AN: Yay! My first King of Thorn fanfic! Sadly, it's a poem. I usually don't write poetry but I wrote this out of thin air. Upon rereading it, I discovered it could apply to this particular manga. So I'm posting it!! Disclaimers and such, I don't own anything. I can't wait for the movie. It looks like it'll be amazing. Umm this is sorta sad. And I can't write short poems, so this is kinda long-ish also. Enjoy.

The thorns strangled her.

She was more alone than she had ever been,

more silent than she wished she should be.

She was weak.

She was slipping.

The vines covered her body,

curling about her arms and legs.

They poked against her chest like a thousand needles,

encircled her neck like the hangman's noose.

She was trapped.

A rat in a maze or a tiger in a cage.

Every cliche she could think of

with what little strength she barely possesed.


Not even half a foot abover her weary head,

a pair of spectacles dangled.

Silver, wire-rimmed, just the way she liked them.

A vine had pierced the left lens,

shattering the brittle glass into a hundred shards.

The right lens was perfectly fine.

That was all she needed.

Slowly, she moved her arm up.

Her slender fingers grasped the cold metal,

shaking from too much exertion,

as a salty tear rolled down her face.

Eternally trapped.