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Chapter 11

Climbing up the hill, Sarah ducked down behind a tree as she heard the Shadow Soul fly above the treetops for the millionth time, looking for her. It had been like that since she had returned from Jareth's prison and she could swear she was wasting a good hour or so on avoiding the foul creature in search of her. Though it could normally just sense pure souls, the Shadow was having a difficult time of pinpointing Sarah's energies through the veil of the Labyrinth's magick surrounding her, flying blind as it were. Sarah utilized the power until she finally managed to reach the end of the marsh and found herself in the self-same forest above the junkyard where she had eaten Jareth's peach and danced with him in the dream world. The only difference, as it was with most of the other areas of the Labyrinth, was its deceivingly picturesque appearance. Her journey was nearly at an end. Taking a short break, Sarah sat down on one of the tree's roots. Her stomach grumbled, which oddly made her yearn for a peach, which brought her mind back to Jareth.

"….He kissed me." She spoke like a love-struck teenage girl who had just experienced her first kiss. Her fingers unconsciously traced over her lips, the tingle of his still faintly there. Her blush returned as she recalled the feel of his soft lip on hers, how perfectly they had fit each other as they kissed, the spark of fire and lightning emitted through their cores…

"Down, Sarah! Breathe now girl." She pep talked her lungs to draw in breath again, as they had stuck somewhere along her train of thought. Her heart began to stick too, as she refocused on the three little words no man had ever expressed to her that he had shared willingly. But as she thought more on it, Sarah realized the signs of it had been obvious, even before she knew he existed.

"'But what no one knew was that the King of the Goblins had fallen in love with the girl…' It was me wasn't it? All this time, you were in love with me…" Sarah whispered to the winds, which heard her and stroked her cheek in acknowledgement. She got annoyed over it. "Geez, it took you long enough to tell me, Jareth!" she spoke aloud, knowing full well that he was probably watching her through his crystals and giving her that same oh-so-arrogant chuckle. Then, her mind wandered to the whispered words he had spoken before sending her back to the Labyrinth again.

'So that's what you were reading in that last part of the scene in the crystal. What the prophecy foretold. But…can I do what prophecy asks of me?' she questioned herself inwardly. 'I feel…I'm still not sure what it is I feel. Can I give up my freedom, everything to do this? Do I care for him enough to?" Her face scrunched slightly in deep thought.

"No, I'll find another way." She decided, standing up. 'Maybe the medallion, the Labyrinth's magick can do something about this. There has to be another way. I'll think about that later. Right now, I need to get going, before my time runs out.' Looking up the hill, Sarah recognized the area ahead where her friends had pulled her from the junkyard, and where she would finally be able to see the Castle Beyond the Goblin City.

"Well," she spoke down to her scuffed and burnt flats, "come on feet." Walking a few steps, Sarah stopped mid-step, face-to-face with the Shadow Soul. What the heroine had failed to realize was that the veil had come down during her rest, and so she had no longer been hidden from the creature. Before Sarah could think to either run or fight it though, the Soul looked back sharply, with a hiss, as though hearing something she could not. Whatever it heard caused it to move away from her with an impatient snarl and retreat back toward the castle. She was confused by its actions until a wave of decrepitating power made her fly backward onto the ground, shaking the trees and the forest floor beneath her in its wake. She looked up wide-eyed as the trees' leaves shriveled and disappeared on their branches, the trees turning gray and rotting all around her, and the grass dying and drying up into little brown clumps beneath her. The sky dimmed gray, and the birds and insects she had heard all disappeared without a trace.

"Goliath, what have you done?"

Scrambling up now, Sarah ran up the hill to see what had become of the city. The moment she crested the great grey hill, the sight that met her deep green eyes caused her to sink down to her knees, grief dripping from her eyes as she overlooked the ruined city in its true state. The gated entrance that once held the metal giant was no more than ancient rubble on the ground. The buildings and streets beyond, more run down and weathered looking than they had ever been under the rule of the Goblin King, looked completely unlivable and were no longer white with their deceitful perfections. And on the street, her stomach flipped as her eyes picked out the outlines of Goblin bodies strewn along the ground. Darkness descended upon the city, literally circling ominously around the castle's black and broken turrets. The sight was so sickeningly grievous, it was no wonder Sarah turned to release what was left in her stomach of the dinner Karen had fixed for her and Toby. The medallion, like a comforting child, warmed and shook gently against her chest. Sarah pressed it closer with a freehand, using the other to wipe her mouth. How she desperately wished her friends were with her now.

"Hoggle, Ludo, Sir Didymus, Ambrosyius…" Sarah whispered their names to the shivering winds, thinking of them trapped and cold in the dank depths of the oubliette. About Jareth trapped in that dark and lonely place somewhere, far from her, all thanks to the darkly misguided soul that was Goliath. All of them were the reasons why she was here, and all she had to fight for. Pulling herself up off the ground, Sarah clutched the medallion with both hands, seeking the brave resolve her friends had given her during her first journey as she made her way down to the Goblin City once again.

Sarah stepped gingerly over the rubble of the gateway, the Dragon Eye Ring, for the moment, silently indicating her safety. Nearby, a Goblin lay sprawled on the ground; dead or alive, Sarah couldn't tell. Running to it, Sarah turned what was a male goblin with a large, spotted nose and tufts of black and electric blue hair on its head over to its back. To her surprise and delight, the little two foot tall Goblin was only sleeping too deeply for waking words. Checking on a few more, Sarah found them all under some sort of spell cast by none other than Goliath. It fully hit her that the utopia-like world Goliath had shown her before, a world of cleanliness, of peace, of happiness, was no more than the biggest of white lies, a reflection of a dream cast in place of the real scene. The medallion heated red with her anger, three times more violently than it had earlier that day at Sarah's job, and the wind began to cycle around her at high speed. Sarah furiously made her way around the sleeping bodies to the castle beyond. No one stopped her, nothing came for her, which would have struck a cautious cord with her, had her temper not been sparked. Nearly there, Sarah began to climb the stairs leading the doors when a very red-eyed Ambrosyius snarled her back down from the top. Holding him firmly on a leash, as he struggled to get at his former friend vehemently, was a saddened Wise-Man, with his hat drooping its long neck down in a silent doze.

"Ambrosyius…Wise-Man…"Sarah breathed out in shock and hurt, reaching her hand to her shaggy four-legged friend. But Ambrosyius was in a less than welcoming mood, snapping at Sarah's outstretched hand.

"Stay back!" Wise-Man warned. "Stay back, child. You must turn away from here, now if you wish to ever leave this place. Go back to the Aboveground, while Goliath will still let you."

"I can't, Wise-Man."

"Please girl! I don't want to let this brainwashed dog hurt you! He has been turned for the worse, and I fear there is no calling him back, not even by you! If you don't leave, I will have to let him go, and you will have to kill him or risk being killed by him." The Wise-Man said solemnly.

"I can't! You know that I can't. I have to get Jareth back. I have to return the Underground to the way it was. I can't leave you like this." Sarah replied, her resolve never wavering.

"But you must, Sarah! Goliath fears you, your power. If you don't leave now, he will not hesitate to have me kill you. I am not even in control of my own body as we speak, only my voice. Please Sarah, I do not wish to harm you!"

"No." she refused again, opening her arms defiantly. "I won't leave you and the others like this, Wise-Man. I'm sorry. If Goliath wants me, so be it. Let him try." She asserted her conviction by taking two steps up the stairs, despite Ambrosyius' snapping jaws and the medallion's throbbing forewarning against her chest.

"…May the Labyrinth protect you, then." Wise-Man prayed, as his wrinkled hand slowly released Ambrosyius' leash. Sarah felt her arms go over her face, felt her left foot slip off the third step in to the air, heard Ambrosyius' rancor howl as he leapt off his back haunches at her, but watched it as though she were in a slow motion movie. The thing that snapped her back to reality was the excruciating pain of Ambrosyius' teeth rupturing the skin of her right arm. Sarah screamed a piercing scream that did nothing to faze Ambrosyius.

"...nghh...Ambrosyius..." Sarah gritted her teeth in pain, looking desperately at her former friend for a sign of his old self. "Ambrosyius...look at me! You know me! This...isn't you, you're ngghh...you...you would never...hurt me like this!" Sarah pleaded with the red-eyed Sheepdog. But he continued digging his teeth deeper into her arm.

"Sarah, give up and he will let go. Relinquish the medallion and you will be free of this!" Wise-Man pleaded with the young woman.

Sarah ignored him, looking again at Ambrosyius. "Ambrosyius, it's me...ngh...it's Sarah. Don't...you remember me?" The pain was becoming too unbearable, causing her eyes to tear with the pain shooting up her arm. Bloodstains were showing through her cream poet's shirt. "Ambrosyius...please remember! Remember Hoggle? Ludo or...or Sir Didymus? Rem-nghh!...Re...Remember me! You and the...others helped me through the...the Labyrinth the first time...please! AH...nghh...please, let me go Ambrosyius..."

Sarah lifted her free hand up to Ambrosyius' shaggy head, though he growled and bit harder, causing her to scream in agony. Tears were streaming down her face now, but she wouldn't give up. Touching his ear, a faint glow of white shot from her left hand to Ambrosyius' head. His jaw loosened slightly, bringing some relief as Sarah watched the dog anxiously. Slowly, but surely, the red-faded from his eyes, turning the beautiful blue they had once been. As if waking from a dream, Ambrosyius snapped his jaw open completely and released her arm, whimpering and backing away from his misdeed in shame.

"No, Ambrosyius, come. Come here...ngh...it's okay. You didn't mean it, I know that." Sarah spoke weakly, coaxing the ashamed canine back to her side. Her arm sat limply on her lap as she sat up wincing, blood splotches stretching across the sleeve of her shirt. Sarah tore the sleeve as best she could from her arm to better view the damage done. Several fairly large holes bled profusely on her forearm. Ambrosyius came closer at her beckoning, licking the wounds on her arm apologetically. She winced momentarily but as he continued it seemed to numb the pain somewhat. Wise-Man made his way down hurriedly, as a crack of thunder sounded above their heads.

"He knows, and he is furious now." Wise-Man confirmed as he kneeled down in his dirty gray robes to examine Sarah's arm.

"I thought you were under his spell." she questioned suspiciously, moving her arm away from him with another wince.

"I do not blame you for your caution, but there is no need. Our spells, Ambrosyius' and mine, were linked, so when you set one of us free, you set the both of us free as well. Now, young woman, let me have a look at it." he replied, taking gentle hold of her injured arm again. Ambrosyius nuzzled her left arm supportively.

The Wise-Man shook his head gravely at seeing the depth of the teeth marks. "Well, on the bright side, he didn't puncture any arteries. You were quite lucky there I must say. But despite this, he did do alot of damage. I have some healing magick, enough to slow the bleeding so that you won't faint, but not enough to heal it completely, I'm afraid. We will have to bind it after I slow the bleeding, that is the best I can do."

Sarah nodded at the diagnosis, relinquishing her arm to the mercy of the Wise-Man. Ambrosyius' licking had indeed numbed the pain some, but not enough to keep Sarah from gritting her teeth as Wise-Man handled her arm. The worried dog willingly allowed her to squeeze him and bury her face in his fur whenever Wise-Man touched a spot that was especially painful.

"You could have used the medallion to protect yourself, you know. I don't think Ambrosyius would have faulted you in the end, and you need not have sacrificed your arm to bring him back." Wise-Man pointed out during the binding.

"Wasn't that the medallion's power that changed him back?" Sarah inquired through ground teeth.

Wise-Man shot his head up, surprised at her. "You do not know you're own magick when you see it, young woman?"

"My magick? That was my magick?"

"Well of course it was! The Labyrinth would never have been so gentle with an attacker."

Sarah felt herself bewildered once more at her own hidden abilities. "Well, whatever it was, it was better than using the medallion's power if what you say is true. I could never hurt Ambrosyius, let alone sick the Labyrinth's magick on him. Besides that, I promised Sir Didymus I'd bring him back in one piece." she replied, rubbing the timid dog's fur. The canine's ears perked up at the mention of his master.

Wise-Man shook his head again as he finished binding her arm as best he could. Sarah looked and realized he had used the cloth of the bloody sleeve she had torn off to bind it. He ripped a second strip of cloth from his own slightly tattered robes to sling her arm with.

"Young woman, you are quite the soul. I see now why King Jareth found you so alluring in your youth. You are far more pure than any human I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. And I have met many." Finishing the sling, Wise-Man reached into his pocket and pulled out the little box he had collected contributions in during her first visit.

"Here. We didn't deserve to ask for this from you, he and I (he indicated his eyes towards the sleeping bird-hat on his head), and I have meant to return it to you for a long time now." Flipping it over, Wise-Man deposited her mother's ring into her open left palm.

"Thank you." she smiled meekly, placing the ring carefully with her right hand onto her left ring finger. It still fit perfectly.

"Now, up you come!" he said, taking her good arm and helping her up. "You must go now; you have little over an hour of time left!"

"Yes, I'll hurry. OH! Hoggle, Ludo, and Sir Didymus are trapped in the oubliette at the entrance of the Hedge Maze, you have to free them." Sarah then handed him the Dragon Eye ring she had gently pried off her right hand. "Take this; it will show you the way to go to avoid all of Goliath's traps. Can you make it?"

"My dear, Goliath may have changed the Labyrinth's looks, and added a few new tricks here and there, but as long as you hold that medallion, the Labyrinth's secret ways still hold in tact." The Wise-Man took the ring, nodding to her gratefully, and headed back toward the Goblin City as Ambrosyius bounded up the stairs to the castle.

"Wise-Man, wait!" Sarah called to him, watching to make sure he stopped and then turning to Ambrosyius. "Ambrosyius, I need you to go and help Wise-Man find the others. I have to go on alone from here."

Ambrosyius whined audibly and returned to Sarah's side, nudging her leg with his forehead as if asking why. She leaned down to stroke his head.

"It has to be done this way Ambrosyius. Besides, I can handle Goliath on my own. But Hoggle, Ludo, and Sir Didymus need help right now, and I know if I send both you and the Wise-Man, that you'll make it and they'll get help. I know you can do it. You just have to be brave." She combed gentle fingers through his fur, lifting it from his loyal blue eyes. "You can be brave for me and go with Wise-Man, can't you?"

Ambrosyius hesitated naturally, but one glance at Sarah's slung up arm and he knew he at least owed her a little show of courage. Barking his acceptance of the task, he ran quickly to follow after Wise-Man, never looking back at Sarah.

Smiling with pride, Sarah turned sideways to look at the looming castle behind her. She looked down at her sleeveless right arm, slung up and bleeding only lightly through the binding now, thanks to the Wise-Man's medical magic. It still throbbed against her side, in more pain than her aching feet. Her jeans were tattered at the bottom and covered in dirt, her shirt just as tattered and dirty. She wanted nothing more than to lie down and take a long rest somewhere. But a flash of silver from the medallion reminded her that she had no time for that just now.

"Come on feet. It's time to finish this." She sighed to her sore appendages. With one hour left on the proverbial thirteen hour clock, Sarah made her way up the steps and through the open doors of Jareth's former castle.


His cruel voice called to her from the stairwell. Sarah had made her way inside to the throne room, left in shambles and a dark mist the likes of which she'd never seen. At seeing its state, she felt an undeniable yearning for the musty smelling throne room full of trash and strewn with Goblin clothes she had come upon that first time. The stairs he called her from led to the Escher room, but she knew if he had changed this much of the kingdom, he probably had changed that too. Cautiously, Sarah made her way up the stairs.

Moments later, she emerged from the stairwell into what looked like a funhouse of mirrors, only lacking on the fun part. After the last mirror encounter, Sarah was less than trusting of the room and turned to leave, only to find a dead end behind her (she was not surprised). A strange sound echoed throughout the room, reminiscent of the Cleaners from her first visit. Not wanting to see if her hunch was right, Sarah ran through the Hall of Mirrors. Turn after turn, Sarah hit dead ends with her reflection looking back at her mockingly. Quickly Sarah became frustrated, and time was dwindling.

"DAMN YOU GOLIATH! COME OUT YOU BASTARD!" she screamed at the reflections around her. She watched the mirrors, waiting for him to appear while attentively listening for the Cleaner-like sound. Her eyes fell to a mirror on her left. The woman reflected back at her was scantily dressed, wearing only a spaghetti-strapped purple silk nightgown with black lace hemming that barely reached her knees. The woman's eyes were dark and stormy, like Goliath's, and her grin was similarly sly. But the face…the body…Sarah couldn't mistake the woman for anyone but a version of herself.

"Oh Gods…what the hell?" Sarah gasped at the reflection, who smirked back at her mockingly, copying all of her movements like a normal reflection as she touched her face and hands. If Sarah had still had the Dragon Eye ring, she would have found a fast and trapless way to Goliath around the mirror room. If she hadn't gone into the mirror room, she wouldn't have found herself so engrossed, so mesmerized by the strange reflection of herself, and she would have noticed the mirror rippling. And if she had noticed the mirror rippling, she would have known not to get too close. But because she had forfeited all her luck the minute she gave her ring to Wise-Man, she wasn't ready for the reflection to reach her hand through the mirror, grabbing Sarah's arm, and pull Sarah into the darkness.

Sarah…Sarah my love, wake up for me…

Her dark eyes fluttered open at the familiar voice above her. The face that looked back was the pale handsome face of her lover. His black hair cascaded over his shoulders as he hovered above her, his stormy blue eyes watching her feverishly, with a longing she recognized all too well. But something seemed odd…strange…she couldn't remember how they had gotten there.

"Where are we my love?" she asked, sitting up some. He sat beside her on the bed, holding her up with a strong arm on her back.

"In our bedroom. You fell asleep, don't you remember darling?"

Sarah couldn't, in fact, remember anything like that. Looking around, she realized the two of them were in a large bedroom of midnight blue walls, lit brightly with lamps and candles all around. She was in the nightgown her beloved Goliath had picked out for her, one that accentuated all the curves he loved about her. He was shirtless and in loose boxers she picked out for him for his own comfort, his taut muscular chest sprinkled with soft black hairs that narrowed all the way down into his boxers. Before that moment seemed hazy in her head, which worried her some. She knew the man beside her, loved him as much as he loved her, but felt something strange in her heart. Something she couldn't explain to herself, and dared not try to explain to her beloved.

"I guess I was more tired than I thought. I'm sorry." She replied, rubbing her eyes.

"There's nothing to apologize for, I should have realized how tired you were and let you sleep. Lie back down and sleep sweetheart."

"No no, it's alright honey. I'm not tired anymore." She smiled up at him.

He leaned his head against her forehead, kissing her lightly on the lips. "Are you sure, my love? We can do this another night."

"We could, but you know you don't want to." Sarah said playfully, lightly teasing his lips with hers. He happily accepted her tease, pulling her to him for a full-blown kiss. She immediately pushed her tongue into his mouth, grazing the top of his mouth with it and sending shivers down his throat. His hands wandered down her right side, squeezing her breast for a moment before sliding down to the hem of the lace that rested on her thigh. Sarah pushed both hands into his hair, yanking at it hard just the way she remembered he liked it.

But was that a memory? She wasn't sure at that moment. She was unsure of a lot of things. Though he felt so good on her lips, against her skin, there was something very wrong about it too, but she couldn't figure out what.

His hand slid to the inside of her thigh, creeping up to her wet crotch. She jumped up then, off the bed and backed toward a large vanity dresser with a lamp and several picture frames on it. As soon as she jumped up, she felt ridiculous for doing so. This was her lover, her heart. They had made love before, (even though she couldn't remember it just then), so why was this time any different? To remedy the situation, she played the seductress.

"Not so fast, Goliath. You can't touch that so soon in the game. You haven't satisfied me yet." She batted her eyes flirtatiously to add to the effect.

It seemed to work because he grinned at her mischievously and stalked over like a large feral dog. "Sarah, you know I would never dream of pleasing myself before pleasing you." he spoke low, growling her name. All thoughts of anything being wrong flew from her mind the minute he had her pinned to the dresser, grinding against her heated crotch with his own, biting and suckling the uncovered skin around her neck and shoulders. She moaned his name uncontrollably, arching her back and hitting her head against the mirror as the two rocked against the dresser. Her hands snaked into his hair, yanking it roughly, drawing great howls of lust from his throat. The lamp teetered toward the edge and the pictures fell flat on the dresser. Sarah glanced at them through her lust euphoria, seeing her and Goliath together, holding hands and kissing in two of the pictures. In one picture, the one closest to her right thigh, a young Goliath stood grinning, with his arm up in midair, as though it was around the shoulders of another person, but the image had been cut out.

"Goliath, who was in that picture?" Sarah croaked out through her moans.

"Does it matter?" He ground hard into her crotch, drawing a half-scream from her as she arched her back further. He took that opportunity to stick his face into her chest, laving greedily with his tongue at the valley between her breasts. Sarah moaned, pushing herself further up onto the dresser and hugging Goliath further into her chest. Her hips rocked headily against the noticeable protrusion in his boxers, her legs wrapping around his waist. But she just couldn't get the picture out of her head.

"Wait wait, stop a minute honey, please." she begged him. He grudgingly obliged, giving her a look that said 'this better be good'. "I'm sorry, I got curious about this picture. Why'd you cut whoever was in it out?"

Goliath looked over at the said picture, next her thigh, and for a second Sarah thought she saw fear and anger in his stormy eyes, before they dissipated into the calm of the blue seas. "It's just an old photo. Someone who was my friend but…no longer is."

A misunderstanding someone called into her head.

'Where did that come from?' she thought to herself. Something about the picture confused her, bringing back the feeling of something being wrong almost tenfold.

"No more about old times. Right now all I want to picture is you out of that troublesome lingerie." He growled, resuming his sexual ministrations on her. His hands pulled her spaghetti straps down her shoulders, stroking circles along her upper arms as they went down.

"Wait, Goliath." She stopped him, pulling his hands from her dress. "I'm sorry; my head just feels really weird and foggy for some reason." She turned around to the mirror to look at herself. Her reflection was that of a vibrantly sexy, dark eyed woman, with red lips from making out and red marks all along her neck and collarbone from her lover. It was seductively pleasing, but it just didn't seem like her. "I…I feel like I'm supposed to remember something, as odd as that may sound. Like there's something I've forgotten."

Goliath wrapped himself around her from the back, one arm at her waist while the other teasingly molested her crotch through the silk of her nightgown. "How could you have forgotten something when everything we ever need is right here in this room, with each other? There's nothing you've forgotten, my sweet."

But the foggy feeling in her head was growing, and Goliath's influence was dissipating. He kissed her neck and pulled up the nightgown to graze her heated vagina with his finger. She moaned lightly, trying to fight the lust. She glanced down at the photo again. An image formed in her mind...the boy standing beside Goliath…grinning arrogantly, short blonde hair sprouting from his head…deep penetrating eyes, blue…and brown…the boy all grown up, wearing a sparkling blue cape with a regal air, smirking at her haughtily with pointed teeth…



It all came flooding back, too fast for her to comprehend, but not fast enough for her to push Goliath angrily away from her.

"You BASTARD!" she screamed, furiously chucking anything and everything within her reach at him.

"Sarah! Stop! Don't do this, don't ruin this, I can give you your dreams! I can be your King, the lover who treats you like a Queen! Isn't that what you've always wanted?"

She stopped, lowering the lamp she had unplugged and was just about to slam into his face. Her voice was calmly vicious, adamant on getting her point across and leaving no confusion. "You can't go picking into my dreams without seeing the whole picture, Goliath. Yes, that is what I want. But not with you. The only man I'll ever want in this world or in any other is Jareth. And so help me, I will BRING HIM BACK!"

The lamp slammed into the glass mirror of the vanity, cracking it and the walls around them. Sarah fell into darkness, returning to her original form, injured arm and all. Goliath and the remnants of the room disappeared around her, and she fell fast through the darkness before hitting the cold floor of a long white hallway with her butt seconds later.

"OWWW!" she groaned, lying sideways to rub her sore bum. "Goliath, if Jareth doesn't cut your dick off after all of this, I will, count on THAT." She growled out, pushing herself up to her feet with her good arm. Looking around, she saw several other doors leading down the hall. Each one with an odd symbol on it.

The door you seek reflects my eyes and holds the color that is brightest to my mind. Pick one door and only one. Find me, and you will find Jareth. Hurry, child. You have 15 minutes left.

"What kind of hint is that, jerk?" Sarah sneered at the voice and the riddle. She hated riddles, but time was not on her side, so she examined the symbols hurriedly. There were 10 doors in total, 5 on each side of the hall. Each had a different symbol on it, and each symbol was a different color. 'But which is the right one?' she thought. She tried listening with her ears to the doors, but no sounds were emitted through the cold wood. She tried looking through the crevice at the bottoms of the doors, but all she could see was darkness.

"How the hell am I supposed to pick the right door? DAMN riddles to the hellish corners of the solar system!" Sarah vehemently snapped, leaning against a wall with her hands on her face.

'If I don't figure this out soon, I'll lose. And he'll take the medallion and…Jareth…"

The medallion hummed against her chest, warming her heart and speaking to her in its own way. The Labyrinth embraced her with its magick, whispering to her for the first time words only she could hear.

"I hear you." Sarah replied, cupping it gently in her hands. "You're right. I can't give up now. Okay. Think Sarah. A symbol that reflects his eyes and holds the color brightest in his mind. Well, his eyes are blue…but none of the symbols are the same kind of blue. His are a stormy sea blue….a storm." Something clicked in Sarah's brain, and her feet moved her in front of a door with a black lightning symbol on it. "There's lightning in a storm. And the brightest color in his mind…his mind is full of darkness, so the color would be black!" she surmised proudly. "I just hope I'm actually getting smarter this time. Only one way to find out." Grabbing the doorknob, Sarah took a deep breath, pulled it open, and walked in.

The room was pitch black, save for the silver light Sarah's medallion now emitted. She almost thought she had chosen wrong, but her ears caught the voice of her "gracious host" to her left.

"Enjoying the comfort of my chambers?"

"Hardly." Sarah quipped.

"Give me the medallion." He spoke from another area of the room. Sarah swung her head around, but could see nothing but her light.

"Give me Jareth." She replied saucily. He chuckled darkly from some hidden corner.

"It doesn't work that way, girl." He whispered near her ear. She swung her left arm at him, but it only hit air.

"Why now, Goliath? It's been six years, hasn't it? Since I won? Since you came back? You've had control here since that time, haven't you? So why show up now, after so long?"

Goliath laughed snidely, coldly. "Your Jareth held more power than I imagined, and more insight. He knew when I'd be coming for him, so he hid the powers of his precious Labyrinth, the heart of his home, in the Aboveground. When I imprisoned him, he had enough power left to veil the whereabouts of the medallion's holder. I've slowly been draining him of his strength these past years, and was finally able to remove the veil a few days ago. Had you removed the medallion today, and left it home, we wouldn't have had to go through any of this."

"Good thing I did then." She replied defiantly.

"Give me the medallion, Sarah. It doesn't belong to you. You don't belong here, in this world." His voice echoed from all around the room, as if he were everywhere.

"Too afraid to come out Goliath? To stop hiding in the darkness?"

"Pitiful girl. I am not the one with ten minutes left on the clock. What will you do now? Try and fight me? You and I both know that you can not defeat me on your own, and clearly you're all alone. Give up Sarah. Give up, and give me the medallion."

Sarah was silent for several moments. He was right; she couldn't defeat him on her own, and she knew it. But if she didn't fight, who would? Goliath watched her, seeing her quite clearly despite the light of the medallion. His eyes had long since adjusted to the darkness. She wasn't moving, only looking at the magick trinket she fingered. He dared to cast a bit of hope that she would give up now. Her next words sucker punched him back to reality.

"Through dangers untold…and hardships fucking unnumbered…I have fought my way here to this castle…to take back the kingdom that you have stolen, you asshole."

The darkness around her warped and twisted with color until she found herself standing in the broken Escher room again, before a black clad Goliath under an archway; just as she had stood before Jareth six years ago; just as she had stood in her dreams since. The ancient clock stood just as it had before, 5 minutes left on its face.

"Beware, child." Goliath warned. "You may think me cruel thus far, but I can be crueler." He walked around her as if stalking prey.

"Cruel? No. You've been utterly merciless Goliath, to me and everyone in this kingdom. You don't deserve to take the throne."

"Oh you think so do you?" he snapped at her. "Hundreds of years, I was imprisoned in that dark netherland between worlds. Hundreds of years I was left to waste away in that place, in a bubble, abandoned. Hundreds of years I've honed my power, strengthened my weaknesses, and become stronger than Jareth, nearly as strong as his precious Labyrinth herself! Isn't such great power worthy of a throne such as this?"

Sarah watched the lightning storm in his eyes, unafraid of him. Goliath had inadvertently shown her before what she needed to know, and now, with Jareth's help as well, she knew the words that would save them all. "There's one problem with that logic Goliath. You see, as prophesized by King Oberon himself, Jareth lost his magick to me, one who was prophesized to beat the Labyrinth and save it as well. I am the rightful heir to the throne of the Goblin King, so this power does belong to me, and this kingdom is my kingdom."

He stood startled, taken aback, jolted by her words and the realization that they were true. He had no claim to the throne, and therefore no power, and she could decree it as such. "Say it then!" he demanded, flicking his wrist. An instant later, Jareth's floating body appeared behind him, asleep in a perpetual dream. A glass bauble appeared in his other hand, dark purple mist and an angry faced Jareth floating within it. "His soul has been removed from his body and placed in this. A fitting punishment for the one he had bestowed upon me so long ago. Say it, girl. Say the words, and I will be banished for all eternity. But he, he will remain as he is. And neither your magick, nor anyone else's will ever be able to free him from this. He will suffer as I have suffered, and then, the minute you slip up, I will be able to return to take this throne once and for all." He grinned snidely at her, sure that he had won.

"You don't know anything, Goliath." She continued, unfazed by his threat. "Jareth saved you that day he told the elders to banish you. If he hadn't told them that, they would have killed you. It was all a terrible misunderstanding at the end, and it led to all of this. I'm going to remedy that now, because this place changed my life forever, and I will forever be thankful for it. And for its true King." The clock was seconds away from the thirteenth hour. "So without further ado…" she dramatically held the medallion in between both hands. "I decree, as Goblin Queen, that Jareth has all power over me, and you have none. To Jareth, the man I love, I give all my power!" the clock gonged the thirteenth hour, just as Sarah finished speaking. Silvery magick began to shift from the medallion to Jareth's soul inside the bubble.

Goliath saw he had lost, felt it in his bones, but refused to give up without a fight. So in one last ditch effort, he threw the crystal down on the floor with all the dark strength he could muster, ironically praying that his dark power combined with his strength would be enough to break the bauble.

Sarah lunged forward as she watched it fall, trying to catch it, but she was too late. The bauble hit the ground and broke into a million tiny shards of glass that disappeared. Goliath cackled triumphantly, almost amazed that he had pulled it off at the last minute. Sarah fell to her knees, her body and mind numb and unfeeling. She had lost everything. The kingdom, her friends' freedom…and him.

"He's gone…" she whispered to herself incredulously. She couldn't believe it. Reaching up, she tried to touch the medallion for any kind of comfort or sign that this was a dream, and that he was really okay. The medallion was gone. Sarah looked down at her neck, silent tears streaming down her face. The only thing she had left of him was gone from her forever. He was gone from her forever…Goliath's incessant laughter rang bitterly in her ears as she reached to touch the shards of broken glass, sobbing over them.

"Oh, dear child, don't cry so. You'll have a wonderful life with me, as our deal decreed, though I am sure I will enjoy it far more than you." he grinned ominously, stepping toward her with an outstretched hand.

"Touch her, and it will be your last Goliath." Someone addressed Goliath, before addressing Sarah. "And why are you crying, my dear? Tears have never become you, Sarah."

Goliath spun around, staggering back in shock. Sarah looked up, almost afraid that she was hearing things inside her head. But sure enough, Jareth, King of the Goblins, stood in his awakened body behind a defeated Goliath with a smug smirk, back in all his glory. The last gong of the thirteenth hour chimed, and the three were transported from the broken Escher room to the throne room. The darkness that had shrouded the castle was wiped away, as if it had all been a dream. The destruction of the throne room mended itself, returning to its original form. Sarah could hear Goblins outside of the castle, waking up and shouting their relief. She and her King had won.

Sarah ran to the window, looking out at the dim but prevalent sunlight shining its orange glow over the city's restored form. The Goblins danced in the streets, singing off key with happy tones around their houses, which were as lopsided and oddly shaped as ever, but just to their liking. The Labyrinth beyond that, its walls and winding paths back to mixtures of browns and oranges and yellows and greens, hummed joyously at being restored. Even the air smelled normal again, musty but clean and fresh and earthy, with a hint of magick, the way it was meant to be. Never perfect, but as close as needed.

"Sarah! Look out!" Jareth screamed from the other side of the room. She had forgotten Goliath in all the excitement, and turned in time to see his Shadow Soul emerge from his body and fly straight into her own. Everything happened for her in slow motion, with no sound from that point on. She felt darkness envelop her heart, her soul, felt the pain of it sink her to her knees. Through blurry eyes she could see Goliath smiling maliciously at her, and Jareth behind him, eyes flashing too dangerously for her liking. Goliath's smile was wiped away as she saw him fly into the wall above the throne; no doubt Jareth's doing though he didn't lift a finger. Jareth's normally mismatched eyes were both blue now, and held a raging inferno she knew would burn anyone in its path. And the focal point of those eyes was Goliath. Jareth spoke to him, but she couldn't hear. Goliath's face held true fear up against the wall. She knew that if she didn't do something quickly, Jareth would kill his former friend in cold blood, and no matter what he'd done to her, to them all, he didn't deserve that. That's when the first ray of light shown through the shadows surrounding her soul.

Jareth was in a rage he himself had never known before, all because Goliath had harmed what should have been untouchable; his Sarah. He was not going to leave that throne room alive. Hell, his soul wouldn't even leave that throne room in one piece, if Jareth had anything to say about it.

"Any last words, before I crush every sorry bone in your body?" he growled viciously at the man, his eyes flashing with thoughts of murder.

Goliath had never been frightened of his friend in all the many centuries he had known him, though Jareth was known to be quite frightening at times. But this was a Jareth he had never been foolish enough to meet with before. Words were useless against this Jareth, and so he resigned himself to his fate, grateful that he was at least taking the child with him.

"Wait…Jareth…" Sarah's feeble voice spoke from behind him.

Jareth turned his head to meet her eyes. She sat on the ground, dragging herself across the floor to him. Her eyes were beginning to turn black and steely, but he could still see a glimmer of green, a glimmer of herself still in control. "Sarah…" his own eyes melted back to their normal blue and brown. He ran to her side, throwing her good arm over his shoulder to help her stand. She looked up at him through the glimmer of green in her eyes.

"Jareth, don't kill….Another way..." she croaked out, fighting the darkness inside her. "Don't…let go of me…take Goliath's hand."

Jareth held her to his hip with his right arm, careful not to bump against her injured one. Reluctantly but obediently, he lowered Goliath to the ground, still pinning him, and took hold of his right hand. Sarah closed her eyes and almost immediately started to glow.

"What is she doing? What's happening?" Goliath sputtered fearfully.

The glow burst from Sarah's chest first, flowing in streams into Jareth's body and combining his energy with hers to flow into Goliath's, just as it had done when she had purified Ambrosyius. She felt the shadows inside her slowly succumb to the light and disappear as she watched Goliath's body burst into light and disappear before their very eyes. Jareth looked down into her now emerald green eyes, sighing with relief as he pulled her even closer to him, which she didn't mind at all.


"My Lady!"

"Sawah!" Hoggle, Sir Didymus, and Ludo called, rushing through the doorway to the throne room, with Wise-Man and Ambrosyius close on their heels. Jareth and Sarah turned, both smiling with relief at seeing them safe and sound. Moments later, Sarah collapsed in Jareth's arms. The last she remembered was Jareth's worried face above hers, and his voice calling her name, fading in her ears.


Goliath? Is that you? You look different.

This is how I looked before the darkness. Before I made the mistake of ever believing my own friend could sell me out. But you freed me child, and for that I will always be grateful.

But what happens now?

For me, I will finally leave this world and crossover to wherever the great Creator deems I must be, even if that place is hell.

What about me? Am I here because I'm dead too? Or did the shadow take over my body?

Fear not, child. You are merely asleep. You defeated the shadow within me, but not all of the shadow within yourself, which is why you can not wake. I'm here in your dreams only to thank you and offer my gratitude by removing the last of the shadows.

But you have to come back. You can't die yet. Jareth needs you, you're his best friend. And you can still be again.

That may be true, but it is no longer me that he needs. You are all he has ever hoped for, and will never find again. You must be his love and his friend now. You will be a great Queen someday.

Goliath…thank you.

Thank you, Sarah. After all the trouble and pain I caused, I died as myself because of you. So thank you. And take care of him for me.

I will. I will…


"…Jareth?" she barely whispered, sliding her eyes open groggily to look for the source of the voice.

She was still in her tattered Aboveground clothes, her hair a mess of bed head, lying in a large golden canopy bed with dark blue comforters, in a grand but simply decorated golden-yellow room, with a silver fireplace at the far end, straight across from the bed, a red-wood writing table beside it, and a comfortable looking red armchair on the other side. The Goblin King stood next to the window, in the same clothes he had been wearing in his imprisoned state, looking out at the sun setting on the Labyrinth with a worried look in place of his familiar arrogance.

"Jareth?" she called to him a little louder, trying to push herself up in the bed before remembering that her right arm was still out of commission.

The sound of her wince breaking him from his thoughts, Jareth all but flew to her side. "Lay back, Sarah, you are still too weak to move." He ordered, pushing her shoulders back onto the pillows.

"No, its not that." She replied, pushing back against his hands. "It's my arm that's bothering me."

Gently, Jareth removed the sling and bloody wrapping from her arm, placing his hands over the wound. Sarah yelped at the momentary heat she felt burn through it, but it cooled quickly, leaving Sarah's arm completely healed.

"I would have done it sooner, but I had to wait until you were no longer sleeping." He explained, lifting his hands from her arm. Sarah scooted to the side to make room for him to sit beside her.

"How long was I out?" she asked, rubbing the crumbs from her eyes.

"Nearly three days. The healers weren't sure if you would make it through the ordeal with the Shadow Soul, and I was beginning to wonder myself." Jareth looked directly at her, his face giving away none of the signs of worry or fear or even love he had shown before. But his eyes were searching her own for something.

"It's gone. All of the Shadow Soul was removed. Goliath came to me and removed the last of it." She said, guessing at what it was he was looking for.

"Goliath?" he replied surprised. "You and I destroyed Goliath, if my eyes do recall correctly."

"Not destroyed Goblin King. I don't destroy things, it's against my nature. Unless it's bugs, or annoying bosses, those I don't mind destroying." She quipped at him, drawing a small half-smile from him. "We removed the darkness from him, purified him. He came to me in my dreams, the way he used to be. He said thank you for saving him in the end."

"I had no intention of saving him after he sent that damned Shadow Soul at you." Jareth stated matter-of-factly, his arms crossed. Sarah caught a hint of protectiveness in his voice, but wasn't willing to believe it with his current nonchalant attitude towards her.

"I could tell from the scary blue your eyes turned. Which is why I interfered. You're already a little crazy there, Goblin King, I didn't need you going loopy on us with blood on your hands like that." She wittily replied.

Jareth glowered at her. "I choose to ignore that comment about me, and the fact that you're calling me Goblin King again, and focus on the fact that your intentions were well meant, so thank you."

Sarah laughed for the first time in days at him. "I thought you had a sense of humor, Oh Mighty Goblin King."

"My sense of humor is well intact; it is only deflated when the humor is directed at my person."

Sarah giggled again briefly. Then an awkward silence fell between them before Jareth got up to leave. "You need rest. Sleep. We have much to talk about later."

"Wait, Jareth." She grabbed his wrist as he turned to leave. He turned back. "Let's talk now. Please." Acquiescing, he returned to his seat at her bedside, noticing that Sarah wasn't letting go of his wrist. "What happens now? I mean, with the prophecy and everything." She asked, looking at her own hand but still not letting go.

"You relinquished the Labyrinth's power back to me, giving up your right to the throne and returning the power you took when you defeated me at my own game. And what's said…is said." He looked down at the medallion now hanging against his chest, back in its rightful place.

"Oh." Sarah finally took her hand from his wrist. "So…I guess I have to go home then. Or do I have to stay as your slave…now that you have all power over me?"

"If you wish it so, then yes." Jareth's voice was low and…almost empty.

"If I wish it so? What do you mean?"

"Sarah..." he sighed out, turning his gaze from the wall back to her. "Why did you give all your power to me? Why didn't you find another way, like you decided before coming to the Goblin City?"

His eyes were searching again, for something different, and this time Sarah looked away, unable to hold his alluring gaze. "Don't ask that Jareth. Please."

His gloveless hand took her chin gently and turned her face to his. She closed her eyes. "Sarah, look at me." He demanded. Sarah obeyed. His eyes were softer now, and more open. "I am asking. And as King of the Goblins and Prince of Faery, I demand an answer."

"…I love you. I always have. I could never admit it because I knew you could never feel the same. I made a mistake in throwing your proposal in your face back then, even though I was too young to accept it anyway. And once I realized that, I realized I wouldn't mind giving you power over me." Defeated tears fell from her eyes at having to admit her feelings while he showed none for her anymore.

His lips crashing down on hers threw all doubting thoughts from her mind. One hand curled into her already mussed hair, the other slid seductively down her side to the hem of her shirt. Lightning sparked all manner of emotions through her from his touch. Her hands delved into the soft, feathery locks of blond atop his head, pulling him further into her mouth. Accepting her invitation, Jareth pushed his lips harder against hers, forcing her teeth open with his tongue. Her tongue twined with his, sending fire pounding through their bodies, leaving both panting for air when he pulled away. He leaned his forehead against hers, stroking her side with one hand and her cheek with the other, with all the affection he had been holding back for so long.

"Precious thing, I meant all that I said when I told you I loved you. And I want you to stay here. With me."

"I don't know Jareth. I'm not too keen on being dressed like one of those Arabian slave girls." She joked.

"You've been reading far too many books, Sarah." Jareth spoke alluringly.

She giggled. "Besides, I know the laws of Faery. I can't stay as a human unless I have Fae magick, become a Fae or a Goblin, or…"

"Or become my Queen? I am quite willing to give you two out of the three options you just listed. It will cut my power in half, but overtime it will grow and double to accommodate. Besides, I think the Labyrinth has taken quite a liking to you on your journey." He smirked, placing a hand precariously on her chest. Sarah gasped when he removed it to reveal a silver replica of his own medallion, with a gold infinity symbol. It thrummed excitedly against her chest.

"But Jareth, you-"

"Sarah." He interrupted. "Don't defy me. I want you as my Queen. It has been my ultimate goal, ever since the day you wished your brother away. I asked too early the last time, but our reunion was meant so that I could ask again. So I'm asking, Sarah Williams of the Aboveground. Rule by my side as my wife and the Goblin Queen, love me, and I will be your eternal slave." His eyes held a hope and sincerity she only remembered seeing within the memories of Goliath. He was opening up to her in a way he had opened up to no other since Goliath, and all she wanted was to have him do the same with her for years to come.

Grinning, she said her right words. "I wish to be your wife and your Queen. And to rule beside you, love you, and be your eternal slave as you will be mine." Sarah's lips found his joyously grinning ones, pulling him on top of her on the bed. Jareth happily joined in the kiss, melding his lips to hers with the fire and lightning that sparked between them. Scooting her to the center of the bed, and sliding her head down to the pillow, he pinned her arms above her head before she could make another move.

"You're a virgin still, aren't you my love?"

Sarah's mind flashed briefly to the incident with Goliath and was relieved to say "Yes. I've been holding out for a Fae to consummate marriage with me through sex." She quipped.

He grinned. "So you are aware of the Fae customs of marriage then. There's no turning back from this if we do it now, and I don't want to rush you."


"I don't mind waiting, precious."

"Jareth." Sarah whispered seductively, pulling his face to hers. "Make love to me."

Grinning mischievously, Jareth released his control and quickly unbuttoned Sarah's shirt, his teeth nibbling gently at the lobe of her ear. Sarah whimpered, pushing him up some to unbutton his own shirt. He finished hers first, sliding the sleeves down her arms sensually, and tracing deft fingers back up to her collar bones. She trembled beneath him, reaching up to tug on his hair playfully. To her surprise, it drew a low moan from his lips. Her eyes flashed slyly as she tugged a little harder, causing him to growl and the bulge in his tight leggings to grow as though by magick. Jareth nipped at her neck and collar bone, returning the favor and wetting her in between her legs. She moaned his name as he continued to suck on her neckline, no doubt leaving hickeys in his wake. His lips traced further down, teasingly pulling at her bra straps, kissing and licking in between the valley of her breasts. She arched her back in a long moan, grazing his bulge. Her hands slid down to his pointed Fae ears, rubbing them gently in time with his licks. He moaned out the word "precious" against her skin, his breath hot and heady. A knock sounded at the door, but Jareth was in no mood to be interrupted so he waved his hand above their heads, locking and silencing the room. Sarah laughed, letting her mind wander to thinking about how she had gotten to that point, how Fate had somehow reworked everything in her life. Toby had been more right than she could have ever imagined, and she knew he would be happy about it whenever she was finally able to return to the Aboveground to tell him. But for now, she had unimaginable powers she never thought she'd have, and her greatest love and King she never thought she'd see again. So she closed her eyes, focusing on all the shivers and trembles he was causing in her with his stroking hands and tongue, and prepared for the greatest night the two would ever have.


Or it was supposed to have been, until his parents arrived. But that story's for another time. This one is ended, with a happy King, and a new Queen.

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