First Comes Duty, Then Comes Love

Chapter Seven

Bulma wiped the tears that had formed on her face as she ran towards Capsule Corp. She looked back to make sure he wasn't following her. How stupid of me. Why would I tell him all that? Stupid! How embarrassing. She thought as she turned her head back and ran into Vegeta.

"What the hell? I thought you were still back there, how are you right here?" Bulma asked in shocked.

"I believe you are underestimating Saiyans, especially the Prince of them all," Vegeta answered with a smirk. "Oh, we're quick…"

"I bet you are," Bulma replied with a small smirk of her own.

"You are quite the comedian," Vegeta spoke.

Bulma eyes were dry and she had almost forgotten about what had just happened, until Vegeta reminded her of what she had said.

"So…woman…you didn't like me messing with Morgan to make you jealous, huh? Yet you talk to that blasted bastard Yamcha to make me jealous. Perhaps we are both the same," Vegeta said.

"Perhaps we are, but I'm tired of games. It doesn't matter anyway. Your duty to your father is to find a wife and my duty to my father is to find a husband," Bulma said and then added. "Though I do not want to…Don't you see? You are just wasting your time. I've realized that love is hard to find and I can't see myself with anyone here. The only difference between our duties is that I can't fulfill it because I want…no I need to be in love before I ever marry. So…no more kissing…or teasing each other with fake kisses."

"Don't you like to be teased, woman?" Vegeta asked, a smirk forming on his face.

"Stop calling me woman. My name is Bulma. B-U-L-M-A!" Bulma answered with frustration. "And no, I don't want to be teased anymore. No more games. It just gets confusing. So listen, if you want to kiss me, then kiss me. And if I want to kiss you, then I'll kiss you. I'm giving you permission. Who said we have to be in love to do that. It's just a kiss. Nothing more. So…kiss me! I know you want to.

Bulma looked up into Vegeta's face and was taken by surprised because he set one of his hands on her cheek and kissed her. Before she could say anything, he was gone. All she could see was a small black figure in the air flying further away. What just happened? She thought as she continued her way back to Capsule Corp. to find Yamcha.

What the hell is wrong with me? Kissing that woman like that and then flying away like a fool. Vegeta thought angrily. This duty thing is ridiculous. I don't need a wife. I should be able to live my life as I want to…a free man with no obligations. After all, I am Vegeta, Prince of all Saiyans. Perhaps, it's time to have a talk with father.

Vegeta turned around and headed back to Capsule Corp. to find his father, hoping he wouldn't have to run into Bulma anytime soon.

As soon as Bulma entered her home, she headed straight for the Jacuzzi room knowing well that Yamcha would still be there. Just as she expected, Yamcha was nowhere near looking like he was searching for other clues. He was actually in the Jacuzzi with his arms around two ladies. Right when he saw Bulma enter the room, he jumped right out and started apologizing.

"Bulma! I didn't expect you to be here so soon. I was searching for the next clue and the ladies said it might be in the water. I was hesitant at first, but I got in to check and that's when you came in," Yamcha started babbling.

Bulma could only stare at him in disgust. "Well, did you find it?"

"Find what?" Yamcha asked confusingly.

"The next clue…" Bulma replied, wanting so badly to call him a retard.

"Oh…the clue…. Well, no it wasn't in there. Shall we search for it somewhere else? You know…somewhere more private? It is kind of busy in here," Yamcha added with a smile.

"Whatever," Bulma wasn't in the mood. She waited for Yamcha to put his shirt back on and then the two of them headed to find the next clue. In fact, she didn't even care about the scavenger hunt at all. She just wanted to find Chi-Chi and talk to her about Vegeta. He was confusing her and giving her mixed feelings. She didn't understand why he would just kiss and leave. She didn't want to play games with him and she hoped she got her point across. The games were fun, but it would've gotten old eventually. I wish I knew what he was thinking. Why would he just fly off like that before I could even question him? Bulma wondered.

"Father, may I speak to you?" Vegeta asked as he made his way inside the room his father was staying in.

"What is it now, Vegeta?" King Vegeta replied with a sigh.

"It is about this wife situation. Must I really find a wife now? Why can't I wait 2 or 3 more years? Why now?" Vegeta spoke.

"Because it is the way our old world was. Our sons are to be married at your age, no questions asked. If you are not married by that time, the tradition is that you are kicked out of the family and you will lose your title. I want you to know that I follow our Saiyan tradition heavily," King Vegeta answered as he turned to face his son. "Now…you must fulfill your duty. You are my only son and heir. We must continue the royal Vegeta family line."

"As you wish, father," Vegeta said before walking out the door. That didn't go as I had planned. He thought. He was about to head back to his room when he heard Morgan calling his name.

"Vegeta, oh Vegeta," Morgan shouted as she flagged him down. "I'm all changed now. Let's find the next clue. Or…would you rather we do something else," She asked flirtatiously.

"No. Let's find the next clue. I plan to win," Vegeta replied.

"Well jeez…you don't need to get all upset. Let's go then," Morgan said. Vegeta led the way and was relieved when he saw Goku and Chi-Chi.

"Kakarot! Have you found the clues?" Vegeta asked.

"Why yes, Vegeta. Chi-Chi and I have been having so much fun and now we are on a roll. We have the last clue and now we are looking for the item," Goku answered happily.

"Don't tell him too much, Goku…or he might just beat us," Chi-Chi added.

"What makes you think we wouldn't just follow you?" Vegeta said.

"That's smart, Vegeta. But, that would be considered cheating. You should find the clues on your own. It's rather fun when you have great company," Goku spoke as he smiled at Chi-Chi. Chi-Chi couldn't help but smile back. "Well, we are off then. Good luck guys!" Goku spoke as he waved Vegeta and Morgan off.

"Kakarot…hold on," Vegeta said quickly. But it was too late, Goku and Chi-Chi already started to walk away and nothing was going to make them turn back. "Damn," Vegeta muttered under his breath.

"Hey Vegeta…look…it's that stupid woman Bulma walking towards here with Yamcha," Morgan said pointing towards them.

That's just great. Vegeta thought to himself.

"Hi guys," Yamcha spoke happily. Bulma tried to turn a different way, but Yamcha grabbed a hold of her hand and pulled her towards Vegeta and Morgan.

Vegeta raised an eyebrow when he saw the two of them holding hands. Seeing this, Bulma quickly let go of Yamcha's hand and spoke, "How's the search coming along for you guys?" Bulma asked politely. She hated Morgan and was annoyed that she had to run into her again.

"The search is going great for the two of us. You must be slowing poor Yamcha down. It's a shame that he had you as his partner," Morgan answered with a smile.

"Excuse me?" Bulma replied with rage filling up inside her.

"You heard me, stupid girl," Morgan answered back.

Bulma raised one of her hands and slapped Morgan hard across the face. "Don't you ever talk to me like that in my home? You are a guest here…and I can have you kicked out anytime that I want. You stupid whore," Bulma said angrily.

Morgan was taken aback by the impact and raised her hand as well to slap Bulma back. But before she even reached Bulma's face, she was stopped by Vegeta. He let go of her hand as he heard Dr. Briefs approaching.

"What is going on here?" Dr. Briefs spoke as he made his way towards their group.

"Your daughter slapped me for no reason. She was upset that Vegeta and I were progressing and wanted us to tell her where to find the clues," Morgan spoke immediately.

"That's a lie!" Bulma responded as she turned to her father. "She was the…" She was cut off by her father.

"Bulma, she is a guest of this house. We don't get into fights with our guests. Plus, it doesn't matter anyhow. Chi-Chi and Goku found the item and we are announcing the winners at the garden area. Why don't you all come and join the fun and forget that this ever happened," Dr. Briefs spoke calmly. "Well, hurry on now," He added as he gestured them to follow.

As the group followed Dr. Briefs, Bulma eyed Morgan with anger. Morgan eyed her back and formed a smirk on her face. "I guess your daddy didn't even want to listen to you. You can't kick me out of here after all," Morgan whispered to her.

"How's your face? It's looking a little red," Bulma whispered back with a smile. Morgan gave her an angry look before turning away. Bulma looked at Vegeta next. "Why did you stop her?" She asked quietly.

"We wouldn't want to ruin your face, now would we?" He answered back.

"Bulma, you weren't slowing me down and you shouldn't have slapped Morgan in the face. She didn't deserve all that," Yamcha suddenly whispered to her. Bulma looked back at Yamcha and told him to shut up. Vegeta chuckled as he heard this.

The group finally made their way to the garden away. Goku and Chi-Chi were up on a platform smiling and giggling with each other. Dr. Briefs left the group and made his way to them to announce that they have won. Bulma walked away from the group and made her way to the front. Vegeta followed her and left Yamcha and Morgan together.

"Why are you following me?" Bulma asked as she squeezed herself between two people. "And why did you kiss me and fly away before I could even speak?"

"First of all, I'm not following you. I just want to hear better, so I want to be up front. Second, you gave me permission to kiss you when I want, so I did. Is that going to be a problem? Because, I might just kiss you whenever I get the chance," Vegeta answered.

"Whatever. That doesn't answer why you flew away right after," Bulma said as she finally made it to the front. "You probably don't even know why you did it that's why you do not have an answer." Now why did I have to tell him that he could kiss me if he wanted to kiss me? I wonder how seriously he took that. It sounds like he took that to heart. Oh well…it's just a kiss and I kind of like it. Kisses do not lead to marriage… Bulma thought to herself as she waited for his reply.

True. I don't know why I flew away. Perhaps, I didn't want to stay to hear her reaction. Oh well, a good thing came out of our talk. It seems I have been granted unlimited kisses. This should be very interesting. Vegeta thought. He was about to respond to Bulma, but Dr. Briefs started to speak.

"Thank you all for participating in our Scavenger Hunt today. As you all know, the winners are Goku and Chi-Chi. Congratulations to them. Their award is a trip to the most expensive, luxurious hotel in the city….Hotel Vegeta. Let's thank King Vegeta for offering such a fine prize to the lucky winners. Now, the best part of this is that each of the winners can pick one person to take with them. Goku…Chi-Chi…who would you like to bring with you?" Dr. Briefs asked.

"Oh, that's easy. I would like my best friend Bulma to go with me!" Chi-Chi answered. Bulma smiled at her friend.

"And you, Goku, who would you like to bring?" Dr. Briefs asked.

"Vegeta, of course!" Goku replied.

"Then it is settled. The group who will spend a night at Hotel Vegeta tomorrow will be Goku, Vegeta, Chi-Chi, and my lovely daughter Bulma. I hope you all are excited!" Dr. Briefs said.

Bulma could only look at Vegeta after hearing this. Why am I not surprised? She thought to herself as he looked right back at her.

Unlimited kisses….she might regret saying that. Vegeta thought to himself, excited at the thought. Tomorrow is starting to look like an eventful day for him and he couldn't wait.