Dear Diary,

The most wonderful thing happened today! I was up in my room, waiting for Ron, Fred, George, and Mum to return from shopping, and got a little surprise.
I ran downstairs to ask Ron about his feelings on his first year at Hogwarts but something else called for my attention. There was a boy there, about Ron's age in appearance. He was skinny as a tooth pick and had messy jet-black hair. It covered his eyes, where he wore black round-rimmed glasses. The thing that threw me off about him was the little lightening bolt shaped scar on his forehead. That's when I knew I was going to marry him. But I'm only 10, what do I know? I have the worst relationships of anyone. My heart is broken all the time. Hopefully, not again. I feel good about this one! Anyways, he was the most beautiful boy I had ever seen, and he was The Chosen One! I can't wait to meet him. Dear heart, I met a guy today. Prepare to shatter.


Ginny Weasley