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Jinchuuriki of Naruto no Kitsune: Hinata Namikaze

By xxHinaAngelxx

Main Pairing: NaruHina

Side Pairings: MinaKush, JirTsu, KakaAnko, AsuKur, SasuSaku, ShikaTem, GaaOc ChouIno, NejiTen, ShinoFem!Haku, KibaOc

Summary: On December 27, Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked Konoha, the Hidden Leaf Village. The kitsune's real name is Naruto no Kitsune. On the very same day a new born baby was born on that dreaful day. Both of her parents were killed, her father by the demon kitsune and her mother from child labor. In order to stop the fox demon, it needs to be sealed in a newborn baby. The Yondaime was originally going to seal it himself till the Sandaime interveined and sealed the demon inside Hinata instead. The Yondaime was best friends with her parents Hiashi Hyuuga and Hinati Hyuuga. The Hyuugas refused to take the child, leaving her as an orphan. Being friends and Godparents with the child, the Yondaime or known as Minato Namikaze and his wife, Kushina Uzumaki-Namikaze adopted her as their own. What will become of the child? The Akatsuki goes on the move to grab the Jinchuuriki after 12 years later. What happens once Naruto no Kitsune and Hinata Namikaze meet face to face? The most dangerous thing had happened between them that even fate did not prevent. What if the demon fallen in love with his container and the Jinchuuriki fallen in love with the demon? Friendship grew into love. Is this a forbidden love...or will Kami spears them by freeing Naruto, without Hinata dying, and let them be together? Will Hinata be able to stop the Akatsuki and Madara and what about the village? Kyuubi!NarutoxStrong!Hinata

Prologue: Birth of Hinata Namikaze

It was a fine beautiful day for Konoha, the Hidden Leaf Village. In the mist of the crowd of Konoha's streets was a young woman. You can find her easily amongst the crowd from her long red hair. Around her neck was the famous Konoha headband that identifies her as a Konoha shinobi or for woman in this case, kuniouchi. She wore a green vest with a red swirl at the back that identifies her as a Jounin. Under the green vest was a black shirt with a red swirl on her left shoulder of her shirt. Her pants were black with tape strapped around her right leg that was held filled with shuriken and kunai. Above her butt was pouch that also held kunai and shuriken, whichever she may had put in. She wore black finger-less gloves that most shinobis wear. She wore black ninja sandals and on one of her fingers held a fabulous ring that states her as a married woman.

This young and beautiful woman was named, Kushina Namikaze. Right now she was happily walking toward the Hyuuga Compound to see a good friend of hers. You see, after her whole village attacked and destroyed, Kushina managed to escape toward Konoha. Unfortunately she was the only survivor from the attack and known as the sole Uzumaki survivor. She was only 10 during the attack but also as the Heiress of the Uzumaki Clan. She was alone and sad during her stay in Konoha.

That is...till she met her.

Kushina smiled at the memory that was still clear to her as the day. Hinati Hyuuga, also known as one of the Main Branch of the Hyuugas. She was the only besides Hiashi Hyuuga, who was kind and not as stuck-up as the rest of the Main Branch. They became very close freinds just as Minato became close freinds with Hiashi. That's how the four met.

Now Kushina was a married woman with the Hokage of Konoha and Godmother of the child that Hinati is bearing. She couldn't wait! Tsunade said that the child will be due in any day since it had been 9 months already since Hinati's pregnacy. Kushina always wanted to have children and the same goes for Minato. But right now their not rushing it. They decided not to bear one for now till later which will become real soon. Turns out that some of Jiraiya's perversion sort of rubbed off Minato which Kushina doesn't mind as long he's her pervert then she's ok with it.

Her green eyes sparkled as soon as she saw the Hyuuga Compound ahead. She quickly ran toward it leaving a red whirlwind just like her namesake had came from. She immediately stopped in front of the huge gates. As soon as the guards noticed her they gave her a smile and let her in. The Cadet Branch all knew Kushina being great freinds with their leader and his wife. The Cadet Branch were always known to like the their leader and his wife, for they were the only member of the Main Branch who wanted to free them from the Caged Bird Seal. They knew that their leader was still fighting a way to free them for all of these years and was closer to finding a way that even the Hyuuga Elders couldn't stop him. They were all excited for the birth of his first born, be it be a son or daughter.

Kushina smiled back at them and waved as she walked through the gates. She skipped through the halls of the white mansion. She always commented to her friend how the walls needs more colored to it. It bore her to death that she could not believe how her friend can stand it. Kushina was always known for her love of color just like Minato's love for orange.

She came to a stop as soon as she had finally reached her destination. She let a grin as she began to open the door. She peeked through the door and saw her friend on the bed with a bored expression. Kushina snickered, she knew how much her friend gets bored by herself in her room.

Unfortunately, Hinati Hyuuga heard her snickering. Her mouth twitched to forming a relieved smile.

"I know you're there, Ina-chan," Hinati said.

Kushina opened the door widely to reveal herself. "Hey, Nati-chan! How are you and the baby feeling?" Kushina asked as walked toward the bed.

Hinati smiled. "We're doing fine. This girl is quiet but kicking. I think she might have a quiet personality but filled with strength within her," Hinati said proudly.

Kushina looked amused while she raised an eye-brow. "She? Already guessing which gender your future child is going to be?"

"No, I'm not guessing. I know my child is going to be a she. Call it mother instincts if you like but I know my child will be a girl," Hinati said confidentally.

"Well, if you say that it will be a girl then I'm all for it!" Kushina said with a grin.

"So, how is Minato-kun?" Hinati asked as Kushina sat down on the bed.

"Oh, you know how is. He's still working on those paperwork and busy with many meetings with the counsilors. I swear, he needs a break. I don't know how he isn't tired yet. He probably eats his ramen to keep him energist. You know him and his ramen," Kushina said with an amused smile. It was true, Minato was obsessed with it since she first met him.

Hinati giggled. "Yes but that's Minato-kun for you," Hinati said with a smile.

"You're right about that," Kushina said. Both Hyuuga and Namikaze giggled.

A spiked wild blond haired young man sneezed from his Hokage office. A silver weird looking hair styled teenager raised an eye-brow at his sensei. He had his left eye covered by his headband with a black mask covering his nose down to his mouth. He had black-gray eyes. He wore the ANBU Black Ops gear with his mask off that only his Hokage could only see. The blond Hokage had very wild spiked blond hair that was able to cover a part of the top of his Konoha headband with a long blond tufts of hair framing his handsome face. His hair reached near his shoulders. His eyes were narrowed azure blue eyes that could rival the sky and ocean sea. He wore a his Hokage coat and regular Jounin clothing.

"You got a cold, Sensei?" The teenaged ANBU asked.

"No Kakashi, I'm alright. Probably Kushina and Hinati talking about me. She is after all visiting Hinati today. And Kakashi, stop calling me Sensei already. I'm not your sensei anymore. Just call me niisan or aniki," The Hokage or also known as Minato Namikaze said.

Kakashi nodded. "Yes, with the child almost due any time I'm not surprised that Kushina-neechan would be there. And sorry about that aniki, it's become a habit," Kakashi said as he rubbed at the back of his neck with his right eye turned to an upside down U.

"It's ok, Kaka-kun. Now let's go down to business then," Minato said with his business like expression.

Kakashi's expression became serious with his eye narrowed. "There has been trouble destruction not far from our village. My team investigated the place and it was completely destroyed. The nearby village that was lucky enough now to have been destroyed said some...disturbing information," Kakashi said wearly.

Minato's blue eyes narrowed. "What disturbing information?" the Yondaime asked.

"They said that the whole place was destroyed by a huge yellow, gold fox but it wasn't just any ordinary huge looking fox for it had...nine tails," Kakashi said wearly.

The Hokage's eyes widened filled with fear. "No...this isn't good," Minato muttered as he immediately stood up and walked toward the window that showed the whole village.

"Aniki? What...what is that creature to have done such destruction? I mean...the whole place was completely burned that looked about 40 miles long," Kakashi asked.

Minato closed his eyes then opened them and looked up. "There could only be one creature who could do such destruction, Kakashi. He is one of the 9 Bijus and the most powerfullest out of all 8 of them," Minato slowly explained.

Kakashi eyes widened. "You mean...he's..."

"Yes...the Kyuubi no Kitsune," Minato said as his eyes narrowed as he looked pass his village.

Close to Konoha there was a dark cave. Inside held a magnificent creature. It was huge...actually huge was understatement for this creature. It's fur had a magnificent shade of yellow and gold. It had two long ears with white tips at the top of his ears. Behind him held nine long tails with white tips at the top of each tail. His eyes were fox-slit blue azure eyes that no fox demon had ever had before. The Biju was known as the Kyuubi no Kitsune but that's what everyone calls him. His real name was actuall Naruto no Kitsune, the Lord of all Demons.

Naruto curled into a ball as he slept happily with such excitement inside him. For you see, he was heading toward Konoha the Hidden Leaf Village. He had heard that they have the most powerfullest shinobi out of all the Elemenal Continent and he couldn't wait. He loves to fight in battle and see blood at his hands but sometimes he can get sick of it. He mentally snorted, him getting bored at seeing destruction and blood? Hah! What a laugh! He must be getting soft.

He growled at himself. He hates getting soft for that shows wearkness. Something he really hated. He sighed and went back to bed for his fun was going to come at night fall.

He let out a smirk form. 'Just you wait, Konoha. I, Naruto no Kitsune, am coming for you,'

Kushina and Hinati were both happily having the time of their lives. They were both talking all sorts of subjects that they can come up with. It was going on perfectly normal...that is till at 4 in the afternoon Hinati began to feel something broken.

Hinati's eyes widened as she winced. She began to breath irregulary. Kushina noticed this and began to worry.

"What's wrong, Nati-chan?! Is something wrong?!" Kushina shouted worriedly.

"My...the baby...my water broke...the baby...the baby is coming!" Hinati sputtered out.

Kushina's eyes widened. "WHAT?!?!?"

Her shout attracted Hiashi attention as he ran off toward his wife's room.

"What's going on?!" Hiashi asked as he watched as his wife panting irregular and and filled with pain.

"Hiashi! Nati-chan is going into labor! Her water just broke!" Kushina shouted frantically.

Hiashi's eyes widened and quickly went toward his wife and picked her up, bridal style. He quickly left the room with Kushina right behind him. Many Hyuuga's noticed this and quickly stepped aside for them to pass. Once they were near the gates Hiashi shouted, "Open the gates!!"

The guards quickly opened them as soon as they noticed their mistress in their leader's arms with Kushina right behind them.

Using all of their ninja speed as they could, they ran off toward the Konoha Hospital. If they only knew what was to come and what was to come toward the very child that will blessed yet cursed.

"Aniki! The Kyuubi is heading this way! What are we going to do?!" Kakashi asked as soon as he stepped into the Hokage's office. It was close to 9 in the night and it clearly showed the demon fox's yellow and golden fur in the night. Many civilians were already evacuated but not all. All of the Shinobis were in the front lines to confront the Kyuubi that was heading this way.

Minato looked at the seal he wrote down. It was a sealing jutsu that could seal anything inside a body by the Shinigami. The only problem as the person who casts the jutsu sacrifices their soul to the Shinigami. He knew this will break Kushina's heart once she finds out he will die from this but...it was the only way to defeat the fox demon. He knew that he was no match toward the unstoppable demon lord. After all the Kyuubi was immortal.

"Get everyone to stall the Kyuubi at bay. I know a way to stop him. Get going Kakashi. I'll be there," Minato ordered.

"Hai!" Kakashi immediately vanished, leaving a swirl of leafs.

As soon as the ANBU vanished, the door opened. Minato turned around and was surprised to see Hiruzen Sarutobi also known as the Sandaim(Third Hokage). He looked at him with a serious expression that Minato knew too well when he comes to a decision.

"Old man...what are you doing here?" Minato asked.

"I know that your going to seal that demon by using the God Reaper Seal. Minato, the village needs you. Not only that but I know that in order for it to work...you need a new born baby. The only new born around is Hiashi's and Hinati's daughter that had just been born not that long ago. Please Minato, let me do it. The village will need you more than I," Sarutobi pleaded.

Minato sighed. "I'm sorry but I can not do that, old man. I'm the current Hokage and it is my job to do this. It's my responsiblity," Minato said.

Hiruzen sighed. "I was afraid you would say so. Jiraiya, do it," Hiruzen ordered.

Minato's eyes widened by surprise as he felt a sudden struck by the neck and then fell unconscious. Jiraiya, also known as one of the Legendary Sennin, caught his student's unconscious form. Jiraiya carefully carried him toward the couch nearby and gently set him down.

"You do know that he will be awfully angry with this," Jiraiya said as he crossed his arms in front of his chest as he looked back at his sensei.

"I know but it is the only way to stop him. I'm old Jiraiya. I have lived long enough. Minato has many years ahead of him. Besides, Hiashi's and Hinati's child will need him and Kushina. With both of her parents dead, she will need those two more than anything," Sarutobi said. It was true, right when news had spread that all ninjas go toward the front gates of Konoha to protect their village from the Kyuubi, Hiashi went off ahead. Kushina stayed behind so she can be there for Hiashi. Unfortunately, Hiashi died from the Kyuubi's massive golden yellow chakra along with many others. Hinati soon followed after giving birth to her child from loosing too much blood. So the child was left as an orphan, something that can indanger the child if she was left alone.

Jiraiya sighed. "You're right about that. That girl will be hated by this village because of what she will have," Jiraiya said. He really didn't want to think about what will become of the child ahead. He had seen many things from his travels and experience. He knew that this village will hate the child for what she will contain.

The former Hokage nodded somberly. "Unfortunetly, yes. The child will have a difficult time in her life ahead. Now, I must get going and get the child before Minato begins to wake. I'm glad to be your sensei Jiraiya. Be sure to give my regards to Tsunade," Sarutobi said as he left the room leaving a sad Sennin.

"Yeah...goodbye sensei," Jiraiya mumbled as he felt tears begin to swell his eyes.

Minato slowly opened his eyes. His vision was blury but gradually he had managed to clear out his vision. He noticed he was in his office. He slowly gotten up and winced as he felt pain at the back of his neck. He rubbed his neck with his hand as he tried to remember why he was here and why his neck ached like someone just punched his neck. That's when everything came back to him. He frantically looked around the room and noticed his sensei and his wife looking at a bundle that Kushina had in her arms.

The Yondaime gotten up which brought both of Jiraiya's and Kushina's attention. He noticed both of their eyes held sadness especially his wife's.

"So...it has been done, huh?" Minato asked sadly even though he knew the answer already.

Jiraiya solenmly nodded. "Yes...it has been done. Minato, you have to understand the reason that Sarutobi-sensei did it instead of you was because the child will need both you and Kushina," Jiraiya said.

Minato blinked. "Wh-what do you mean?" Minato asked as he started to feel dread at the pit of his stomach.

Kushina started to cry more flesh tears while Jiraiya looked at his student sadly.

"Both of the child's parents are now dead," Jiraiya said.

Minato's eyes widened and felt like he was punched in the stomach.

"Hiashi died by the Kyuubi's chakra and...Hinati died from child birth. Minato, without them...who will be there for the child? You will just leave Kushina or she might be forced to go to the orphanage, who will do nothing but hurt the child. Sarutobi wouldn't be able to do much for the child and he knew that. On the other hand, you will be able to since you and Kushina are both of the child's Godparents and her legal guardians. This village will still resent the child no matter what you or Sarutobi say to change their minds. Their hatred toward the Kyuubi has been spread across the village and they will just take out their anger, sadness, and hatred toward this child and who knows what they are going to do toward this child. Do you understand, Minato?" Jiraiya said.

Minato sighed and then nodded. "I...I understand, sensei," Minato said.

Kushina walked up toward her husband along with the baby in her arms. Minato looked at his wife and noticed so much sadness in her green eyes. He gently hugged around her frame then looked down at the bundle in her arms. The baby was a beaty to behold. His blue eyes soften at the sight. He noticed raven-blue hair already showing on her head. He touched her hand and noticed how soft and how fragile it felt. That's when he noticed three whisker-like marks on each side of her cheek that marks her to everyone that she was the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Her eyes twitched then she finally opened them. What he and Kushina saw took their breath away. Her eyes were completely lavender with slight slits down the middle of her eyes but still pupil-less. It wasn't scary really, in fact she looked magnificent as she looked at them with such innocense.

That's when Minato knew that Jiraiya was right in the beginning. The people in his village will resent the child for what she bears and will never see the child for who she is. Minato looked at the child determinedly. He will do anything in his power to protect and raise the child for both of his best friends.

Minato looked at toward Kushina. "What's her name?" Minato asked.

Kushina blinked then smiled softly at him. "Hinata...just before Hinati died she named her Hinata. She said she's gotten a feeling that people will gradually be drawn to her and be everyone's sunny place. Do you think Hinati's right about that? Do you really think people of our village will be able to see her as her and not the Kyuubi?" Kushina asked.

Minato looked at Hinata and noticed something about the child. She noticed the power within her that will gradually grow and the power of...drawing others in. Minato closed his eyes then looked at his wife. "Yes...I do believe that they will in time. It depends what Hinata will do in the future but...I can see she will do great things in the future just like her parents believed she will be," Minato said with a warm smile.

Kushina smiled. "Yes, I believe so too,"

Jiraiya smiled. 'You two better take care of her and support her...for things won't be easy for that child. Especially in the near future. For...I have found her as a student I will be teaching in the future. Not only that...but she will be the savior not only to our village but all the other villages. Right, Sarutobi-sensei?' Jiraiya looked up in the ceiling.

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