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Pairings: SS/HG & DM/GW

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The Heir of Slytherin


hermione snape

The true Heir of Slytherin will be revealed to end a War of Houses placed with those that have defied her. The true Heir of Slytherin will be revealed to those that were once enemies will become allies…when the true Heir of Slytherin will be revealed to end a War of Houses.

Salazar Slytherin wasn't heartless as history proclaimed. He wasn't against muggles or muggle-borns. He believed in safe guarding Hogwarts by having a acceptance testing program. If they failed they had their memories erased and their magic bound. This caused problems between Godric Gryffindor. He found the testing senseless and unfair. Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw agreed with Godric. Salazar knew it was dangerous to let too many muggle-borns into Hogwarts. He tried to make them see to reason, but it didn't work. He left his beloved Hogwarts. The War of house went down in history.

Hermione Granger had changed over the summer and the male population noticed quickly and the female population was jealous of her appearance. She had slick smooth chestnut ringlets that stopped at her shoulders. She wore the right amount of makeup that enhanced her facial features. She shrank her large buck teeth to normal size and formed a beautiful bright smile. She had formed a curved womanly shape body with long smooth legs. She wore clothes that fitted her shape and showed it off tastefully.

Hermione made her way down to the dungeons. She had gotten detention with the Potions Master Professor Severus Snape. Draco Malfoy had ruined her perfect Wolfsbane Potion. And to top it off it was her birthday. She want to spend it with friends not cleaning the classroom. Hermione knocked on the classroom door. She heard a slick voice call, "Enter," she took a deep breath and walked into the room and quietly shut the door behind her.

"Good evening Professor Snape." Hermione said walking up to his desk.

Severus couldn't help but look at her. She was dressed in a black shirt with red glitter flames and the words written on it that said: Touch Me And You Get Burned. A pair of fitted jeans with black snickers.

Severus mentally shook head. He had been checking out one of his students. He rose from his chair and walked around his desk. He crossed his arms over his chest. "I know you didn't make your cauldron explode Miss Granger." he said smoothly.

"Than why did you give me detention, sir?"

"I-" he stopped when a tattoo caught his eye. He walked over to the woman and tilled her head to the left. "Where did you give this?"

The tattoo was of a snake wrapped around a sword and rose.

"I don't know sir. It was there when I woke up this morning."

Severus gently ran his fingers over the tattoo. He pulled back and grabbed her chin. He made her look at him in the eye. "Do you know what is of?" she shook her head. "It's Salazar Slytherin's family crest. Only a direct descendant will have this mark."

"Professor, your hurting me." Hermione told him his grip had tighten on her chin.

Severus let go of her face and lean back against the lab table behind him. He smirked at the woman in front of him. The best friend of the Great Harry Potter and the girlfriend of the wit Ron Weasely.

"Today's your birthday. Correct?" Hermione nodded her head. "How old are you?"

"Eighteen sir." She told him. He raised a brow. "Ok. Ok. I'm twenty-five. Due to the time turner." she sat down on the stool behind her.

They sat in silence both wrapped up in their own thoughts.

"Why me?" Hermione asked after five minutes of silence. "I thought Voldemort was heir of Slytherin."

"The Dark Lord the heir of Slytherin? No girl. He's followed in Salazar Slytherin's foot steps."

"Slytherin House is dark! Evil-"

"Hold your tongue." hissed the Head of Slytherin House. Hermione quickly closed her mouth. "You speak ill of the dead. Salazar was a good man and wizard."

"But the stories."

"That's all they are Miss Granger. Stories. Lies. He did leave the school but the truth of why he left is still unknown." Professor Snape explained to his student.

They relapsed back into silence. Severus motioned to the table behind her. He told her they were brewing Skeleo-Growth for the Hospital Wing. She nodded and they worked quietly. They steeled glances every so often.

"Slytherin didn't hate muggles or muggle-borns." Severus said gently. "He believed in safe guarding Hogwarts. He did believe that only the worthy should study magic."

Hermione gently stirred the potion in thought. "He thought that allowing too many muggle-borns into the school would cause Hogwarts to become common knowledge. It would place us all in danger."

"Exactly." he said pointing his knife at her. "You're thinking as Slytherin." He went back to cutting the jellyfish. "I would keep that mark covered for the time being." He looked up at the witch. "We Slytherins protect our own."

Hermione nodded and went back to work. They worked on several more potions. The time ticked by without the two realizing it. Hermione cracked her back. She looked at her muggle watch.

"Jumping chocolate frogs. It's one am." she said in shock.

Severus looked up from pouring Fever Reducer Potion into a vial and said, "Your detention was over eight hours ago. You may go Miss Granger."

Hermione nodded. "It's a good thing it's Saturday. I can rest." She walked down the ale and stopped at the door. "Professor," he turned around, "I would like to brew with you again. If that's alright."

"We'll see. Good night Miss Granger."

"Good night Professor," and she left the room.

Severus looked at the closed door. He sighed heavily waved his wand and the table was cleaned and the unused ingredients were placed back into the cabinet. He left the classroom and went to his chambers for a few hours of sleep.

Hermione was asleep by the time her head hit the pillow. She had enjoyed brewing with Professor Snape. He had been correct when he said that potion making was an art and magic. She hoped that he would let her brew with him again.

Salazar Slytherin had short brown hair, pale skin, brown/green eyes, lean body broad shoulders and wore green robes with a sword rested on his side. He stood in front of a wizard and two witches.

Godric Gryffindor had long black hair that was pulled back with a ribbon. He had olive tone skin, brown eyes and muscular frame. He wore deep red robes with his sword resided on his hip.

Helga Hufflepuff was a plump woman with blonde hair. She had pale skin, blue eyes and wore a black robes.

Rowena Ravenclaw had long black hair, pale skin, blue eyes, curved womanly figure and wore deep blue robes.

Hermione looked around the room and noticed that they were in the headmaster's office. She walked up the founders. So she could what was going on.

"You're mad Godric!" Salazar yelled. "If you allow too many muggle-borns into our world will be discovered."

"Oh yes, the great Salazar Slytherin knows best. Your testing program is worthless and foolish. You believe that everyone shouldn't study magic. I believe other wise.

"Safe guarding Godric. There is a difference." said Salazar.

"It's not that bad of an idea Godric." Helga voiced. He shot her a look 'remain quiet.'

"You and your little group of…what are they called?" Godric asked bitterly.

"Death Eaters." Rowena said.

"Can go play save the world elsewhere." hissed Godric.

"You're all fools and one day our world and Hogwarts will be in danger." Salazar snapped walked to the door and angrily opened it.

"The War of Houses isn't over Salazar. I'll see to it. Dark Wizard!"

"You do that." Salazar hissed. "You fear what you don't understand. My House will know even after I'm gone." He swept from the room slamming the door behind him.

Hermione's eyes snapped opened turned and her looked at the clock that read: 8:30 am. She got out of bed and dressed into a pair of jeans, black shirt. She pulled back her long hair. She put on a small amount of makeup. Hermione turned her head and saw the tattoo starring back at her in the mirror. She placed a glamour charm over it, but it vanished quickly as she had placed it on. She tried to use her makeup but that too vanished.

"Ok. I need something to cover it up with." Hermione told herself and left the bathroom. She smiled put on sliver scarf and her black boots. "That works." She left the tower and headed to the great hall.

Severus watched Hermione walk into the Great Hall with Harry and Ron. Hermione and Ron started dating at the beginning of the year. He wasn't good enough for her. They were both using her. He had tried to help Harry onto the correct path with Draco's help, but the weasel had gotten to him first. Harry was now lost to them. He guest Potter was always lost.

Hermione looked up at head table when she felt someone starring at her. Their eyes locked and he smirked slightly at the witch. She smiled and turned back to Harry and Ron. Severus shook his head. He knew Hermione would need Slytherin protection. He also knew that Hermione Granger was a dark witch and that she was sorted into the wrong house. Severus excused himself left the great hall and the school.

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