Very sorry, everyone, I meant to have this done for yesterday, but I got distacted reading some rather excellent (and some not so excellent) fanfics. It's my downfall, I suppose you could call it, reading- if somebody wanted to incapacitate me for several hours (or days) all they would need to do would be make me read something even mildly interesting! On occasion, not even interesting- anything with words would do! Again, I apologise, this time for ranting. I don't quite know why, but this chapter just wound up being from Ingrid's point of view. Maybe it's because I found a very Ingrid- inspiring song. I know that she can seem a bit sissy at times in this chapter, but I think that occasionally we forget that deep down she is just a sixteen year old kid. True, a sixteen year old kid who could kick the butt of anyone who thought she was anything but the supreme incarnation of evil, but that's besides the point. ~ C-C ~

Ingrid looked at her fingernails, her face the picture of boredom. She knew what this was about. Not thirty minutes ago, her father had been telling her how she was practically an adult now, or in his words a spinster, and should most definately not still be in her father's castle leeching off his "gracious hospitality". These words had been accompanied by the usual theatrical cape swishing and the ever striking sniff- hair flick- pose routine. Inwardly, she laughed. What the Count assumed was a dramatic, haughty staring- into- the- distance- with- nose- in- the-air pose, reallymade him look like a dog that had cauht scent of something interesting.
But the outcome would always be the same. Discussions (or fights, as some would call them) of that nature, would always end in the Count wanting Ingrid to meet somebody. And the somebody would always be a sleazy, warty or poor excuse for a vampire who was willing to trade something of interest with the Count in exchange for his daughter's hand in marriage.
She was tired of her father treating her this way. She may have been an adult in the vampire world, but within the other world, the breather society that she had also grown up in, she was merely a teenager. An entity caught between a child and a young adult. Growing up, she had been so intent on pleasing her father, and fighting to be noticed as just as good a vampire as Vlad could be, she realised that she had not had that in- between stage that breathers had. Come to think of it, she hadn't really had much of a childhood either. When she had been at school, around her she had seen all the other girls her age making friends, growing up and through trial and error slowly finding themselves as adults in the world. Occasionally, she had wished she was like them instead of a loner who scared away those who tried to make friends with her. She wished that her biggest worry was whether he boyfriend was accepted by her parent, not when her parent would next try to auction her off like an animal.
Oh, for the love of fangs, you have to stop thinking like this, Ingrid, she silently berated herself, thoughts like that mean you have feelings, and everyone knows that they are a sure sign of weakness. You are not weak.
Her thoughts were interrupted as the Count (with another of his famous cape swishes) called out to Renfield. At this Vlad's eyes shot to his father.
"Renfield's back?" He questioned.
"Well of course" The Count rolled his eyes as if this was the most obvious thing in the world "I went and found him just after you let me out of that damned cage. After all, you couldn't expect me to cook" Following this statement, his eyes flicked to Ingrid, and there was the unspoken we would get you to do it, but with any luck, you won't be around for much longer. Ingrid supressed an eye roll of her own. Sometimes the Count was just too easy to read.
Ingrid sighed and leant back in her chair, rocking it back onto two legs like a rebellious seventh grader. She knew that it annoyed her father, which of course was the entire reason she did it. Of course, with this "suiter" she wasn't too worried about being made to move to the ends of the earth and share a one- roomer with his family and extensive collection of goats, because this time, she had a plan and a failsafe. With that in mind, she fixed an aloof smirk on her face and watched her father scream for Renfield who had not yet appeared.
This time, everyone's heads turned to the giant stone doorway, where a dishevelled looking Renfield had appeared. Ingrid tried to peek around the doorway inconspicuously to catch a look at the latest man who was willing to marry her without her father noticing. He would take her curiousity as enthusiasm, and that would most definately not be a good thing. However, whoever it was that her father wanted her to meet was standing too far back into the corridor for her to be able to see from her current angle, and neither Renfield nor the Count made any move to summon him forward. Rapidlygrowing bored of this nonsense, and just wanting it to be over so she could once again be alone to just sit and think, she rolled er eyes yet again and snapped at both her father and Renfield.
"Well, bring him out then. I haven't got all day" Ingrid said with a glare so cold it could have frozen mercury.
"Silly girl!" The Count exclaimed in his best 'obviously- you- have- nothing- but- garlic- for- brains' voice accompanied by a raised eyebrow. "Are you blind now as well as stupid? He's standing right there!"
She looked over at the doorway again, and still only saw Renfield. Again, Ingrid looked towards the corridor, this time tipping her chair backwards and craning her neck. She was about to ask once more where the latest suiter was, when realisation suddenly dawned on her, and apparantly several other teenagers in the room as well.
Then the laughter began.