First Comes Duty, Then Comes Love

Chapter One

Bulma Briefs, daughter of the wealthiest and greatest scientist in the world, Dr Brief, had just turned eighteen. For many ladies, it was the age of when a young lady blossoms into a woman and is ready to seek out a husband. At least, that was how it went for most women of Bulma's time and status. For generations, the women of Bulma's family were obligated to marry at the age of eighteen. They were granted a ball after their birthday as a type of come out ball. All the most eligible bachelors and their families were invited. It was the ball of the season and everyone of the higher class rank were invited.

"Father, why can't we break the tradition? Don't you think it was created in the first place because of different circumstances back in the day? Women were obligated to marry because they weren't allowed to be anything else. Today, it's different. I want to go out and be somebody. I don't just want to be someone's wife for the rest of my life. I'm only 18 for goodness sake!" Bulma complained to her father. They were seated at her father's study and Dr. Brief had just been going over his work when Bulma walked in quietly with a look in her face that meant she wanted something.

Dr. Briefs loved his daughter very much. She was the gift Mrs. Briefs gave to him after she passed away from childbirth complications. From then on, Dr. Briefs promised himself to look after her and always protect her from harm. He had built himself a career that has given him and Bulma a wondrous life. They lived in Capsule Corp., a mansion located in the middle of the city. The mansion was filled with servants always cleaning, cooking, gardening, and doing whatever else the Briefs' family needed. Dr. Briefs was known throughout the world for his greatest invention, the capsules. The capsules were used to turn anything large, such as a house, into a tiny capsule that had a button on it which allowed the user to release the house back into its normal size. Dr. Briefs had proposed the invention to the public at the age of 22 and was soon rewarded with millions of dollars by the age of 23. He looked at Bulma as she spoke. She reminded him so much of her mother.

"Bulma, your mother, her mother, and her mother before that have always followed through with the tradition. We cannot break it. You know it's what your mother had wanted for you before she died," Dr. Briefs explained.

"But father…what if I don't find anyone? What if I am force to marry someone whom I do not love only because it is my duty to be wedded at the age of eighteen? I can't fathom spending the rest of my life with a man I do not love or even care about. What then, father? I will not be happy and it would all be for nothing," Bulma continued.

"Bulma, you will find someone. Your mother found me and we were very much in love when we got married. You just have to be looking for it. If you aren't, then every encounter will be meaningless for you. Bulma, there will be many men at the ball for you who are eligible and will have my approval if one were to be so lucky. I know myself that Sir Bardock and his son, Goku will be there. Not to mention, Yamcha, who is a very fine young fellow for you, darling. And I heard that King Vegeta along with his son, Prince Vegeta will be attending. A prince sweetie, can you believe it? Everyone in the city is talking about it because it's not every day that the two of them come out to a party such as ours. They are higher up in status then we could ever be, but yet they chose to come to your ball. It seems that the Prince has just turned 18 as well and is probably in need of a bride. But, I won't force you into anyone though. In the end, it's all up to you who you decide to marry and I won't interfere with anything," Dr. Briefs spoke. "And one more thing dear, the event will last a week. There will be a ball to kick of the event, then all of the guests will be staying here with us, and the week will end with another ball and hopefully that will give you enough time to decide if you actually find someone interesting."

"Fine, I'll do this ball, but I'm not promising anything father. I'll do my duty to you and the family. Good night," Bulma spoke as she walked up to Dr. Briefs and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She turned around and walked out the door, leaving her father back to his work.

I have to do this. And it's not like I have to get married right away. I just need to before I turn 19, which is a year away. It's what mother would have wanted for me and I can't do that to her. Father always told me how excited she was to finally meet me days before I was due. I wish I could've met her. She sounds like an angel. Bulma thought as one of the servants approached her.

"Ma'am, Lady Chi-Chi is here to see you," the servant spoke as she led Bulma to Chi-Chi.

"BULMA!" Chi-Chi shouted as she ran up to Bulma with a hug.

"Oh, Chi-Chi! I'm so glad you've come. I really wanted someone to talk to," Bulma spoke with such excitement at seeing her best friend. Bulma and Chi-Chi had grown up together being that Chi-Chi lived just a mile away. Their families had always been close and it was natural for Bulma and Chi-Chi to be just as close. The two always shared each other's secrets and protected one another from harm. It was in Chi-Chi that Bulma found a friend.

"Well, you can talk to me for as long as you want because I'll be staying here during the course of the event. I had one of the servants bring all of my stuff to the room next to yours. I know I'm a little bit early, but I was too excited to just wait at home. Plus, I wanted to help you find your gown for the ball and it's not like I'm super early. It's just in two days and I should have the privilege of coming earlier than the other guests, right?" Chi-Chi said with smiles all across her face.

"Of course you do! That is such a wonderful idea. I do need someone to help me pick out my gown. I'm surprised I didn't think about that myself," Bulma replied as the two headed upstairs to Bulma's room. Bulma had one of the biggest rooms in the house. It had a balcony that provided a beautiful sight at night. Bulma loved to sit out in her balcony and listen to the sounds of the city at night. It was where she found peace.

"So, I heard that all sorts of men will be attending the ball. I heard Goku will be there. Oh, he is just so handsome. You are so lucky to have him be there for you. He would make such a fine husband!" Chi-Chi said as she took a seat on Bulma's bed.

"Yea, he is handsome, but I think that he would be a better match for you Chi-Chi. I don't see why not. He is charming and very polite and the two of you would be great together. Although, I've never really talked to him, I could tell all this based on what I've heard from people," Bulma replied.

"Aww Bulma, that's sweet of you to say. Oh, and I heard Yamcha will be there too and he is a catch. All the ladies love him and would do anything to be in your place right now," Chi-Chi continued as she started to name off the men who were invited to the event. "Then there's Prince Vegeta. I've heard that he has quite the attitude and is far from polite. It's a shame because he is quite hot. He just has that whole dangerous, hot look going for him. Definitely not my type, I'd rather have a sweet, polite gentleman. He might be more of your taste, huh?"

"I don't know what my taste is, Chi-Chi. I mean, I've never really had a boyfriend before. I don't know what to expect. I'm just going to go there and see my choices and hopefully I will find one that is appealing to me," Bulma responded with a shrug.

"You make it sound like we're choosing food!" Chi-Chi said as they both looked at each other and laughed.

"Yea, I guess so!" Bulma choked with laughter.


"Vegeta, you are to attend this ball whether you want to or not. You need to find a wife, son," King Vegeta spoke as Vegeta lazily looked him in the eye.

"I don't understand why I need a wife, father. Why can't I just have fun for now? I'm only 18," Vegeta replied as he eyed his father. Not many people could look at King Vegeta in the way Vegeta looks at his father. Some don't even look at him at all out of fear. Just like King Vegeta, Vegeta had the same look as his father. The one that no one dared look at unless they were brave enough to do so. One look into both father and son sent chills down a person's body. Both eyes were cold as ice. It was hard to read what they were thinking.

"It is your duty to be married and to produce an heir. I want to leave this world knowing that my son will be ready to take on my place and have a son who will learn from him along the way," King Vegeta spoke sharply.

"I know. I know, father. It's always about duty and all that comes along with it. Well, I guess I can have a little fun along the way. Who will the girl be anyway?" Vegeta asked giving up knowing that he will not be winning against his father. Once his father made a decision for him, it was final. He had no choice but to do as he was told.

"The young lady is Bulma Briefs. She is the daughter of Dr. Briefs. Although she is not who I normally would've chosen for you, she has my approval in case she decides upon you. Her father is a very wealthy man. Not to mention his scientific background. Our families combined would be a great match. Power and intelligence is just the way I like it," King Vegeta replied with a smirk across his face.

"And if I can't win her love? What if she can't win my affection? What then, father? You know, I don't believe in love. How would this even work, father? I wouldn't even know how to begin," Vegeta spoke.

"Love is not a necessity for a marriage to work out. Only an agreement between the two is sufficient," King Vegeta responded as he looked away. Vegeta knew that what his father had said was not true. Growing up, Vegeta watched as his father showered his mother with affection. He saw the love they had for each other. Then one day, she got sick and died. Vegeta watched as his father turned colder and gave up on all hope he had for love. King Vegeta always reminded him that love never lasted and that it fades away and dies, just like his mother.

Vegeta just stared at his father before deciding to leave the room. "The ball is in two days, son!" King Vegeta called out after him as he watched Vegeta leave the room.

I don't need love. Vegeta thought to himself as a punched to his back caught him by surprise. His reaction was to punch back.

"OW! That hurt, Vegeta!" Goku shouted as he caressed the spot Vegeta had punched him at. "I didn't even hit you that hard!"

"You shouldn't have hit me to begin with. You know I always punch back. What do you want, Kakarot?" Vegeta asked as he continued to walk away, Goku following close behind him.

"Well, I heard you are going to the ball too. Aren't you excited Vegeta? There's going to be so many pretty ladies to look at. Not to mention Bulma. She is quiet beautiful, but not as beautiful as Chi-Chi. Oh, I've been waiting to finally speak with her. She's just so dreamy," Goku spoke with a huge grin on his face. "I think I'm in love."

"Kakarot, you are ridiculous. In love with someone you never even met with. Pathetic," Vegeta replied. Kakarot was Goku's real name and only Vegeta called him that. The two had an odd friendship, but were there for each other when need be. Goku's father and Vegeta's father were old friends, so the two have known each other since they were little kids. Goku knew what made Vegeta angry, but knew how to control his friend's temper at the same time. He was never offended by Vegeta's rude comments toward him knowing very well that they were almost never true. In turn, Vegeta liked how Goku was a good, loyal friend to him regardless of the way he acted.

"Love or not, I will speak to her," Goku spoke as the two walked. Bulma Briefs. I don't think I've ever seen her. We only hope she is somewhat decent looking. Vegeta thought as Goku continued to talk about Chi-Chi. This is ridiculous.