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Chapter 3

"You were about 5 years old and I was 8. Pop was driving us out to the country, you know to see the horses and stuff? Once we got to the farmhouse we found a "renovated" sign on all the doors and there weren't any noises from the horses. We figured that all the horses got moved out for a while. It was real surprising to Pop 'cause he'd been there yesterday and so the movers must have found someway to move everything out in one day. Anyways, it was either me or you who dragged Pop into the farmhouse. It was locked so me and Pop kicked the door down on 3. Once we were inside we searched the whole place. Of course we didn't find anything but you..."

"Found the chickens?" I guessed.

"Yep. Me and Pop didn't know what you found until you actually let them out."


"Yeah. So you let them out and sure enough they came chasing after me. I guess you can imagine how that turned out."

I could. Mason, small, innocent, 8 year-old Mason getting attacked by chickens. He could have been fast enough to outrun them though.

"I wasn't very fast yet," Mason said, reading my mind as usual. "So, I hadn't got far enough. You an' Pop were just about to grab at the chickens when one of them started pecking at me. Man, did that hurt."

"What happened next?"

"We had them for dinner!"

He had to be joking. "That doesn't scare me, Mason."

"I ain't tryin' to scare you. I'm tryin' to tell a story. And besides, we really did have them for dinner. You know, we were low on food supplies why pass up a free meal?"

I knew that was a rhetorical question, but I answered it out loud anyways."Because it's one that's alive."

"Was alive. I bet you want to know how it was done."

"How what was done?"

"Our meals."

"Might as well..."

"Pop grabbed a chicken by it's neck and squeezed 'til it was chocking. Then he grabbed a knife from his back pocket and slit the throat open. Blood was gushing out through it's eyes and mouth and finally it died. Pop put it into the fryer and the rest is history. G' Night, Tex." -he clicked off the lights on his way to his room.

"What?" I had questions. Lots of questions. I followed after Mason so I could get answers. "Wait a minute. You can't just put a dead chicken in a fryer and make fried chicken. Why would Pop do that anyway? How come I didn't remember any of that? You know I have a good memory..."

All the while I was asking my questions Mason just laid there on his bed staring at me. When I ran out of breath he said, "You done?"

"No, I'm not. That never happened." I just said it. Not a question. Not an accusation.

"Took you long enough," he smiled.

I rolled my eyes at him, then they widened as I realized something very crucial... "YOU LIED!"

"Be quiet! Jeez, you act like it's a crime or somthin'."

"For you it is. You never lie to me."

"Yeah, I did."

"Once," I replied. "You've only lied once."

"Well now it's twice. You should have seen your face!"

I could already feel my face turning red. Now I was the one clicking off lights. "Good night, Mason."

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