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~*Chapter 2: Realization ~ Naruto no Kitsune*~

Hinata looked at the demon in great shock with her lavender-slit eyes widening. She felt like millions of bricks crash down on her as the words that the powerful demon had said from those sinful lips. As she swirled with many emotions that were being shown from her shining eyes, Naruto watched in amusement and fasination as he watched the emotions being expressed in his jailor's angelic face.

"Y-you're Kyuubi?" Hinata asked in disbelief.

Naruto merely smirked upon the expression the girl had made. It was...adorable. Which, by the way, quite honestly confused him. Not to mention a little freaked out and slightly ticked. He never thought of anything cute, much less adorable! This just made him cringe upon the emotions the human was giving him. In fact, these emotions of possessiveness, happiness, and heat were said somewhere from the Kitsune Clan many eons ago.

He felt like groaning in frustration. 'I'm suppose to hate this human girl!' Naruto shouted in his private thoughts. He could not like this timid human! Her past village leader was the reason he was even in here. It was humilliating for the all powerful Biiju.

Yet...he couldn't find himself hating the girl in front of him. Right now she looked frail and more fragile than Naruto had ever seen her in. In fact, he felt slightly...guilty?

Naruto mentally shook his head. 'What the fuck am I thinking! Me feeling guilty? I must be losing my mind!' Naruto thought with an angry growl.

Getting out of his thoughts, he answered. "I did just say that,"

"B-but...I thought Sandaime-sama killed you," Hinata said, now more confused than ever, which that wasn't good for the eight year old.

Naruto gave out an insane and cruel-cold laugh of amusement, much to Hinata's annoyance and fear. She could feel a shiver of fear running down her spine. The laugh was cold, devoid of any sincerity. It held insanity of cruelity that destroyed many lives without a shred of guilt. It was cruel with no sympathy upon her confusion and amusement for her fear. It was mocking and cruel. It was a laugh that Hinata had never heard before in her life.

"Your Sandaime-Ojiisan could never kill me. No mortal could ever kill an immortal demon. The only thing he could do was, sadly, sealing me inside of a mortal baby," Naruto explained with a sadistic smirk. His eyes gleamed of insane pleasure to torture the girl, which colored his blue eyes into a darker shade of storming blue that mirrored a storming ocean and sky.

Hinata's eyes widened. She felt fear welling up inside her heart as it beated against her chest rapidly. She could hear the fast rythem of her heart in her ears. Sweat dripped down her now much paler face, which slightly stung her injured face.

"Wh-what?" Hinata's eyes filled with fear, much to the demon's joy.

Naruto's smirk grew with cruel enjoyment, and summoned his golden chakra. He willed it toward Hinata with ease, as it wrapped around the fragile girl. Hinata let out a gasp as she felt the chakra started to heal her injuries in a fast rate. She found herself shivering even though the chakra warmed her. Her cheeks flushed when she noticed the chakra bringing her closer to the blond demon and to his height. She let out another shiver when she felt his hot breath against her sensitive ear and neck as Naruto let out a chuckle.

"Don't worry," Naruto said, as he licked her flushed, whiskered cheek. "I don't plan on having you die on me. After all, if you die then I die, my sweet little Jinchuuriki,"

Hinata, again, shivered then let out a whimper when Naruto licked her neck suductively and nimble it. The bite was rough, yet gentle for reasons Hinata didn't know. She felt hot as her heart beated rapidly against her ribcage. A small, innocent moan slipped out of her pouted pink lips.

"N-Naruto...s-s-stop...!" Hinata whimpered out with a maddening blush spread across her cheeks.

Naruto chuckled, but backed off and admired the mark on her neck, which slightly dripped with blood. He let out a smirk and licked his lips, which held a bit of Hinata's blood. 'I may not like her, but I sure don't hate her. She's quite amusing. Not to mention, since she's my Jinchuuriki...well,I'm really not one to share,' Naruto thought sadistically, as he watched the hickey changed into a black kitsune tattoo with nine-tails.

"It's time for you to wake up. You'll be hearing me real soon, my lavender Jinchuuriki," Naruto said with a smirk, his eyes gleaming with shining his darkened blue slit eyes.

"What...?" Hinata asked in a slight daze, then her vision suddenly began to darken all around her.

Naruto watched as Hinata slowly dissappeared from her mind. The smirk never left his lips. 'Yes...you'll be hearing me real soon...Hinata,' Naruto thought, looking foreward to meet his cute jailor real soon.


She let out a groan as she slowly began to open her eyes. Her vision was slightly blurry, but still made out the bright white cieling above her. Confusion was expressed in her lavender pupil-less slit eyes.

As she tried to move or sit up a sudden shock of pain ran through her body. She let out a painful groan, even though the pain wasn't as great as it was before it was still a bit painful for her young body.

"Nata-chan! Are you alright? Where does it hurt?" A familiar warm and worried voice asked.

She turned to meet a pair of two familiar bright emerald green eyes. They were eyes that always calmed her down in her most fearfullest and stressfull times, which were rare.

"K-Kaa-chan," Hinata replied weakly.

"I'm here, Nata-chan. Everything's ok now," Kushina said soothingly, even though her eyes expressed her concern and worry over her precious daughter.

"How are you doing, Hime-chan?" Hinata heard her father asked with concern evident in his voice.

Hinata moved her eyes away from her loving mother to see Minato, Kakashi, and Jiraiya walking in the room. They all held worried expressions, along with a slight grim and serious edged with their worry over the young Namikaze.

"I-I'm fine, Otou-san," Hinata said softly, letting out a weak smile so she can reasure her worried family.

Minato sighed as he sat the other side of Hinata's bed, and gently held his daughter's smaller and fragile hand. This was one of his most biggest fears and concerns since he began to realize his village could not see his daughter other than the Kyuubi just as Jiraiya and Sarutobi had predicted.

"Otou-san...wh-what really happened the night of Kyuubi's attack?" Hinata asked, hesitantly.

Minato's eyes widened, but he wasn't the only one. In fact, everyone else in the room looked at Hinata in shock and slight fear upon hearing their horrifying fears being questioned.

"Wh-what do you mean by that, Hime-chan?" Minato asked nervously.

Hinata bit her bottom lip nervously. She quickly noticed the tense atmosphere around everyone and was now really nervous to ask, but knew she had to ask from her father instead of Kyuubi. She could feel a tingling feeling from her neck; the same spot where the golden-yellow kitsune yokai bit on her.

"W-well...ano...when I fell unconscious I w-was..." Hinata took a shaky breath and continued. "I-I found myself in s-s-some kind of sewer. When I went deeper inside I-I heard someone calling me. There I saw a huge c-cage with some k-k-kind of seal in front of it,"

As Hinata continued on with her story, everyone grew paler and paler with each word.

"Then that w-was when I m-m-met the Lord of Demons, K-Kyuubi," Hinata finished as she fidgetted, even with the slight jolt of pain prickling around her body from moving a bit. "S-so...is it true? K-Kyuubi said that h-he was sealed inside of me the d-day he attacked when I was born,"

She watched as her father sighed as he closed his eyes. Now Hinata felt really guilty for asking when she noted the weary and slightly much older look upon Minato's face. It just didn't suit her father looking more older instead of his young and optimistic expression.

"Yes..." He finally answered. "It's all true. The day Kyuubi attacked Konoha there was no way to defeat him because he was a Yokai Bijuu...an immortal Demon Lord. The only way to defeat Kyuubi was to..." He faltered hesitantly.

"...To seal it in a new born baby," Jiraiya finished grimly.

"That new born baby was me...I was the only one born on that day wasn't I?" Hinata stated than questioning.

Either way, Jiraiya and Minato nodded.

Kushina brought Hinata closer to her in a familiar warm embrace. "I'm sorry we never told you this, Nata-chan. We didn't want to give you this burden on you until you were ready to know," She said softly.

Hinata shook her head as she held onto her mother tightly close to her. "I-It's ok, okaa-chan. This all made sense about my birthmarks and why the village always...give me those stares," She said depressingly.

She could see her father's expression darkened for reasons she doesn't know. Shaking her head, she buried herself within her mother's protective embrace.

"Don't worry about what the village think about you, Nata-chan. They're just too blinded and stupid to let go of their hatred. You are not Kyuubi, do you understand me? You're nothing like him, Nata-chan. You are my precious daughter, so don't you think other wise, dattebane!" Kushina said firmly, yet held warmth of love for her daughter.

Hinata's eyes widened then softened and let out a soft smile. Her mother always knew how to make her feel better no matter what. She could feel her mother's love for her and knew she was lucky to have her and her father.

"She's right, Hime-chan," Minato said softly, sitting the his daughter's other side and gently hugged his wife and daughter. "You're in fact a hero of Konoha for holding the Kyuubi. You are my precious little princess that I wouldn't trade for anything,"

Jiraiya and Kakashi smiled at the scene. They knew the bond was growing much stronger than before after this realization to Hinata. A bond that won't be easily broken.


For about four years gone by since that day when Hinata discovered being Kyuubi's jailor. Ever since on that day did she train harder and more determined than ever to become Hokage. Not only to protect her precious home, but to show the villagers that she was nothing like Kyuubi or a monster.

As the years gone by Hinata discovered to communicate with Kyuubi, who kept growling to call him Naruto, just as he can communicate with her. Most of the time, Naruto usually did this to annoy her which always made her pout when he admitted it. They used to fight in her mind almost everyday that wasn't like Hinata to do toward others, but if one were to have heard they would have thought it was like a marrying couple fighting to one another.

Hinata always made sure to hide the tattoo Naruto had given on her neck before leaving from bed. She could hear Naruto's amusement every time she hid it away. She wasn't sure what it meant, but she's gotten the feeling she wasn't going to like it when she does.

Over time they began to grow more and more comfortable with each other that almost became that of friendship. But, because of their stubborness, they never admitted it. Their relationship was slightly complex, but both agreed that no matter what the other thought they knew they will help the other at whatever it may be.

Of course, this brought confusion and frustration toward Naruto when he realized he was getting more comfortable and softer toward his Jinchuuriki. He then figured it was probably because she was his Jinchuuriki. Key word: HIS! Meaning she was his property and figured she was the only one he's gotten soft around...which still didn't appeal him much. He's was still ruthless and cold-hearted toward others which was a relief to him.

Now after about four years, Hinata was finally going to do her Gennin Exam and go through her first step to reach her goal. Her first step to become Hokage with her true friends right by her side.


It was dark and shadowed from an undercave that we see a group of people standing on muddy stones. Above them was a huge statue with nine white eyes with only two shining. In the middle who was looked up as their leader was transparent just as everyone else. They were glowed and outlined as shadows with a rainbow-green shine around their shadowed bodies.

"What have you gotten to report for me?" The leader ordered.

"We've finally found the Ookami Bijuu's Jinchuuriki," One of them stated.

"Who is Kazuya's jailor then?" The leader asked.

"The jailor is...Muunraito Hikari," Another said.

"Hikari? You mean from the Hikari Clan? I thought they were all wiped out?" One of them shouted.

"It appears one of them survived the massacre," The leader muttered. "Where is she located?"

"She's heading toward Suna,"

"Suna? Hmm, this is not good. She'll immediately alert the village's Jinchuuriki about our organization going after them," The leader frowned.

"She won't be easy to capture, leader-sama,"

"He's right. Several times we tried and failed. She's already close to her prisoner. She has more control over the Biiju's chakra than any other Jinchuuriki, except possibly Ichibi's, Nibi's, and Hachibi's Jinchuurikis,"

"Either way, capture her. Do whatever you wish, but you must get her away from Suna. It would be a disaster if she ever comes across Ichibi's jailor," The leader ordered.


"What about Naruto's Jinchuuriki, Itachi, Kisame?" The leader questioned.

"...She's still in Konoha training to be Gennin. She's growing stronger and stronger with her adopted father being the Yondaime and her mother being the Crimson Princess of Uzushiogakure, along with Copy-Cat Kakashi and the Toad Sennin Jiraiya training her," Itachi reported.

"That will be problem, but of no matter. We're still stronger than she is," The leader said.

"When shall we capture her?" Kisame asked anxiously.

"Around this year or in four years time. Our plans aren't completely ready. Till then, keep an eye out for Naruto's jailor. If you see the opportunity, take it," The leader said with narrowed eyes.


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