Golden Compassion or Bella on Wheels


"Honestly, Jake. I'm not in a mood for a party."

"Come on, Bells. It's going to be fun."

"Fun?" Bella repeats in disbelief, her eyes turning into thin slits as she glares at Jacob. Her arms are wrapped securely around his neck as he lifts her into her bed, careful not to bang the two casts around her legs into the bed frame, "Yeah, I'm sure I'm going to have lots of fun at a Halloween party when you have to lift me into bed, Emily has to come over every other night to help me take a shower and Charlie has to lift me onto the toilet at night. Yeah, you're right. I'm going to have so much fun."

"Bells, that's exactly why you should be having fun. Promise me to come with me?"

She sighs as she pulls the cover over herself.

"Fine. And what costume should I wear? Limited choice here, Jacob."

"Don't worry about it, I have it covered."


Jacob can't believe his luck as he wheels Bella through the front door of Quil's house, cramped with downright hilarious and the usual boring people, but he can only grin, pushing through the crowd.

He doesn't even care that the golden smears ruin his Batman suit. All he wonders about is where his luck has come from. Bella must have been more bored than she admitted, or she would never have agreed to this. But she had been more than willing to comply, had even taken off her shirt for him (at which point he considered just having a party with Bella and skipping Quil's annual feast of awesomeness). She had not even shied away when the brush had edged so close to undiscovered territory.

He would never forget her shiver when he applied the color onto her neck, or the tiny sigh escaping her (damn, was he grateful for his hearing capabilities), when his fingers brushed her thighs as he fastened his homemade construction around her casts.

Quil and Embry burst through the crowd towards them, but stop dead in their tracks when they see Bella.

"I didn't even think you knew what Star Wars was, Bella."

"You are way more educated than I thought."

"Yeah," Bella mumbles, looking around the room uncomfortably before looking up at Jake.

"Told you she's awesome," he says to his friends, resting a hand on Bella's shoulder.

Maybe he just feels guilty that Bella went into his garage one morning and he had to bring her back to Charlie with two casts on her legs, or maybe he just wants his friends to shut up about him not giving her up. Either way, he knows they'll definitely shut up now. Once and for all.

Suddenly, Paul's voice hollers through the busy party chatter.

"C-3PO? Jake, man, now I get why you rather wait for that instead of just getting laid!"