Title: Touched by an Angel
Castiel in given his next mission.
Prompt: 068. Lightening
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068. Lightening.

Castiel joined Uriel swiftly where he had been called by the fellow angel. He hadn't been told a lot yet, only that their Lord had a mission for him. They were both invisible to the human eyes even though they were walking the Earth, being there to observe something, what he had no idea yet. For now, the place seemed calm, peaceful, but Castiel could already feel the beginning of a slight change in the atmosphere, indicating something was on the verge of happening.

"Why are we here?" he asked Uriel, looking straight in front of him at the house, knowing the other angel didn't need him to look at him to know he was respected.

Uriel waited the time of a human heartbeat before giving him the answer he was looking for.

"Tonight you're doing to be given a new charge. You will have to watch over him, keep an eye on him all his life long. However, Castiel, it is a special case."


Now Castiel was really curious. He had never yet been given a special case, the humans he had watched over were special for him – and for his Lord – but never to the point of needing it to be mentioned.

"Yes," Uriel answered solemnly, knowing the importance the little man would have in the future. "This child has been marked by fate. His destiny cannot be altered by either our Lord or Lucifer. His path will be his alone. He will have to make his choices himself."

He paused for a second.

"His life… his life will be hard, destiny has seen to it, and you are not to intervene. You have to watch over, so that when the time come his destiny has been completed, you can tell our Lord whether he should go on living or has become too much of a danger for the world."

Castiel didn't respond to the instructions which had been given. It wasn't his place to question the will of the Lord. Instead, he asked another question.

"The child is living here?" Castiel inquired, already knowing it was the only reason they were there at this moment.

"For tonight, still. But tonight, Destiny will be set in motion. His people will take him elsewhere and you will follow. Wherever he goes, you will watch over. It is more important than everything else."

Castiel suddenly felt something coming, something so dark he almost couldn't breathe. He looked back at the house, seeing a shadow approach, walking like flying. He could feel from where he stood, the unnaturalness of the creature he could not dare call human, for it would be an offense to the Lord who had created humans at his image. This… thing wasn't human anymore, he had been altered by so much darkness that it wasn't possible to recognize his nature as anything other than a demon.

"His fate has been set in motion," Uriel said in a matter-of-factly voice as they heard the screaming, the fighting and finally the crying of an infant as a green flash washed over the house. "Chose your path wisely Harry James Potter."

Once that was said, he disappeared from sight, leaving Castiel on his own to observe the desolation which was taking hold of the house, burning flames and destruction being all that was left of the beautiful place. He saw different people coming and going until, finally, the little child, the baby he had been sent to watch, was lifted from the cradle of ruins and taken into the loving arms of a giant, whose sorrow at the attack was written on his face, a giant who was much more human than most people Castiel had watched evolving on the planet throughout the years.

His heart heavy from the burden of witnessing such damages in the existence of a child so young, unable to comprehend what was going on, Castiel went with him, following the giant riding on his flying motorcycle like only an angel can do, never letting the child out of his sight, feeling the pull all angels felt towards those they were chosen to watch over. It was what made it so easy to attach yourself to them but Castiel knew he had to stay at a distance because children of men, gifted or cursed with free will, were so easily set on the wrong path, a path no angel could follow, it would be too hard to be separated from them if you couldn't keep a kind of detachment while loving them, never putting them before the Lord and his will because, maybe, you would be brought to the point where His orders would be to destroy them.

Eventually, they stopped in another street, so unlike the one before. The giant joined two people, people who were, apparently, wand-wielders, and now Castiel knew that the little baby given to the old man was also one of them. He would be able to do magic later in his life, an inherent magic so unlike the one that required a pact with demons. Yet, so often, those who were gifted with it chose to use their gifts unwisely, the same way, for their own gain and at the expense of another. The child would have a difficult choice to make because, no matter how inherited, power corrupted.

Castiel knew that powers, human powers, corrupted. Powers coming directly from Him, like those given to the angel at His orders, were different. Angels so pure they couldn't be corrupted, only when fallen and that was the reason why God didn't let angels who had fallen keep their power anymore, not after Lucifer.

Castiel watched over the child as he was left in a cradle on the doorstep of a house like every other house on the street. He walked toward the baby as the magic user disappeared after ringing the bell and leaving the child in the night, and crouched down in front of the infant.

The little child was sleeping peacefully, despite the tragic events that had happened mere hours ago. He was still unaware that he would never again see his parents. Such innocence had always been a marvel to Castiel.

His eyes fell on the lightning bolt engraved in the flesh of the little man's forehead through the meeting of white and black magic. Now he could see that the child who had been already marked by Fate spiritually was now also marked physically.

He noticed the light being put on in the house and heard the footsteps of people approaching the front door, probably wondering who had rung at this hour of the night. He smiled at the little man and whispered in his ears, in a voice no one could have heard, no matter how close.

"Sleep well, Harry Potter. I will watch over you."

Barely had the words left his mouth that he disappeared once again as the door was pulled open. From now on, he would watch from afar, as was his duty.