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Woah. Leah, what the fuck? You can't phase now! Quick, turn it into something, erm, yeah, do one of those pathetic little one-arm hug things that Emily does, when she tries to keep as far away from you as possible.

'Blair Waldorf!' Leah gushed, 'I've heard so much about you!' She giggled. God, this stuck-up princess act was making her sick.

Blair stood, trying not to topple over in her new Marc by Marc Jacobs peep toes whilst her flawlessly painted pink lips formed a perfect 'O'. She did not speak; she had been raised better than to try and talk in situations like this and ending up forming incoherent half-sentences.

Instead, her head whipped round to face Nate, his smirk turning into a serious line when she glared at him.

'Blair, this is my friend Leah. She's new around here, and I'm helping her… adjust.' Nate smiled, turning his head to the taller brunette that pulled a face at her paler female companion. Nate didn't really get why he trusted Leah so much, but she didn't seem the type to be a serial killer, or worse, a plastic bitch.

'Yeah' Leah drawled, seeing Blair was obviously uncomfortable. 'My Mother is like, Nate's Godmother. So, I've come here. I'm staying with Nate.'

'You are?' Nate raised an eyebrow. 'Yeah, you are.' He chuckled and shook his head at Leah's cocky smirk.

'Well.' Blair announced, checking her Blackberry lazily, 'As you two are so, erm, cozy, I'll be going.' She smiled 'I'm meeting Chuck. He's got important issues about the hotel.'

'Chuck?' Leah mouthed to Nate, who nodded and replied 'Later.'

'Well, I'll be off.' With that and a flick of mahogany curls, the girl began to walk away, causing many male heads to turn and stare.

Leah burst into a fit of silent laughter, causing tears to well up in her eyes and Nate to start chuckling also. 'Is she... is she for REAL?' Leah wiped her eyes, 'She's like, like one of those people you see on TV! This cannot be real.' She quietened when she saw Nate's face turn sombre.

'Yeah, it is real. And I really wish it wasn't.' He managed a weak smile before he was hauled to his feet by an eager Leah.

'Cheer up would you? She's a girl, okay? She may be, I don't know, pretty or nice or whatever, but she's just a girl! And how many girls have you hooked up with, hmm?' She raised her eyebrows. 'Nate, you should be wilder, you're no fun at all! Let's go and get drunk. I haven't been wasted for a while...' She was silent for a moment, her thoughts only interrupted by the quiet bzzzzzz of a cell.

Before Nate could reach into his deep pocket, Leah had already snatched his phone away and was looking at the caller ID, frowning. 'Who is... Jenny?' She smirked. 'Looks like someone's popular this evening?' She winked, an exaggerated movement that made Nate laugh.

'She's... erm, well.' He ran a hand through his hair, his eyes hiding mixed emotions 'She's my friend's little sister, and I mean she's hot, but... she has a thing for me. Badly. And it's kind of...annoying I guess. I'd better take it though.' Sighing, he pressed the device to his ear.

'Hey Nate!' the girl sounded eager. Way too eager, Leah thought.

'Erm, hey. What's up?'

'Not a lot really, I was wondering, do you want to hang out? We can go to the movies, grab something to eat, go to dinner, I can come to yours, or you can come over here? Or we could just go for a walk around the park? Go shopping...'

Jenny went on and on, and Nate rolled his eyes.

'...whenever works for you, I can do today, tomorrow, whenever? Next week?'

Leah had had enough, and locked eyes with Nate.

'Oooh, yeah, uh, right there, uh yeah, Nate, Nate! Yes!' Closing her eyes, Leah continued to moan and shriek whilst Nate looked on, open-mouthed. 'YES!'

The chatter on the other end of the line ceased almost immediately, causing a slightly awkward silence to manifest.

'Oh. Err, well, I'll, erm, better be off. I can see you're busy.' The girl practically spat down the phone before promptly hanging up.

Astonished did not cover how Nate looked, and felt, right now. Leah was... different, he'd give her that. Sure, he was glad she'd got Jenny to hang up, but he'd only just met the girl (even though he felt like he had known her forever).

Leah blushed a little under Nate's piercing speculation, but seemed happy enough when he changed the subject and his eyes wandered.

'So, I guess I owe you one now, hey.' He smirked, and she laughed.

'Oh no, I think you've done enough for me already.' She smiled, a true smile that had not been seen on the face of Leah Clearwater for a long time. 'It's strange, but I feel like I've known you for ages in a way...'

He raised an eyebrow; the feeling, he understood, was mutual.

'Well,' he drawled, draping an arm lazily around her tanned shoulders, 'I've still got to make it up to you one way or another. So we, my friend, are going to dinner.'

Leah furrowed her eyebrows; she definitely did not fit in with the elite socialites Nate associated with. Oh well, she thought, what's life without a challenge?

Nate winked.

'It's time for you to meet the infamous Chuck Bass.'

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