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Some terms:

-shitsuchou – general manager (refers to Komui)

-hanchou – chief (Reever)

-minna – everyone

-hasudo - activate

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Chapter 2: A madman's pride, a brother's failure II



'Komui shitsuchou!'

'The drug is reacting supervisor!'


The hum of working machines filled Hevlaska's floor as the Order's scientists moved about in haste to analyze the results that were being printed. The commotion seems like a white flurry of robes to Komui Lee, the head of the main branch of the Black Order, as he too, examined some of the manuscripts that were printed earlier. A small smile crept over his lips as he took another sip of his Lenalee-made coffee and flipped over the white sheet to start doodling at the back. Unluckily for him, Reever saw what he is about to do.

'Shitsuchou!' Reever jerked the paper away from his supervisor, irritated.

'Reever-hanchoooooou! I'm just checking if there's anything else written at the back!' Komui lied, as he strained across the table to get his paper back.

'No. You kept us all awake for three days straight for this so there's no way we're allowing you to play around while we work non-stop.' the science chief stated flatly, staring at his superior with blood-shot eyes. Some of the nearby science crew members nodded their heads in assent earning them a faked pained look from the supervisor.

'I haven't slept well for the last three days too, Reever hanchou! Can't you let me have some rest for a while!'

'Ano, Komui shitsuchou, you just woke up after three hours of sleep before coming here.' a bespectacled scientist meekly informed Komui. 'I…ah…personally woke you up from your office a couple of moments ago.'

'You Johnny, you liar!'

'Supe so you're sleeping your head off while we're working here!' a scientist protested.

'No, that four-eyed jerk is lying!'

'Huh! Supervisor you know I'm not!'

'You slept!'

'I didn't!'

'You don't care about us, shitsuchou!'

'Of…Of course I care!'

The science members were all staring at the supervisor with murderous eyes as they shouted their protests regarding their unfair working conditions and such. Luckily for the head chief, his sister walked in to save his neck.

'Minna, please stop that.' Lenalee said in a cold voice. The commotion suddenly stopped and Komui crawled his way towards his beloved sibling.

'Lenaleeeee! Wahhh! Nii-san is being bullied by these science jerks!' that earned him another wave of protests.

'Nii-san…' Lenalee started in a patient tone, 'Isn't it you who insisted that the science crew do this experiment in the first place?' the younger Lee cleared a space on the cluttered work table and set down her tray of coffee. Some scientists gathered round her at once to get their share of the revitalizing drink, all ignoring the possessive glare that were being sent to them by no one else but Komui. Lenalee noticed her brother's actions but being ultra used to his behavior now, merely flashed a smile at her older sibling and tried to pull her arms free from the clutches of Komui.

'Nii-san…Actually, someone wants to have a word with you.'

Komui, finally relieving his sister from his tight hold, peeked curiously at Lenalee's back and saw the new arrival standing there. He honestly hasn't noticed Kanda with the earlier ruckus. Most of the revolting science team has already gone back to their posts now, and Komui stared intently at the item Kanda was holding at his right hand.

'Innocence,' Komui thought. And underneath the dark cloth on which Kanda has wrapped the innocence fragment, it seems like the item is pulsating green light at a regular interval. 'Just like how all the innocence fragment in the room right now is reacting.'

'Ara! So you're back, Kanda- kun! And so, how was the mission? Where is Miranda-san? You came back with her, right?'

'Tsch. So this is why this innocence is acting strange since I recovered it.' Kanda huffed in irritation as his cold gaze took in the busy work place.

'Since you recovered it? You found it in India right?' Komui snatched the glowing innocence fragment excitedly. This piece of information has gotten the supervisor excited. So, the innocence fragments can react no matter how far it is from headquarters?

'But nii-san, are you sure this experiment doesn't hurt Hevlaska at all?' Lenalee inquired her brother.

'Of course I made sure it was sa-'



'Innocence hasudo!'

Lenalee activated her Dark Boots to get her brother and the science head chief out of the thick of the smoke. It seems like one of the machines broke for some reason and Lenalee squinted to take a better look at the scene. Some mist-like tentacles swiped at the dust clouds from the distance, and a sudden jolt of pain stabbed her in the heart.

'Is that…Hevlaska?'

Before any of her two companions notice her sudden discomfort, Lenalee found a safe spot to put them down. Reever started calling out instructions to his team once he was back on his feet while her brother started helping out some of the science staff hit by flying debris from the broken analyzing machines.

Lenalee ran aimlessly around the hazy room to look for any injured staff. The stabbing pain is starting to make her vision blurry but she can't bear to leave injured people behind. It feels as if she needs to do something else but she has no idea what else is more important than to look for injured people in all this dust. Her chest continued to ache though.


'Lenalee?' a cold voice called out from behind her.

'Kanda?' Lenalee can clearly make out the other exorcist's face now that the dust is starting to settle. 'Are there anyone else left out?' Everything is starting to move as if suspended in jelly and Lenalee can barely hear herself speak. Her knees are starting to feel weak as well.

'Only this one.' Kanda gruffly informed the other exorcist as he adjusted his hold of the unconscious scientist. He noticed Lenalee's uneasy breathing.

'Something wrong?'

'No, it's nothing.'

'Let's go.'


'Hey, is something wrong?' Kanda really wants to get out of all the dust and Lenalee hasn't moved an inch. He went back all the way to urge her that they need to get back now if she wants the idiot scientist he's carrying to get better or something like that. She's got a soft spot when other people's safety is at stake after all.

'Ka…Kanda- kun…' Lenalee's voice was too much sweet to her horror, but for some reason it seems like it's the right way to call him. Her headache and the pain she was feeling at her chest must be starting to get the better of her. She needs to explain everything to Kanda once she feels better.

Kanda, on the other hand, raised an eyebrow and reached out a hand to feel her forehead. Feeling no sign of fever there, he sighed, not even bothering to hide his annoyance, as he turned his back over to Lenalee so she can ride him on a piggy-back. Kanda wondered if she's having some hormonal disorder or something of the sort. Women are such inconvenient creatures. He slapped himself mentally for thinking such rude thoughts towards women.

'Here…I'll carry you back…'

'Yuu- chan! Lenaleeee!' Lavi called out, as he too searched the area when he heard of the commotion inside.

'Tsch… So they're here. I'll just have the rabbit carry you since I still have to carry this.'

Kanda straightened up and started to walk away, and Lenalee felt her breathing get more and more difficult the more Kanda distanced himself from her. She needs to reach out to him…

'What?' Lenalee can't believe the things that are starting to run at her head.

To hold him…

'Wait, what was I…?'

She wants to resist it but she has to…

'Lenaleeeeee!' her brother's voice drifted to her ears as if in a dream.

'Baka usagi, carry her, it seems like she can't move…' Kanda commanded the red-haired exorcist irritatively.

'Hai, Yuu-chan!'

'Why you f-'

The urge is too strong. Kanda was merely two steps ahead of her now.

'Lenaleeeeeeee! Are you hurt?' Komui reached out to Lenalee to feel if she has a fever. He looked extremely worried now. His sister barely gets sick after all.

Lenalee ignored her brother though and started walking towards the pony-tailed man. Her sudden action left Komui on the verge of tears, and some of the scientists walked over to him to give him words of comfort.

'Kanda- kun…' Kanda turned around to face Lenalee and he nearly leaped back when he realized just how close the two of them were. The female exorcist held on to his arms though causing Komui to get into his super-over-protective brother mode.

'Woah! Yuu-chan, don't tell me yah done something to Lena while you're covered in all these dust clouds, sa?'

'Shut up baka usagi!'

'Let go of my sister now you octopus! NOW! I'm giving you five seconds to live after that!' Komui was flailing with his drill out all of a sudden.

'What the hell! Lenalee! '

'I want to be near you, Kanda…' what the hell is she saying? There's no way she'd like to be this close to another man aside from…but that seems not to matter to her at that very moment.

'Wha?' Kanda dropped the poor man he was carrying in panic. Luckily for the science fellow though, Lavi was nearby to catch him.

Lenalee's arms crept around Kanda's waist, and against her own will pulled the other exorcist into a tight hug. She could barely hear the surprised gasps of everybody inside the room, but those didn't bother her in the least. She pressed her body further against Kanda's, burying her head in his chest, reveling at his warmth and the soft, panicked heartbeats she hears through his shirt.

The pain that came when Kanda started to move away from her has started to dissipate, and the burning in her chest started to fade away. Yuu Kanda'a arms felt such a bliss though subconsciously, she felt as if she needs to get away from the older exorcist. A couple of moments after she crashed herself on Kanda's body, Lenalee's eyes popped out in panic as reality soon came into focus. She can barely hear screaming and the ear-splitting sound of heavy machinery as she felt her feet starting to move.

Kanda started to pull her away from her brother while the science team was left to deal with stopping Komui from killing Kanda. A huge machine that could only be the newest version of the Komurin series cracked its way open through the floor and Lenalee pushed herself away at once from Kanda out of total embarrassment.

The throbbing at her chest started once more after her skin lost contact with his, but she continued to flee from Kanda's side. She threw one last hurried glance back and saw utter destruction. Her brother seems to be so intent on finding Kanda but as long as she isn't near him Kanda will be able to get away from Komui.

'Kanda, gomen…'


Lenalee ran and ran from Hevlaska's floor, wandering around the deserted corridors of the Order on her quest to save Kanda from further trouble. She doesn't understand what was happening to her, but she was quite sure she started to feel odd right after she last invocated her innocence. Could it have something to do with the Dark Boots? Could it be broken and now it is affecting her in some way? The urge to be near Kanda started once more and she ran aimlessly round the Order, unable to decide what to do next. Not until she ran across a kind, white-haired-soul,who stopped her on her running spree.

That kind smile…




Lenalee's mind came into focus as she breathed in the familiar scent of the man who was tightly wrapped around her arms. For some reason, Kanda reminds her of a forest with a fresh sprinkling of snow. The way he smells suits his cold demeanor and Lenalee can't help but wonder if the warmth she feels seeping into her skin really comes from the older exorcist. Kanda's warm, and for some reason, uneasy breathing brushed the side of her neck, stirring Lenalee to complete consciousness.

Lenalee opened her eyes, only to find a pair of worried lilacs staring intently at her.


Allen smiled kindly at Lenalee, barely hiding the irritation he has with the…position…she's in. A small blush crept at his cheeks as he silently wished that he could do something to help her. If only he could also…

There was a long moment of silence as the two wordlessly stared at each other.

'Allen-kun, thanks for saving me a little while back.' the female exorcist finally said.

'Ah…that…you don't have to Lenalee.'

Lenalee smiled weakly. 'Allen-kun, I do remember what happened during that time when I'm away from Kanda, but the urge to get near him is so strong I can't get myself to act according to the situation.'

'Ah…' the white-haired youth lowered his eyes to the floor, trying not to think of the events that happened a couple of moments back. He really thought Lenalee was sick back there. It really made him worried.

'I'm…really sorry for pushing you away back there Allen-kun. I didn't mean to…'

'It's fine Lenalee! I understand, you don't have to apologize at all.' Allen said in a soft voice as he reached out to wipe the tears that were dangerously dangling from the corners of her eyes. He can't help but notice the amethyst shade that he came to love so much.

'It's not your fault Lenalee, you don't have to say sorry…' damn, now he's saying the same thing over and over. Lenalee smiled at him once more and Allen wracked his brains to keep the conversation going, but to no avail. The presence of Kanda was getting him more to the edge than usual. He needs to think up of something to say to comfort her…


The underground chamber suddenly turned quiet at the deafening sound of the announcement system. Everyone stayed still as they waited for the dreaded voice that was sure to come.

'Moshi moshi? Ahemm…Moshi moshi?'

'Komui…san?' Allen squinted his eyes as tears started to form at the corners because of the explosive static. The supervisor seems to be mumbling something under his breath, something that sounds to him oddly like a script, before finally speaking up again on the microphone.



'I MEAN TO THAT! Ka…Kanda…Yuu!' the people at the underground chamber stared suspiciously at the radio at Komui's attempt to be civil to someone who's hugged his sister.



Komui must be up to something really nasty if he's been willing to go that far.


'Ahm, supervisor…'

'Wait book-!'




'Gyahhh! My head's gonna explode! Can I crush that damn radio now?' Lavi protested as he shook his head frantically in an attempt to rid his ears of the buzzing inside. 'And I think I heard gramps at the end of the wailing, sa?' Lavi added with a laugh.

'I think that really is bookman Lavi…' Allen was shaking his head as well. The bookman apprentice tilted his head and looked at him oddly, as if trying to check if he can still hear a thing. 'I said I think it really is bookman Lavi! Hear that?'

'Hehe, of course I got that Allen! But y'see, I'm kind of curious why the old man's there though.'

'That is actually a good thing, bookman being there I mean.' the science section chief piped in. 'I wonder if he somehow stopped Komui from using those damn robots.'

'Yes, I was half-expecting nii-san to be using those as well.' Lenalee mumbled from Kanda's shoulders. Odd enough, she feels quite relieved that her brother is on to some peaceful method other than punching holes all over the place with his Komurin robots. 'I'm really glad he's finally realized how much bother those Komurin causes to everyone.'

'I somehow have a bad feeling about this. No offense Lenalee, but it really feels…different.' Allen said in a worried voice.

'Ah, I understand where you're coming from, Allen-kun. And most of the others must be feeling the same way too.' Lenalee chuckled as everyone nodded their heads in assent. 'I'm sorry my brother's such a bother.'

'But we can't hide like gutter rats here forever, sa!' Lavi protested. 'I also have my doubts, but if Komui is willing to negotiate!'

'Ahrgh, there's no way I'm going to trust that curly head ever,' Reever asserted, 'but we have to take the risks or else we'll get blown off the face of the earth.'

'But…how about Lenalee, Reever-san? If we hand her to Komui now…' Allen inquired.

'Yes, I know she will be forced away from her obeisance, but we'll plan something for her, Allen.' the science chief assured the young exorcist. 'Is everyone willing to help out?'

Everyone nodded reluctantly. This is a game of life and death, and everyone listened attentively as Reever explained how he plans to save everybody's necks from utter destruction.

He hoped his plan is going to succeed…else…


'Lenalee!' Komui excitedly called out from across the office the moment he saw his precious little sibling. Lenalee is still hard pressed against a flushed Yuu Kanda, and Komui narrowed his eyes dangerously as if wishing to peel off the Kandapus from his sister with just the glare. He quirked his brows though when he noticed that only Allen Walker, the science head and the filthy octopus were there to hand over his sister.

Haha! The others must have realized their mistakes and left them, Komui thought. He must ask them to grovel to their bellies for his total forgiveness later.


'Lenalee! You're safe now, ok?' the supervisor sang in a maniacal tune as he pressed a blue button that suddenly came out of the blue. 'YOU'RE DEAD, KANDAPUS!'


Holy crap…

Lavi gritted his teeth as he watched the latest of Komui's invention, the Komurin Explorer, get a hold of the people they sent for the operation they've planned. They're supposed to capture the supervisor and lock him some place until Lenalee's obeisance wear off and it's his duty to protect Johnny and the other scientists who were working on a device to try and interfere with Komurin's functions. But darn, if they can't possibly invocate their weapons…

'Johnny-san, is it not yet ready, sa?'

'Uhm, a little bit more, Lavi-san…' the bespectacled man grinned at the anxious exorcist. 'I'm quite sure Reever-taichou's design will be able to control that Komurin. We'll surely save everyone.'

Lavi returned to observing the 'battlefield' (aka Komui's office) once more. Kanda and Lenalee were still running about the perimeter of the room, trying to avoid the tranquilizing needles coming from the attacking robot. Allen is trying to get free from one of Komurin's 'pinchers,' while Reever is throwing just about anything towards the monster to help Allen in his struggle. Komui, on the other hand is torn between his desire to kill the octopus and saving Lenalee from the attack, since Kanda is still holding tightly at the female exorcist. Lavi was tightly holding on to his hammer now. If worse comes to worse he will have to…

'Ahhh! Komurin, what's wrong? Why are you releasing that traitor beansprout?' Komui wailed.

'Johnny-san, it worked!' the science team was starting to celebrate now.

'We did it!'

'Shitsuchou, we got you!'

'Aha! You're trying to interfere with me, you science rats!' Komui started to climb up the back of his newest Komurin pride. 'I won't let you off, you traitors! Komurin, destroy them!'


The robot suddenly stopped its attack on Reever's unit and started making its way towards the other scientists. The Komurin was wobbling dangerously as it nears the hiding science crew, as it receives instructions from both Komui and the interfering device. Everyone started running towards the opposite ends of the corridor.

'I'll crush you all, jerks!'

Lavi started to hand the cold, little, hammer hanging at his side. Damn, if he's going to get an obeisance, might as well that it be hugging blonde women. Now, that wouldn't be too bad in his opinion. He stopped running and stood in front of the wobbling Komurin. To his horror, it was able to catch and separate Kanda and Lenalee on its way out and Allen and Reever were following it closely from behind. Now, there seems to be no other way around.

Okay, here it goes…Innocence…


One of Komurin's 'legs' suddenly went over the railings, and Komui was frantically punching buttons in his desperate attempt to get his robot back up. Komurin's body started shaking violently, and Komui was thrown over the edge and was dangerously about to fall down. Lavi put the hammer back in place, and tried to help Reever and Allen pull the huge robot up.

'Ah! Johnny! Make this robot get back up!' Reever commanded through gritted teeth.

'Hanchou! It's broken now! I'm sorry!'

'Dammit, everyone, help us in pulling this damn thing up!'

The science crew nodded wordlessly and started pulling the robot up. Everyone tried their best to save the wailing supervisor and the two captured exorcists, but a few moments after, the floor over the edge gave way and Komurin started falling down.

'Wah! Lenalee!'








'Mugen, hasudo!'




'Komui-san! Lenalee! Crown Clown!'


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