A/N As always with my stories, Will is out of the picture. This isn't because I dislike Will – I actually quite like the way his relationship with JJ is portrayed on the show. However, I personally cannot write them together and make it sound convincing and, anyway, his presence does limit JJ's relationships with other characters.

So here is my next fic – I hope you like it!


Chapter 1

Penelope Garcia watched with pride as her friend and colleague Agent Jennifer Jareau stood on a platform outside of the Police Department in Bristol, Rhode Island and wrapped the press around her little finger. The team had been away on this case for four days now and had been working punishing 16 hour days, but only a friend would notice the tiredness in JJ's face. They were chasing a serial rapist and murderer who had abducted, raped and killed five women in the past 2 weeks. The team had initially struggled to get any useful information on the case – the local PD had only invited them to join the case as a last resort and were extremely unhelpful in the beginning – but had now managed to narrow their profile down to one man. 40 year old Justin Thompson matched their profile in every way and had been linked to all of the previous victims. The only problem being that they were struggling to find enough direct evidence to charge him.

Hotch and Morgan had worked with JJ to plan a press conference with the sole aim of drawing Thompson out. Having deduced from his crimes that he was a very angry man, with a particular issue with successful women, they hoped that JJ announcing his faults and issues to the world would be enough to cause him to make a mistake.

The team were currently staking out his home where they hoped he was still keeping his latest victim. They were sure that she was dead, but still in the house, as this followed the pattern of the previous crimes. If he reacted to JJ's press conference as they hoped, they would catch him as he left the house to hide the body.

Garcia's attention returned to JJ as her friend began to describe the profile that the team had given her.

"We are looking for a white man in his late 30s to early 40s" she was saying. "He is likely to be of average build; he will probably not look very strong or imposing. In fact, he will generally be quite unnoticeable – he will blend in. He is single, having just come out of a relationship between 2 and 3 weeks ago. His ex-partner is in her 30s and has a successful career – she is much more successful than him and this caused the breakdown in their relationship. He is likely to work in some kind of low paid job and his colleagues may have noticed that he has been easy to upset in the last few weeks. He may even have been aggressive, especially with women and it is possible that this has caused him to be suspended or even fired from his job. If you recognise this description, please phone Bristol PD on the number on your screens."

Garcia watched as JJ smiled at the journalists and asked for any questions.

"That all sounds very specific" one journalist scoffed. "Where are you getting this information?"

"The BAU uses information from thousands of previous crimes to make judgments on the character of the criminal" JJ answered confidently. "Our team have ascertained from these crimes that our unsub is a classic anger-excitation rapist..."

JJ's explanation was interrupted when someone from the crowd of journalists rushed onto the platform and knocked her to the ground. Garcia watched in horror as he grabbed JJ by the hair and pulled her back into a standing position. It was only then that she saw the glint of the blade that he was holding against JJ's neck as he used her as a shield between him and the dozens of police officers currently aiming their guns in his direction.