Hi guys, I know I shouldn't do this but thought I'd let you know of what's happening to me at the moment.

As you all know, I posted a Poker pair one-shot, titled Making Amends, to answer the requests of several readers for a sequel of Damned Adam. That one took me lot of time to plan, two months to write and a week to edit. Feel free to go take a peek.

Following that, I've been trying to find a suitable ending for Pleasured Into Insanity, whose notes have mysteriously disappeared from my hard drive. It is also possible that its chapters will get re-written somewhat, depending on what will make me tick when I get to it. My Ignorance fic will surely get re-written due to Kanda's personality becoming more OCC as the chapters go by. As for To Be Loved Back, I'm juggling with several possible endings, none of which I've been able to choose so far (rest assured, it will contain smut). I don't like leaving my stories to rot on my account for years, so there will be many changes on them no matter how long it takes. Hopefully I'll be able to finish them all before another few years pass by. *brick'd*

These are (and still is) my plans for my stories so far. However, due to the recent (and very unpopular) changes that have been happening on (the most obvious one being the unwanted modification of the page view), my fervor to write has been cooled down. Add to this the alarming purge of M rated fanfics that's been happening in every fandom these last few days (some accounts even getting deleted without preamble), you get the result that is me being worried for my account and stories.

Considering that I am a heavy yaoi supporter, I find that a site which now deletes sexual freedom is not fit for me, and I am thinking of moving over to Ao3 (Archives Of Our Own for those who do not know) and post my fics there. I am not the only one that is hastily gathering her fics and fleeing the site, as you have all probably noticed by now. Rest assured though, I will continue to post my chapters here, but there will be a back-up on Ao3 as soon as I get myself an account (stares at the waiting list that has more than 15,000 people waiting to get an account thereā€¦).

I guess that's all for now. If I have anything more to tell you in the near future, I'll edit this author's note ^^

If you guys have questions, feel free to PM me.