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this takes place after breaking dawn, and after 'Treasure of Serena Madre'. (Serena is still with Tripp, and has not called Nate.)
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New York, New York.

She didn't really know why she'd ended up here; she guessed that was one consequence of running and not looking back. But anyway, anywhere was better than that cold, dark town where everyone else but her could get their happy ending. Big cities meant new starts and big dreams, it couldn't be so bad, could it?

There wasn't really anything she missed about La Push – well, she certainly didn't miss everyone gushing over Sam and Emily's beautiful wedding. But she didn't love the derogatary stares and muffled giggles coming from the prissy trust-fund bitches here as she walked past them. Okay, so she didn't dress in Gucci and Prada and whatever-the-heck-else; at least she could turn into a giant wolf at will.

She smirked; when was that ever a good thing?

New York, New York.

Nate hated it here, he had decided. It was nowhere near as great as everyone had made it out to be. It was just another concrete jungle of egos, money and beautiful girls who broke your heart mercilessly. He sighed and leant back further on the park bench. When would things change? And how?

He didn't even have anyone to talk to about this; no-one else knew how it felt to have the girl you loved reject you for someone else so close to you. Chuck and Dan didn't know, hell, even Blair didn't have a clue! He just wanted to get out, go live in some small town, and have a new life. A simple life, with none of this back-stabbing and bitching and having the unknown 'Gossip Girl' commenting on your every move.

Would he miss it? Not a chance.

She spotted him on a park bench. A tad ironic, she thought; he belonged in some preppy A&F store advert. She was never one for that label shit anyway, all her decent clothes had gotten shredded in her first week after she had phased. She would have normally just walked past, but who knew her here? It was a big enough place that once she made a mistake, she could simply disappear. Well, move away. Leah Clearwater did not just disappear.

'Hey.' She approached and sat down beside him, legs splayed open; being a mythical creature doesn't do much for your femininity, well, apart from if you're a stinking bloodsucker.
'Hi?' He mumbled, questioning her. He was upset, that much was obvious.

'What's up?'
'What's it to you?!' His voice was thick with tears and a nasty hangover. Strange, she thought. She hadn't gotten drunk in a long time; well, that's now a priority activity to do.
'Well, I've got nothing to do, and I've got forever...' Quite literally, she thought.

He just looked away, not answering.

'Well,' She smirked 'It can't be half as bad as what I've been through, so count yourself lucky.'

That really riled him, and he snapped his head round to face her. 'You don't have a clue what I've been through! I bet the love of your life didn't leave you for your cousin and your best friend, did they?!'

'Yeah, he did actually.' She deadpanned. Fuck, she came here to get away from that heartbreak! 'I bet no-one knows how you feel either, huh.'

'No. God, no! They all think I should move on, get over her, find someone else. But it's not that straightforward. She was everything to me, she was so beautiful and caring and just perfect. And she went and threw her whole life, her whole reputation away for some scumbag who only cares for his own career.'

She didn't say anything, which was strange. Not a lot rendered Leah speechless, that was for sure.

'He was my best friend, and I supported him and, and... and I trusted him! He knew and he still went off with her. ' He cursed under his breath. Sometimes, he thought, There was an advantage to confessing all to a stranger. She didn't look like your average Upper East Side mean girl; he had a feeling she wouldn't go blabbing this to everyone.

'I'm Nate, by the way, Nate Archibald.' He managed a weak smile, and she chuckled.
'Leah Clearwater.' She shook his hand firmly. 'Oh yeah, if your name means anything around here, I don't know. So, to me, you're just a guy. It makes things a lot easier. Deal?'

He grinned. 'Yes.'

No more prejudices against him because of his Grandfather or Tripp, then.
'So, why are you here? Trying to make it big?' The last part was said with so much sarcasm and bitterness, it almost reminded Leah of, well, herself after that bastard Samhad left her.

'Nope. I'm running, and never looking back. I don't care where I go, I'll survive.' She remarked, curtly.

'Not if you don't have a few pairs of Jimmy Choos, you won't.' He smiled, and it was infectious.

'Well, dying at the hands of those with designer manicures is better than seeing what could have been and what you've lost every day.' Her voice softened, but she showed no emotion. Leah Clearwater does not show herself to be weak.

He shrugged, and muttered, 'You don't know Blair Waldorf.'

'Ha!' She barked. 'No Queen Bee of a snobby private school is a patch on what I can be like.'
He raised an eyebrow, trying not to smile as the familiar clack of the stilettos du jour advanced towards them. 'Well, here's your chance to find out.'

Leah hissed as the slender brunette smiled serenely at Nate. 'You're not wanted here. Go away.'

'Oh', Blair pouted, 'I think you'd better go back to your street corner, you whore.'

Leah started to shake violently, prompting an alarmed Nate to move away. 'Leah? Leah, what's wrong? Leah!'
Leah stood up, an evil glint in her dark eyes.

'Don't call me a whore, you bitch!' She screamed.

Blair gasped and dropped her purse.
Leah pounced.

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