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Forgery. Assassination. Infiltration. Liberty.

Kanda Yuu and Allen Walker are assassins of the Black Order, the highest rank of F.A.I.L - a criminal organisation with more than a third of the world under its control. NOAH is a mysterious family of intelligence and police. The collision of these two forces are drawing near. YULLEN

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"There are six orders within F.A.I.L," Mikk told the white-haired boy. "Ranked in pair: Red and Yellow, Green and Blue...White and Black. Red, Green and White represent the 'Forgery and Liberty' and Yellow, Blue and Black represent the 'Assassination and Infiltration.' Your mission is to work your way up to the Black Order and capture the target specified in pages 5-7."

Allen nodded, his eyes flickered between the golden gaze and the sheets in his hand. "I won't fail..." he said.

The Portuguese man smirked. "I know you won't. He turned to leave, taking several strides before pausing. "Let me remind you, this is a long-term mission...don't forget who you really are."

The white-haired boy sighed as the man left the room: NOAH...his home, his family...ever since that bloody arsehole of a Master sent him packing for F.A.I.L. With no direction, he'd ended up lost...only to be picked up by NOAH. They treated him like one of their own, and for that, Allen was grateful.

With this mission, he'd prove to them and himself, that he was worthy enough to be a member of NOAH...that good will always triumph over evil. Even if that evil...was a necessary one.

Chapter One:
Birthday and Betrayal

Kanda scowled as his undisturbed silence was promptly disrupted by none other than the baka usagi. That fucking rabbit picked my lock....AGAIN?!

"Yuu-chan!" the red-haired teen chirped as he bounced to join the Japanese assassin on his meditation mat.

"Get the fuck out!" he snapped, not bothering to open his eyes. Those goddamn lotuses...

"Aww, that ain't very nice...don't you remember what day it is?!

"The day you die?" the dark-haired teen muttered.

"Naw," Lavi replied, unperturbed by Kanda's wish for his death. "It's Allen's BIRTHDAY!" He followed up with a blinding beam which fell flat on closed eyes.

"Who the fuck's Allen?"

Lavi coughed. "Ya know...moyashi?"

The Japanese teen finally opened his eyes, onyx orbs forming laser-beam glares. "And I would give a fuck about moyashi's birthday?" Shit.

"Well, it's also Christmas!" Lavi sang, oblivious to Kanda's internal struggle.

"I don't celebrate Christmas," Kanda finally snapped. "Now get the fuck out!"

"Ah well," Lavi sighed, clasping his hands in a gesture of regret. "You don't know what you're missing out on...I mean, he is having a party and a party also means there will be food..." The redhead's word fell flat. He tried again, "Jerry-made food... Jerry-made soba."

Kanda's stance shifted ever so slightly. Lavi's grin widened, having already made his way to the door.

"Too bad you're not coming..."

Lavi shut the door behind him greeting Lenalee with an easy grin. "He's coming."

The Chinese girl raised a skeptic brow. "And how can you be so sure...?"

"Trust me," he replied, accepting her outstretched arm. "Now come on, we have a party to attend."

Kanda closed his eyes as the door clicked shut. The lotuses had first flitted into sight several months ago. The Japanese teen had come to terms with the disturbance in his vision, but it still pissed him off every time his generally greyscale lifestyle was impeded by pink blobs.

It then occurred to him that he was hungry. That baka usagi better not be lying...


Allen resisted the urge to scream as he stepped into the cafeteria. The TABLES! The CHAIRS! WHERE DID JERRY'S KITCHEN GO?! He scowled silently at the memory of Lavi and Lenalee, reassuring him that it would just be a small gathering. They never mentioned a DJ, loud music, blinding strobe lights and the entire population of F.A.I.L! He massaged his temples as a headache threatened to appear.

"Allen!" the said duo called as they strode towards him.

The white-haired boy managed a smile through gritted teeth, "Lavi...Lenalee...What is the meaning of this?!"

Lenalee cocked her head, "Come on Allen, you're sixteen! You only turn 16 once!"

"Just like everyone else," he muttered under his breath.

"What was that?"


"Plus it's Christmas!" added Lavi. "And Christmas ain't Christmas without a huge party! So..." He snatched a glass off a passing waiter's tray. "Have some punch!"

Allen stared at the glass suspiciously, taking it reluctantly from the redhead's hands. He sniffed the questionable contents and instantly recoiled.

"There's alcohol in this!" he said accusingly, regarding the orange liquid with disgust.

"A little bit won't hurt...will it?" the Chinese girl wheedled, gazing at him with puppy-dog eyes.

Allen looked unimpressed as he cocked a single snowy brow. Lenalee noticed this and heaved a huge sigh, purple eyes suddenly glistening with unshed tears.

"We put all this time and effort," she began, disappointment weighing down each word. "Slaving day after day to get everything right so you could have such an awesome 16th...and you won't even drink some punch. And here I thought Christmas was a time for..."

"Okay! Okay!" Allen finally relented, horrified at the tears that had begun their descent down Lenalee's pale cheeks. "I'll drink the bloody punch!"

The Chinese girl instantly brightened, erasing all evidence of the tears. She shared a triumphant smile with Lavi, who in turn said. "Well, go on."

The white-haired boy lifted the glass reluctantly to his lips and with a grimace, downed the punch. He swished the sickly sweet liquid around his mouth before swallowing slowly. He cringed at the bitter tinge of alcohol that was left behind.

"So...how was it?"

Allen shrugged. "It was...bearable." Curse this...he silently added. Allowing his customary smile to settle on his features, Allen reluctantly greeted his 'party guests', as he allowed the redhead to lead him away.


Guided by his growling stomach, Kanda cautiously approached the cafeteria. Who knew what that rabbit was planning? He froze, still a good 200 metres away from the closed doors. What...the fuck. Loud, upbeat music barreled into his ear drums as flashes of rainbow lights peeked out through the cracks, practically blinding the Japanese teen. Stalking to the doors, he threw the doors open with a loud bang, ignoring the dozens of gazes which were now on him. "USAGI!" he growled as he stalked over to the unsuspecting teen.

Lavi noticed the dark-haired teen a split second too late and before he knew it, something pointy and very sharp was at his neck. "K-Kanda" he stammered, forcing a laugh. "Fancy seeing you he-"

"Shut up!" Kanda snarled, pressing the blade harder against the redhead's neck.

"That's enough," a voice curtly interrupted.

Kanda's eyes narrowed, recognising the all too familiar British accent. "Stay out of this, moyashi," he growled, not sparing the white-haired boy a single glance.

Allen glared at the Japanese teen and batted the blade away with a gloved hand. "Allen. My name is Allen! Not to mention it's rude to ignore people, BaKanda."

"I don't care what your name is," he snapped. "Moyashi will always be moya-" he broke off, as he did a mental double-take at the boy's appearance then at the boy's surroundings. The lotuses...disappeared?

Allen blinked at the pause in phrase, blushing slightly when he noticed deep black eyes boring into him. He licked his suddenly dry lips before managing. "It's Allen. A-L-L-E-N!"

"Che. Whatever. I don't give a damn, now get the fuck out of the way so I can kill that bastard usagi!"

Lavi hid behind Allen like the brave man he was. "Save me, Allen! I'm too young to die!"

"You're never too young to die," Allen muttered under his breath.


Allen shook his head. "Don't worry Lavi," he replied reassuringly. "I'll fight that jerk for you."

Said jerk raised a sardonic brow, the blade of his katana glinting eerily in the pulsating lights.

"OKAY! THAT'S ENOUGH!" Lenalee interrupted, giving the trio her best disappointed stare. "If you want to fight, do it outside and after the party."

The trio cowered under her withering glare.

"Now," she continued, smiling once more. "Who wants cake?"

"Fuck no," Kanda muttered as he sheathed Mugen, turning to leave.

Lavi and Lenalee exchanged knowing looks before turning expectantly to Allen.

"Well let's go!"

Allen shook his head. "No, thanks," he replied politely, "I'm feeling quite tired actually...Good night." He turned away leaving the stunned pair behind.

Lavi and Lenalee stared at the entrance door in shock.

Kanda, on the other hand managed to hide his amazement as he followed suit. He'd kill that usagi some other day.


Allen frowned as he entered his room, locking the door behind him. The assassin flipped open his phone, he knew exactly who was calling him. "What do you think you're doing, calling me here?!" he demanded, speaking in furious, hushed tones.

"Evening Allen," the voice on the other side replied smoothly, disregarding Allen's question.

"This better be important," the white-haired boy muttered, "because it'll be your fault if this mission goes down the drain."

"There's no need to looks down on me, boy, because I can assure you that this line is perfectly safe."

"I'm sorry," Allen responded wearily, "I'm just a bit annoyed..." He fought the urge to down several litres of mouthwash in order to erase the bitter taste of alcohol.

"Is this mission too harsh on you?" the man inquired, teasingly.

"No," Allen replied stiffly. "I'm perfectly fine, Mikk... don't doubt my abilities, simply because of my rank."

"'I've seemed to have said something I shouldn't," the voice noted amusingly. "Care to share, boy?"

"It's none of your business," the white-haired boy snapped. "You don't need to know anything but the status of the mission."

"Very well...since you seem so eager to know, I shall tell you." After a short pause, the voice resumed speaking. "It's nearly time for you to capture the target. Be prepared for my signal." An insistent tone informed Allen that the call had ended and with a sigh of relief he flipped the phone shut putting it down on the bedside table.

"I need a shower," he muttered to himself.


Kanda forced himself into a state of temporary calm as he entered his room, number 13.

Damn that fucking usagi...and that moyashi, he thought angrily as he changed out of his black assassin robes and into a midnight blue yukata. Before long, the silky material began to cling to his skin as the hot sticky air hung heavily around him.

"It's too damn humid in here," he muttered to himself as he went out to the balcony, carrying Mugen.

An assassin has his weapon with him at all times.

Breathing in the cooler air, Kanda sat down leaning against the wall, propping Mugen up on his shoulder. Closing his eyes he drifted off into a light sleep, oblivious to the conversation that occurred in the room next door.


"It's too humid in here," Allen grumbled to his dripping reflection as he wrapped a towel around his waist. Evidence of his shower hung heavily in the tiled bathroom, the wisps of steam rushing out of the opened door.

He scowled as his phone started vibrating on the bedside table, picking it up, he flipped it open before sliding the balcony door open and stepping out into the cool night air.

"What do you want," Allen demanded icily as he stared out into the dark night. What does Mikk want now.

"Whoa, Allen, It's me...!" Lavi responded, startled at the boy's cold tone.

The white haired boy blinked, "Oh I'm extremely sorry I thought you were someone else..." He smacked his head, how could I not check that it was Lavi calling and not him.

"Anyway," Lavi said, "I was just wonderin' if ya wanted some cake, since you kind of left..."

"No it's fine than- " Allen's stomach growled...loudly. "Err...actually yes please."

Lavi chuckled, "Well then I'll bring it to your room in a sec."

"Thank you," Allen replied, shifting slightly to catch another cool breeze.

"Nah, it's cool. Well see you later!"

Allen grinned at the prospect of cake, his stomach purring in anticipation. Sliding his balcony door shut, he leant against the glass door, its surface icy against his skin.

Who knew acting could be so tiring...Allen thought as he began to drift off, his eyelids fluttering shut.

All of a sudden Ode to Joy (Beethoven's 9th Symphony) belted out from the balcony to the right. Allen jumped at the noise.

"What the fuck?!" a voice cursed loudly.

Annoyed at being awakened so rudely, Allen edged over the balcony railing...after all, it wasn't his fault that they were so short.

Pressing his cheek against the cold stone, Allen silently cursed his height as he got onto his toes, peeking over the edge. Allen collapsed on his bottom biting back a cry of shock.

Since when was Kanda my neighbour?!

It took several moments for the Japanese teen to locate the source of the eardrum-shattering tune and after a string of profanities, he answered his phone.

"Yuu-chan! I was just-"

Kanda chucked the piece of machinery off the balcony and into the night. The luxuries of an assassin, you have the money to buy spare.

Closing his eyes, he settled back down before realising that someone was watching him.

"Show yourself, or I'll dice you into a million pieces," he growled warningly.

Allen scrambled back into the safety of his balcony. He cursed himself for not hiding his presence, though as the head assassin of the Black Order Division, Kanda would have been able to sense his presence anyway.

An unexpectedly chilly breeze brushed against his bare chest.

"I should put on some clothes," he murmured to himself.

"Damn right, moyashi."

Allen paused in midstep, twitching at his nickname he slowly turned around.

"My name is Al- " he automatically responded before swallowing his words as he smacked into Kanda who was now standing on his balcony, smirking.

"You're in a bathrobe!" Allen blurted out, hastily stepping back. Kanda stared at him, unsure whether to be amused or offended.

"It's a yukata," he corrected.

Allen coughed, his cheeks reddening. "What I meant to say was...What are you doing on my balcony?!"

Kanda scowled. "How the fuck was I supposed to know that this was your balcony?" He stared pointedly at the white haired boy. "I wanted to see who was eavesdropping on my damn phone call."

Allen shook his head, suddenly self conscious of the fact that he was only wearing a towel and Kanda was only wearing a bathrobe. "Just get off my balcony please."


"AAAAAAALLEEEEEN!!" Lavi sang jubilantly as the door flew open.

Curse that usagi and his infiltration ability, the pair thought simultaneously instantly stepping back from each other.

Lavi stared at Allen in nothing but a towel around his waist, and then Kanda in what he presumed was a bathrobe.

"Uh, am I interrupting something?" he asked, scratching his head and before awkwardly placing down a bag on the table. "Sorry, shoulda knocked...well, I'll leave the stuff here. BYE!"

He disappeared through the door, pulling it shut.

Allen recovered first. "Kanda," he addressed awkwardly as he stepped into the room. "Do you uh....want cake?"

He blushed slightly. This is for my mission, he told himself sternly, resisting the urge to touch his warm cheeks.

"Fuck no," Kanda retorted, turning away.

"Well, you can at least use the front door to get back to your room," Allen offered, opening the balcony door wider.

"Tch. Whatever."

Allen's chest tightened as he escorted Kanda out of his room. Shrugging it off as hunger pains, the British boy shut the door. Glancing down at his lack of clothes, he ducked into his walk-in-wardrobe, donning a white, long-sleeved shirt and slim-fitting, grey pants.

Satisfied, he began to rifle through the contents of the bag. He frowned as he took out a box of noodles coupled with dark liquid sauce.

"Noodles?" he wondered aloud as he set it aside.

Several minutes later, the white-haired assassin had begun his consumption of the various boxes of food Lavi had kindly brought up, pausing only to sip from a bottle of water that had accompanied the food. Knowing Lavi...the punch is most likely to be spiked. He was halfway through the fifth box when his phone started to vibrate.

Incoming Call: Lavi

Allen flipped the phone open. "Lavi?" he said, hastily swallowing his food.

"Sup Allen," the teen replied his tone somewhat uneasy, "I know you're probably on your fifth or sixth box...so I really hope you didn't eat the noodles with the brown sauce."

Allen glanced at the unopened box beside him. "Um no...why?"

"Well," the red haired teen said. "Ya see...that stuff was actually for Yuu-chan and I - uh- don't reckon he's in the mood to accept it...from me that is...so, unless you want to eat that stuff, give it to him will you?"

Allen sighed. "Must I?"

"Well you seem to be on pretty good terms with him," Lavi commented slyly.

Allen nearly choked on air, "WH-WHAT?! Don't misunderstand! We weren't doing anything, it's just that I got out of the shower and ..."Allen's protest trailed off.

"Ahhh," Lavi chuckled knowingly, "I'm not sure that others will think the same, when they see this-"

"WHAT?!?!" Allen balked. He clutched his phone tightly. "You didn't..."

"I'm looking at it right now..."

"You wouldn't!"

Lavi snickered. "Wouldn't I?" he taunted, "...I mean, come on Al, it's only delivering some cold noodles to your next door jerk...nothing more...nothing less."

Allen gave an exasperated sigh. "Fine....fine, alright...just don't do anything, okay?"

Lavi laughed. "Yeah, kay."

- beep beep beep beep -

Allen snapped the phone shut before chucking it on his bed. There goes my appetite, Allen thought, his hand hovering over the box of cold noodles. The gears in his head began to turn as he contemplated what to do. Dare he do it? - but wait...it's still too early, I haven't received the signal. The snow-haired boy grabbed the box of cold noodles and placed it in the original bag, ignoring a brief bout of nausea.


Allen strode to the door with unnatural confidence and rapping the wood three times. In his hands was a plastic bag with the spaghetti, the sauce and out of Allen's great generosity, a bottle of left over punch.

The door was yanked open by a pissed off Japanese assassin.

"What the fuck do you want?!" he snarled, glaring down at the white-haired boy.

Allen huffed. "No need to get so angry BaKanda!" The boy placed the bag in Kanda's hand who in turn, flinched at the contact. "There are weird noodles in there for you." Allen informed the dark-haired teen. "...and some punch."

The British boy turned on his heel, staggering slightly before taking the very few steps to his door.


Did Kanda just say- Allen's trail of thought was broken off by his own squawk of indignation as the onyx-eyed teen roughly dragged him by the collar back to his room.

"Oof!" Allen muttered as he stumbled into room number 13, propelled by Kanda's relentless push. Allen noted, much to his amusement, that Kanda was still holding onto the grocery bag in which he promptly placed on a make shift dining table.

Allen scowled as he sat down hard on the floor. "What was that for!?"

His speech was slightly slurred.

Kanda's reply was a withering, ice-cold glare that spelled two words: shut up or more correctly shut the fuck up.

Feeling somewhat threatened, despite being an elite assassin himself, Allen complied.

The silence that followed seemed to stretch forever. Allen sitting on the floor. Kanda standing by the table.

Finally, Kanda spoke, his expression somewhat puzzled. "You reek of alcohol."

"Excuse me?!" Allen sharply retorted, stumbling to his feet. "Do not associate me with the odour of alcohol!" He staggered backwards.

Kanda watched in mild amusement, "You're drunk moyashi."

Allen shook his head making his head spin even more. "No I'm not," he mumbled, finding temporary balance once more. "I'm not like master...-hic. I'm not a drunk." He backed into Kanda's bed, promptly landing on the smooth covers with an oomph.

In a flash, the Japanese teen loomed over him. The white-haired boy stared at the towering teen as a grin stretched across his face. "YUU-CHAN!" he suddenly chirped.

Kanda's eyes bulged as he glared down at the drunken idiot currently occupying his bed.

"Moyashi..." he threatened.

"Yuu...Yuu-chan...Yuu-pyon...Yuu-ki! Yuuuuuu-ki!! YUUKI!!" Allen trilled, clearly not in his right mind as he creased the sheets on Kanda's bed in an attempt to create a 'snow angel'.

A vein popped and without thinking, Kanda slammed his hand down onto the bed, centimetres from Allen's chortling face.

All of a sudden, the snowy-haired boy chuckled darkly, his storm-grey eyes glinting evilly. Suddenly, the British boy grabbed Kanda's midnight hair...and yanked.

Caught unawares, his lips came crashing down onto Allen's. He sprang off almost instantly only to be pulled back by Allen's iron hold on his hair.

"Let my fucking hair go," he forced through gritted teeth, tasting the alcohol on his lips. To his great relief, the boy complied. Without another thought, Kanda grabbed Mugen and swiftly left the room.

That fucking moyashi....hell, is he going to pay.


Komui sipped his coffee as he observed Lavi typing into his computer at breakneck speed. Not many people knew it, but Lavi was a wizard-clack hacker, whose limits had yet to be reached. Of course, everyone mistook his uncanny ability to unpick almost any lock to be his 'infiltration' ability within the ranks of the Black Order.

His green eye was glued to the screen as his fingers continued to barrage the keyboard. Then, with a triumphant grin, he sat back and stretched.

"Done!" he announced.

Komui spat out his coffee. Lavi, in response, shielded the vulnerable PC.

"A-Already?!" the Chinese man spluttered, placing down the favourite bunny mug.

"Dude, that was only one of the most protected, impregnable, one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art security network that rivals even that of the Pentagon," Lavi declared with a lazy wave.

"I'm glad you're on my side," came the reply, as the Chinese man hurriedly regained his composure. Their attention turned back to the white screen emblazoned with the single word: NOAH.

"So this is Noah," Lavi remarked.

"Yes," the supervisor quietly agreed. "This is our enemy and with it, an underground war is coming."

"Man, between F.A.I.L and the cops, huh..." The red head groaned. "Is it actually going to be that bad?"

The Chinese man shifted his gaze from the monitor to Lavi, considering the question.

"Yes," he replied after several minutes of silence. "These people kill. They've already exterminated four teams in less than a month and two of our members are still missing."

Lavi paled slightly. "But how?! Only the Black and White Orders of the main headquarter have complete access to the mission archives...How can they find us so easily AND wipe us out?!"

Komui's expression darkened, his feature cloudy.

"We are F.A.I.L," he stated. "We're the only criminal organisation which still dominates nearly a third of the world." He paused to draw a breath. "We cannot afford to lose to the police, therefore...as Supervisor, I have to assume the worse..."

"Shit...no way, a traitor?!" Lavi's brows knitted together, barely visible under his trademark green bandana.

"It's someone within the Black Order who is making contact with a member of the NOAH," Komui continued, his gaze flickering back to the computer screen. "And...I have my suspicions on who it is."

Lavi's hands shot up above his head in a sign of surrender. "I swear it isn't me!"

His claim was ignored as Komui turned to face his closed office door. "Lenalee...can you get Kanda for me?"


Kanda scowled as he leaned against his own room door with Mugen propped up beside him.

Damn that moyashi, he fumed silently, grinding his teeth, what the fuck was that for, he-

Lenalee hesitantly made her untimely entrance. "Um, Kanda," she began, breaking his silent rant. She subconsciously stepped back as the Japanese teen's murderous aura crackled ominously.

Dark burning eyes shifted their glare to her. "What."

"Komui wants to see you immediately in his office." She wanted to add, why are you standing outside our own room door? but decided against it, hastily leaving Kanda to find his own way to her brother's office.

He watched the Chinese girl disappear down the corridor, lotuses framing her exit. Kanda didn't need eyes on the back of his head to know there were behind him as well. Those damn flowers. Swallowing a sigh, he strode after Lenalee. A mission would be a good stress reliever.


Lavi sighed in relief after Komui's hasty reassurance that Kanda was not a traitor.

"Jeebus," he grumbled. "You freaked me out for a second there...I mean Yuu would be hell to -"

"What about me, usagi?" a low voice growled from the door.

"Kanda," Komui greeted, stepping into the teen's line of sight.

Lenalee stood beside her brother, two folders in her hand.

The supervisor cleared his throat, before Kanda could repeat his question.

"Now that both of you are here, let's begin the briefing." He gave Lavi a warning glance.

Fuck no...not a mission with that baka usagi, he thought, receiving his folder.

"Before you open you open the folder," Komui continued, "I want to outline the situation." He gestured towards the computer, 'NOAH' still occupying the monitor screen. "Lavi hacked into their private network earlier this evening, which confirmed my worst suspicions, we have a traitor amongst us."

"Che, kill him then," Kanda muttered.

"We can't," Komui replied bluntly. "We don't have the evidence-"

"What are we," Kanda cut in. "The cops?!"

The Chinese man frowned at the statement. "No, but...a lot of turmoil and dissolution will result if we just kill the person -something we can't afford."

Lavi gulped his one green eye focused intently on the folder.

"You may open it now..."

A tense silence hung in the air as Kanda opened his folder, followed by Lavi.

Onyx eyes dilated in bewilderment as the assassin's mind numbly registered the photo paper clipped onto the first page. Painstakingly familiar, and captured in full innocence, the rectangle portrait seemed to hover in front of his line of sight...Fuck.

Time seemed to slow down as the photo was identified to be...


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