers are cresting through now, can't stop them because holy shit, that makes him hot-

The tongue sliding up to his earlobe, nibbling there before whispering in with hot breath, "First a shower and then-"

And he's so fucking hungry for Dean that he can't think, just needs to do what Dean says so he can have him, and he's lurching to his feet, yanking on Dean's hand to pull him up, move, goddamn it, hurry, shower, yeah, wash first and then we can-

Dragging Dean to the bathroom where he flips on the light and sees the claw-iron tub, a huge monster of a thing that takes up most of the floor and when they catch each other's eyes, Dean shrugs and Sam leans in, twists on the taps, letting the rust colored water run its course to clear before stopping up the drain and starting it to fill.

Surprisingly, the water level increases quickly, the well's got a fast pump, and soon enough, the tub is filled with a steamy, deliciously warm soak that beckons to them.

"You think there's room?" Sam asks, skeptical but Dean gives him a gentle push, "We'll make room."

And Sam steps in, groaning at the heat of it and sinks down, relaxing into the soothing warmth around his sore, aching muscles and Dean splashes in front of him, sits between Sam's legs and leans back onto the solid chest, letting his head loll on the broad shoulder behind him.

"God, this is freaking heaven." Sam mumbles and Dean moans in agreement, running his hands over Sam's submerged calves and up to his bent knees. They rest for a few minutes before Sam pushes Dean forward and lathers a washcloth up with soap from the dish, swirling the cloth over Dean's shoulders and back, scrubbing gently and then tugs Dean back down so he can wash his arms and chest. The rough cloth on Dean's tender nipples hardens them into nubs and Sam smiles when Dean arches up to his hand, wanting more.

"You like that, Dean? You like when I play with your nipples?" Sam breathes into Dean's ear and circles the cloth over the tight buds again, making Dean shiver out his answer. He drops the cloth and rubs the tip of the soap over one hard nub and Dean's head falls back, eyes closed, breath coming in short gasps, "'s good, Sammy."

And he lets his fingers play over the other nipple, watching the pleasure slide across Dean's face as he loses himself in the tingling feelings-

Sam works his way down, rubbing the soap over Dean's abdomen, fingers whirling intricate designs in the suds before going lower, skating through the wet hair below Dean's belly button, sudsing it up into a bubbly lather and scrubbing with fingernails, making Dean grunt in pleasure and spread his legs obscenely, Sam holding back a whimper because he's got his brother right where he wants him, wide open and pliant and it's all Sam can do not to shove him over the side of the tub and take him right here-

He slides a hand down further, feathers over Dean's dick with fingertips, earning a groan of want, a thrust up of hips before Sam circles loose and light around the bottom of Dean's shaft, gliding up and down, rubbing his thumb over the sensitive head before dragging the skin low-

And fuck, Dean's breath is hitching and stuttering in his chest, louder with every pull up and slide down of Sam's hand-

"God, Sammy, feels so good-" Dean's head is thrown back onto his shoulder, mouth curved into a sweet smile, long expanse of throat so white and unblemished that Sam's mouth is watering for it. He cups Dean's hair, holding him in place and mouths at the delicious skin, so smooth and sweet he can't help himself, has to kiss and he moans with each press of lips, the honey of it dizzying his mind as he works his way along the soft earlobe and hard jaw line. He can't help himself, has to suck and he's marking Dean, small purple bruises easily hidden by Dean's stubble and Jesus, Dean's letting him and Sam needs more, needs it all, sucking harder, biting into Dean's flesh with fierce teeth, making Dean moan with desire-

Dean leans back into it, lifting a hand to urge Sam's head closer, soft noises working out of his throat as Sam forges a trail into his skin. His breathing becomes uneven, ragged as Sam works his cock and he reaches his other hand down to intertwine his fingers with Sam's, tightening their grip around his shaft as he bucks his hips up, thrusting himself into the heat of palm around him, the rough bite from Sam's teeth giving sharp picks of pain, making Dean squirm and twitch, unable to sit still against the assault.

Dean turns his face towards Sam, eyes half-lidded, glazed over with passion and Sam swoops down, captures the sweet mouth, shoving the soft lips apart and diving in, tongue wild and searching, finding Dean's and sliding alongside, seductive and twisting, jolts of fire shooting through Sam's belly at the feel. Dean groans around him, half-turns his body so he can get closer, let Sam in deeper, hand sliding up through Sam's hair, clutching and reining him in, holding on tight. Dean's sideways now, laying on Sam's chest and belly with most of his weight, hitching his hips forward into Sam's palm. Their combined hands drag up and down on Dean's dick, tightens and releasing with each pull and Sam's other hand slides down along Dean's back, curving over the slope of hip and around to caress the firm ass.

Sam breaks the kiss abruptly and pulls back, staring down into Dean's lust filled eyes, needing to see-

He lets his finger slide between the crevice of Dean's ass cheeks, searching for the small, sweet hole quivering there and he circles around it, watching Dean's face, his eyes as he does it, hungry for every expression, every nuance floating across his face and he pushes in, sudden and swift. There's a pulse of pain in Dean's eyes, eyebrows come together in a small frown and the deliciously plump lower lip is caught between white teeth as a groan pulls out of his mouth.

Dean's legs are splayed wide and Sam hooks his knee under Dean's left thigh, lifting it up and out of the way, spreading Dean wider, laying him open so Sam has better access and Dean's at his mercy now, nowhere to hide and Sam spears in deep with his finger, jerking a slow drag on Dean's cock at the same time, angle's wrong and his wrist behind Dean's ass gives a sear of pain but doesn't matter, totally worth it because Dean's reaction is fucking awesome-

Dean's hand releases Sam's, flying out to grip the side of the tub with clenching fingers, the gasp of bliss and the buck of Dean's hips tells Sam he's hit it, that one spot that's sending Dean soaring into outer space and the broken whimper, "Jesus Christ, Sam!" is so sweet and good-

It fills Sam with satisfaction because he's done this, reduced Dean to a puddle of lust, quivering desire that can do nothing else but twitch against Sam's fingers as he works deep inside him.

Sam settles into a staccato rhythm, stab in, pull out, drag up and down and Dean's eyes are closed tight, lost in the feeling of Sam's hands on him, hot breath huffing out, chest racking with each deep pull and Dean's ass-

Jesus, is grinding down on his fingers with each plunge in and holy shit, Sam can't wait much longer-

"God, Dean, come here, come here-" And he's pulling the plug out of the drain, letting the liquid swirl away cause he's gonna fucking drown if he tries this in a tub full of water, and he's sliding down the porcelain, head on the ledge now, urging Dean around and up, bringing him close, knees bent into Sam's armpits, hands slapping down onto the tub behind him and his dick is bobbing into Sam's face, just where he wants it, red and swollen and so fucking delicious-

Sam pokes out his tongue, licking across the head, the velvet skin so clean tasting it's making him ravenous for more and he's dipping and sliding along the slit, fingers still in Dean's ass, just the tips, having slid out as Dean moved and Sam waits, bides his time because it's gonna be the fucking best Dean's ever felt-

He wraps his other palm around the bottom of Dean's thick shaft, squeezing tight and dragging up, flicking his wrist with a determined wave, dragging the skin up to the head and down, slow and steady, tongue flicking out to lick at the underside with each downward drag. Dean's trembling above him, both with stiffness of position and with arousal, his arms next to Sam's head are shaking, the veins popping along the forearms, so fucking hot it makes Sam swoon-

Sam opens his mouth wide and holds on fierce, diving upward onto Dean's dick, taking as much of the length in as he can, his throat twitching against the intrusion but he doesn't care, swallows hard and pulls back, lunging forward and sucking hard-

Dean throws back his head as he rucks helplessly against that pulling mouth, "Jesus, fuck, Sam-"

He loosens his sucking lips, letting Dean ease out of his mouth before he pulls in a breath and boom, he battens upward, shoving his fingers deep into Dean's ass at the same time and Dean doesn't know whether to shove forward or lurch back, caught in the moment, shivering against him and hanging on for dear life, whimpering low in his throat like he can't even form words-

"Unnnhhh" is all Dean can manage, the forearms surrounding Sam's head twitch against his face and Dean's huffing out ragged breath, twin spots of color burning high up on his cheeks and when Sam sucks him in again, Dean bucks ahead, rolling his hips onto Sam's fingers when the mouth releases him and with each sway, Sam hits up against that bundle of nerves-

The noises Dean's making in his throat, deep barks of pleasure with each plunge of Sam's fingers, are so fucking sweet-

His legs are trembling around Sam's ribs trying to stay in position and when Sam lifts his knees behind him, Dean collapses down, sits heavy on Sam's thighs, on top of Sam's hand, Dean's fingers gripping death-tight on the rim of the tub-

Sam sets a good pace, staring up at Dean as he works him, and Dean's eyes never leave his face, a look of fascination in his gaze as he watches the slide of his cock in and out of Sam's lips-

Sam lets Dean's dick pop out of his mouth, chasing it before swallowing it back down and earning a gasp of delight from his entranced brother, "Fuck, Sam, your mouth, feels so good-"

He opens up his throat, relaxes against the stiff flesh, mumbling against the fullness and Dean thrusts in suddenly, deep and Sam swallows him down-

Dean's hand is in his hair now, sliding in and gripping tight, pulling Sam's head forward as he shoves in again, deep and hard, and Dean's voice is a ragged encouraging whisper, "That's it, take it, take it all-"

Faster, he moves, bobbing his head up and down, the taste of Dean's cock in his mouth dizzying him, swirling in his head and making him hungry, so fucking hungry for more, for all of Dean-

His tongue slurps and circles, laving along the bottom of Dean's shaft with every pull out and arching around the tip, licking the pearly drops from the warm slit with every suck in, fingers still plunging into Dean's ass deep-

Dean's whimpering now, hips going bullet fast, pounding into Sam's mouth at a dizzying rate until Sam can't lick or suck anymore, all he can do now is round his lips, be a hole for Dean to fuck into and that's ok because soon, Dean's gonna explode and Sam's gonna be right there, drinking it all down-

And he called that right because Dean's bucking in and freezing, thighs shaking to all hell and he's shattering, twitching and rolling in, and Sam feels the first spurt, hot and tangy, hit the back of his tongue and Jesus Christ-

He swallows it down, the flavor of it filling his head, his mouth with the taste of Dean and fuck, that's about the best tasting thing he's ever had and it's freaking hot as hell, sliding down in a thick syrup, bitter and sweet at the same time, all Dean, his fucking soul's in there and Sam can't get enough-

Drinks him dry until Dean's hand is pulling back on his hair, trying to stop the suction pulling at his insides and he's collapsing forward, hand slapped onto Sam's chest, limp onto one side and pulling in deep gulps of air.

"God, Dean, tastes so fucking good-" And Sam pulls out his fingers, planting a kiss on the tip of Dean's dick and getting a half-hearted buck up from Dean's hips in response.

Dean groans, "Fuck, my legs, man, cramping like crazy." and he's holding on to the tub, trying to stand up but his legs don't hold and he collapses back down, "Shit, weak as a kitten-"

And Sam scoots up, gets his feet under him and stands, pulling Dean up with him. He gets them both out of the tub and tries to dry them, tries rubbing Dean's skin pink with one of the thick towels off the linen shelf but when Dean palms against Sam's dick, now a throbbing red, poking into the air between them, Sam can't wait any longer.

"Not here-" Sam's gasping out at Dean's touch, "want you on your knees, on that thick rug outside-"

And he manhandles a very wet Dean out the door-



He can't seem to stop kissing his brother-

The soft lips, the erotic swirl of tongue on his, jolts sparks of heat through his body, he feels the snap of it on his spine and his nerve endings tingle with it-

Too much, too delicious and each taste is sweeter, deeper and more Dean, filling Sam's head with memories, with here and now and Christ, he can't get enough-

He's back-walking Dean across the floor, their mouths clinging to each other in a hungry dance, bodies still wet from the bath, slick and glistening as Sam maneuvers them into the living room, falling to his knees and taking Dean down with him, running his hands all over the firm muscles, the damp skin and he breaks the kiss, licking away trickles of water from Dean's neck and chest.

He pushes Dean back on the carpet and stares down at him, Christ, so hot like this, everything he imagined, so fucking handsome and warm and there, surrounded by the plush white of the thick shag rug, green eyes huge and wanting, licking those lip, asking for more of Sam's kisses-

Dean's hands are everywhere, all over him, sliding over his abdomen and raking across his nipples, up to his shoulders, pulling him down, mouths hitting hard and rough, kissing the breath right out of him and he's so fucking ready-

"Want you, man, need you-" He's whimpering against Dean's mouth and he pulls back, urges Dean over and up onto his knees, his brother rolling willingly, up on his elbows and spreading wide, opening for him-

He spits into a palm and runs it over his dick, slicking himself up good and spits again, pushing fingers inside of Dean, making sure he's open and relaxed still and he steels himself, knows how much this part hurts and he's taking up position, pushing himself in, gentle but firm, a nice steady line-

Feels Dean's muscles clench, hears the harsh intake of breath against the pain, "Fuck, Sam!" and the labored gasps of Dean trying to relax himself but Sam doesn't stop, just keeps pushing in, slow but constant-

"Ahhh, burns like hell, man!" Dean's wheezing out the words now, hands clenched tight in the rug, thighs shaking with tension, "Jesus, feels like a fucking tree splitting me in two, unnggh, slow, go slow-"

But Sam doesn't, can't because it'll only hurt worse, just gotta keep going and he grabs Dean's hips, pulling him backwards so he can get in deeper-

And suddenly, he's buried in there, inside his brother's ass and Christ, it's good, so fucking hot and good, and he rests, letting Dean breathe, letting Dean's body adjust and trying to get the feeling back in his dick because the tight squeeze is cutting off the blood flow and Sam flexes inside, earning a harsh gasp out of the rigid body under him.

They breathe together, bodies moving as one and Sam feels Dean give inside, feels the loosening of pressure, the softening of muscles and he taps at Dean's hip, "Alright?"

Dean nods, words a harsh whisper, "Do it."

And Sam slides out almost all the way and eases back in, shit, Dean's so freaking tight in there, so snug and hot, it's all Sam can do not to slam in, split his brother wide open and fuck him good and proper-

"Holy crap, Sam, hurts, man-"

"It gets better, Dean, just relax." And he pulls out again, smooths back in, and again, changing the angle slightly, trying to hit-

And Dean jerks forward, crying out in pleasure, "God, Sam, right there, right there!"

And Sam obliges, hitting the bundle of nerves over and over as Dean bucks and twists against him-

Dean's fingers are relaxing now, not clenching but sliding through the white fur, a sensuous pull, grip and hold on with each thrust forward, release and slide with each yank back and grip again, like it's Dean's only hold on the world and if he lets go, he'll be lost forever.

The feel of him, though, so hot inside, so tight, clinging and hanging on like a second skin, opening up when Sam fills him and then releasing him, setting him free with every backward pull, groaning at the emptiness left behind, has Sam wanting more, so much more-

Dean's fingers work the fiber of the rug like it's Sam's hair he's tugging on, dragging and yanking, the tendons flexing and curling under the tan skin and Dean's sweating in the heat of the fire and passion, his back slick with it, sliding against Sam's chest as he coils his body around Dean's-

Christ, this is the most awesome fucking feeling in the world, bucking into his brother fierce and rough, the tunnel surrounding him enveloping him in white heat, swirling and fogging his brain with the clench of it and he looks down, watches Dean's ass stretch as he pushes in, pulls out and holy shit-

Faster, he's gotta move faster because the fire in his belly is freaking building, heating him up from the inside out until he's burning with need, end goal in sight and fuck, he wants to see Dean's face, kiss those gorgeous lips when he shoots deep into Dean's ass-

Wants to watch when Dean comes, wants to see it on his face, in those green eyes, wants to be right there with Dean when he loses control and shoots his load all over himself-

With a grunt of urgency, he pulls out suddenly and Dean gives a moan of dismay, whining that he's gonna die if Sam doesn't finish him and Sam's hands are at his hips, nudging him over onto his back, shoving his legs up to his chest and entering him with an easy slide and a resounding smack of balls against flesh, stealing Dean's breath away as he hits home and they stare into each other, a lustful grin playing over Sam's mouth as he bends to steal a kiss.

He battens down, pushing Dean's lips apart and plunging his tongue in deep, sliding up against Dean's like slick butter and sucking down the taste into his throat, moaning because it's the most delicious fucking thing he's ever had, bar none, and he wants more, wants it all-

He grabs Dean's hand and pushes it over his head, fingers twisting and curling around and now Dean's gripping him like he did the rug, clenching and flexing with each inward thrust and Sam's giving it all to him now, pounding in hard because he's so close, so fucking close and Dean's so goddamn hot and tight-

Dean's grunting in his mouth with each thrust, other hand raking over Sam's back and hip, urging him to go harder, faster and his hips buck up to meet Sam's, halfway point and making Sam go in deeper with each plunge-

"Jesus, fuck, Dean-" Sam can barely breathe, between kissing that sweet mouth and fucking into that tight, hot, hole, it's like his breath is gone, didn't need it anyway because he's pretty sure he's as close to heaven as he's ever been and if he dies now, right here, buried in his brother, then at least he's done all he ever wanted, answered the last need of his heart.

"Harder, Sammy, Jesus, fucking harder-" The voice doesn't even sound like Dean, it's rough and worked over, rasp of fingernails over a metal file and he's gasping out the words like it hurts, like it's all he can manage, his eyes glued to Sam's, staring up in hunger, in want as Sam does just that, splits him wide open with a fierce buck of his hips and Dean tosses back and forth, so hard Sam almost gets thrown but he grips hard and hangs on-

And Dean's dick is a solid bone, digging into his stomach with each hit in, the wet smear across his belly button and hair underneath sticking and pulling, making him feel so fucking dirty, so steamy in his own skin that he wants to swallow Dean down, suck him dry, fill his belly with the honey taste because he knows what Dean tastes like now and he just wants more-

Sweet and tangy, the sweat and hot musk will fill his mouth and his throat, the thick pearls sliding on down and sweet Christ, he wants his tongue everywhere on this body, can't get enough of Dean, can never get enough-

Shove again, deep inside and Dean's answering bark of pleasure means he's hitting that sweet spot, sending shots of electricity through Dean's balls and belly, and Sam hangs onto Dean's hand tight, lost in the rhythm, lost in the feeling, the hot slip-slap of flesh fills the air, the harsh breath, the smell of sex, heavy and fragrant, swooning his head until he can't think of anything else, just Dean, just here and now-

He grabs Dean's cock, jerks upward and Dean gives a shout of pleasure and when he does it again, down and up, Dean stiffens, whole body raising off the bed and rucking up toward Sam, muscles rigid and shaking and the hard dick in his palm gives a throb and he feels Dean come, sweet Christ, that's the fucking hottest thing he's ever felt in his palm is his brother's dick jolting and then erupting, the thick heat of it pulsing over his hand, slicking his path as he jerks up again, pulling every drop out, watching Dean's face-

Sweet Jesus, so fucking hot and beautiful, a slash of almost pain across Dean's eyes as orgasm hits, the frown of pleasure as he holds tight and then releases, and his expression relaxes, peaceful and blissed out, chest heaving with gasping breath and twitches of aftershocks rolling through his belly.

The clenching of Dean's ass on his dick does the job and Sam's growling out his love for Dean as he reaches the pinnacle, the peak of the mountain and hovers there, heat flicking over him, up his back and down his legs before the dulcet twinge in his belly rolls over and he's cresting, breaking on the waves, shooting his load deep in Dean's ass and hanging on tight, not able to do anything else but let his dick go and Christ, feels like Dean's sucking on his cock, he's so tight around him, bearing down with hungry muscles.

"Fuck, fuck" and he's giving half-hearted pushes in, getting the last dregs before he pulls out and should really rest, cuddling up against Dean would totally not suck right about now but he can't, has to taste-

And he's moving down, licking up Dean's seed with swirls of his hot tongue and Good Christ, could it be any sweeter, any more delectable? With a moan, he keeps at it, lapping up all he can find, drops of tasty pearls all over Dean's belly and he doesn't stop, can't stop until there's no more, Dean's all clean and Sam looks up, meets Dean's wide eyes and open mouth with a satisfied smile.

"Ok, Sam, if I could, I would totally have a fucking hard on right about now cause watching you lick come off my stomach is about the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen...talk about giving me something to dream about, man-"

And Sam moves up, leans over and covers Dean's mouth with his, letting him taste himself and Dean swallows him down, sucking in his breath and giving it back until they're rocking against each other's mouths, lost in the flavor, the feel of each other-



The snow is still falling heavy outside, no signs of slowing and Sam stands naked at the window, pulling back the curtain to look out. Dean's found a working radio in the kitchen and he's playing with the dials, trying to get a clear station.

Broken words come across the speaker, "Worst storm of the season…continue…two more days…snow plows unable…no unnecessary travel…"

Sam looks over at Dean and smiles, "Two more days, huh?"

Dean gives him a grin back, "Now what the hell are we gonna do for two more days?"

Sam drops the curtain and walks over, pulling Dean's naked body up tight against him, "I'm sure we can figure something out."



-the end-


A/N: Lyrics from Star Trek "The Way To Eden" episode (#3.20 Circa 1969) and yes, I know they're wrong, I changed them :D