A crowd of anxious readers waited outside the auditorium for the new showing to open. The doors opened and the line of anxious people started to file in. Some stopped at the food stands, others the restroom before the viewing, and most hurried to catch a good seat. Once the lobby was cleared, the doors were closed and the lights slowly dimmed to darkness as the spotlight shined brightly on the red curtain that was closed across the stage.

In moments, the curtain slowly pulled open and three familiar people stood out on stage with microphones in their hands as they waved to the audience who clapped for them.

Joci: Well hello to you all out there!

Kuro: Some new and old faces, we welcome you back to our second installment of 'A Savior'.

Crys: Yes, this is 'A New Life', a continuation of 'A Savior' up to the point of the second movie, Revenge of the Fallen.

Joci: I wanted to tell the story and the new lives of Crystal and Christopher since their reunion in 'A Savior.' Those of you who don't know them, I suggest you look into it to understand the story that's to be performed.

Kuro: 'A New Life' features the cast of Transformers, which is owned by Hasbro, Michael Bay and Steven Speilburg. Joci's characters that are her own are the following… Crystal Davidson, Christopher Davidson, Crystal's adoptive parents, the dog Luke, and students at the school are based off students from the movie and teachers were created by Joci as well.

Crys: We've put a lot of work into this, so we really hope you enjoy, but this is going to be highly rated and people very edited in future scenes.

Joci: What Crys means is that there is going to be intimate scenes with some characters, so we please ask that you do not read if you are squeamish or disapprove of it. I will censor reviews if they are inappropriate so I advise that you keep your rude comments to yourself if you disapprove. Thank you.

Crys: So without further ado…

Kuro: We introduce to you…

Joci: Our first installment of, 'A New Life'.

Chapter One

It's been three weeks since the fight over the All Spark. The Autobots defeated Megatron, Blackout, Devastator, and Bonecrusher, but in the end, one life was also taken, Jazz. She's told me she didn't know him as well as some of the others, but that he was a good friend to her, and she'd miss him. I myself would have to, if I had the liberty to have known them better. All of them.

It was a victory, but also a loss. The Autobots could never rebuild their home planet now that the All Spark was destroyed. So they live here with us on Earth. She was sad when Ironhide left and decided to stay with Captain Lennox, but even happier now that she had me.

"So Christopher," Interrupted Mrs. Paolini walking into the living room, "Have you made a decision?"

In front of him were many colors and wallpaper designs set across the small table in front of the small couch. "I have, I think we'll go with the flower pattern and put a chair rail up about half way, and paint the bottom this green color to match the vines, see." He said showing them to her.

"Ah, I'm quite fond of that as well, it'll look beautiful in the living room." She smiled.

"And I also have my other choices for the bathrooms. The one upstairs, I was thinking of the ocean, so the walls could be a blue color, like this," He showed her, "And we could have a boarder around the room of sea shells. You see, and the down stairs could go with the floral them in the living room, same color, but a boarder of different flowers."

"Wonderful idea Christopher, Crystal will love it." She smiled.

"Where is she anyway Mrs. Paolini?" Asked Christopher.

"You can call me mom dear, it's okay. She went with her father to the house and see how things are going along. She's also planning on stopping by the Lennox house hold, to see Will, Sarah and Annabella." She smiled.

"I see." He said. "And how are things going at the house?" He asked.

"Wonderful from what my husband has said. He's never seen anything finer. I can't wait to see it when it's finished." She smiled.

"Yea, me to." He said.

"So, what were you thinking for the bedrooms?" She asked.

"Well, I was thinking of going a rustic, sandy color, since well, it's what I'm used to." He said. "You have some warm browns too, and some lighter tans, like this here." He pointed to a picture.

"Ah, lovely coloring." She smiled.

"Yea, Crystal found a lot of good things." He smiled.

"Do you know what she'd like for her bedroom?" Asked Mrs. Paolini.

"I honestly don't, she never told me anything specific. I'm surprised she left this all up to me, I mean, I don't know a thing about how colors work or blend together." He said.

"But you're doing a good job," Smiled Mrs. Paolini. "I'm sure she wanted you to pick out the colors and patterns for her bedroom."

"Well, if she allowed me to." He chuckled, "but, from these few weeks that we've caught up, I got to know her in a sense. She love's the scenery, and how things flow so easily in life, but it's still very difficult to choose for her." He said going threw the colors and patterns.

Mrs. Paolini placed a hand on his shoulder, "You'll do fine Christopher, follow your gut instinct." She smiled before standing from the couch, "I better finish supper before they return." She smiled. "Oh, and let me know when you've made a choice." She smiled.

"I will." He said as she walked out of the living room. "What am I going to do for Crystal?" He mumbled.

Looking through the many books, one particular pattern caught his eye, "It's brilliant." He said. It was light blue, and blue satin sheets covered the bed with a few dark blue ones, and along the boarder was the ocean with the beach and sea grass swaying in the wind. "It looks exactly like her painting, its perfect!" He smirked.

He cleaned up, putting his chosen patterns aside to show Crystal later and walked into the kitchen. "Can I help?" He asked.

"Could you ready the table dear?" She asked by the stove.

"Sure." He said and cleared the table, grabbing the utensils and cups, setting them down on the table, leaving the plates on the counter for Mrs. Paolini.

At the Lennox's Household

"Hey you, how are you, how are you?" Smiled Crystal to the little infant she held in her arms on a rocking chair, Sarah sitting beside her in another rocking chair.

"You're good with kids Crystal." Smiled Sarah.

"Thank you." She smiled, "Annabelle is so adorable."

"Why thank you." Smiled Sarah. "How are things going now that you two are together again?" Asked Sarah.

"Christopher is exactly as I remembered him to be, and I'm just glad I have him back in my life now." She smiled and looked down at Annabelle who closed her eyes and fell asleep.

"It's her nap time, I should get her to bed." Said Sarah.

"Could I just hold her a little longer? Please?" She asked.

Sarah smiled, "I don't see why not." She smiled. "Could you stay here and watch her? I'm going to walk down and get Will and your father." She said.

"Okay, we'll be here." She smiled as Sarah walked down the porch. She waved walking down the street, leaving the truck behind.

"Dose she even know about you yet?" Asked Crystal out loud looking over at the black GMC Topkick Truck.

A hologram of an older man, roughly around his mid 30's appeared in the drivers' seat and got out of the truck, walking over toward the porch. "No, but Will plans on telling her very soon." Said Ironhide walking up the porch.

He leaned against the railing looking down at Crystal and Annabelle in her arms smiling a bit. "How far can you go?" She asked.

"Roughly about 100 meters or so." He said.

"Ah, I never knew you could do that." She said.

"Optimus figured we should have one, just in case." He said.

Crystal nodded and continued to rock Annabelle in her arms, "She's beautiful. I want children some day." She smiled fondly at the infant.

"You'd be an extraordinary mother, Crystal." Said Ironhide.

"Thank you." She smiled softly. The sounds of her father's old truck coming up the road cause them to look up and see it approaching.

"I should go." Said Ironhide.

"No, stay. Might as well have her know now then later, right?" She asked.

He grunted, then nodded his head as the truck pull in the driveway. Her father and Will stepped out first, then Sarah stepped out and hurried over. "Crystal-"

Crystal shushed her and smiled, "Annabelle's safe, see." She smiled.

Sarah nodded and walked over slowly, taking Annabelle from her and holding her close before looking over at Ironhide, "I don't believe I know you." She said.

"I'm a friend of Will, Crystal and Christopher. I was in the neighborhood." He said standing up from the railing.

"Ironhide." Said Will stepping onto the porch and walking over, shaking his hand before giving him a weird look.

"Now would be the time." Whispered Crystal, "For us to leave, right dad?" She asked.

"Yes, your mother has the food ready." He said. "It was nice meeting you William, Sarah." He waved.

"And it was nice meeting you." Smiled Sarah rocking Annabelle.

"I'll be seeing you around more often now, won't I kid." Said Will.

"Yea." She smiled, "See you Will, Sarah, Annabelle." She smiled waving at the sleeping infant, "You too Ironhide." She smiled hugging him.

Startled by the contact, he recovered patting her on the head, "See you around. Tell your brother I said hi." He said.

"I will." She smiled and stepped down from the porch and walked over to the truck. Her father started it up as she opened the passenger door and waved one last time. Pulling out of the driveway, Crystal looked back out of the back window, and just as they lost site of the house, she spotted Ironhide shifting into his robotic form.

She smiled, then sat looking forward at the road, watching the scenery go by her.

Entering Tranquility, they took the familiar drive past the hospital, turning at the school, and going up the hill past the secret road to the Lookout. Driving past Sam's street and spotting the familiar Camaro in the driveway, they turned onto their street and drove by a few houses before pulling into the driveway.

They stepped out of the truck and were greeted by Luke. "Hey, there's my big boy." She smiled sadly. Luke was old, and didn't have his old energy like he used to. Her parents had gotten him when she was five, now that she was 18, well, he was a very old dog. He was pushing his limits.

"Come on old timer, in you go." Said her father helping him up the steps. Crystal followed behind him and into the house, closing the door behind her. "We're home."

"And just in time!" Smiled her mother in her apron. "Come on, dinners on the table." She smiled.

Crystal walked over and smiled at Christopher who sat across the table from her, and her parents took a seat at the end, "Hey Chris." She smiled.

"Hey Crys, how dose the house look?" He asked.

"Well, I didn't see it today, dad did." She said.

"It looks great, they got the framing done and they're starting to put the sheet rock down. In a few days, the plumber is gonna stop by and the electrician." He said.

"That's good, sounds like everything is on schedule." He said.

"Things sure are." She smiled.

"How are William and Sarah doing?" Asked her mother.

"Just fine, and Annabelle is so cute mom." Smiled Crystal. "Sarah let me rock her today, and she trusted me to watch her while she went down the street to get dad and Will."

"Oh, that's good." She smiled, "not too heavy is she?" She smiled.

"Not at all, I didn't want to put her down really." Crystal smiled.

"So, who was the guy on the porch?" Asked her father. "How dose he know you and Chris?" He asked.

Christopher looked at her confused, "Oh, it was Ironhide, he stopped in to say hi, and told me to tell you he says hi too." She said nudging Christopher foot to silence him, as he was about to ask the next question.

"Oh, Ironhide, haven't seen him since Qatar." He said nodding his head.

"Ah, a fellow soldier, you've never mentioned him." Said her father.

"Well, he was more of a weapon specialist, fixing them at the base." He added quickly. "I had a few troubles with my rifle you see, and he fixed it."

"Ah, that's good." Said her father.

"Now, no more talking, the foods getting cold, eat." Smiled Mrs. Paolini.

"Will do." Smiled Crystal taking her fork and taking a bit of potatoes and gravy before eating it.

After a few minuets enjoying the food, Mr. Paolini spoke up, "This is good honey; new recipe?" He asked.

"Humhum." She nodded with her mouth full of food. She swallowed before continuing, "Mrs. Witwicky gave it to me a while back, I've been dying to try it."

"It's wonderful mom." Smiled Crystal.

"Yes, truly remarkable." Said Christopher taking a sip of his sprite.

"Why thank you, all of you. I'll have to make it more often." She said.

After dinner, Christopher and Crystal cleaned up and washed the dishes in the kitchen as Mr. and Mrs. Paolini sat out back relaxing the rest of the night. "So," Crystal spoke, "came up with any brilliant ideas?" She asked.

"Yes but, I'm kind of nervous really, I've never in my life, ever done this before." He said.

"Well, let's take a look." She said rinsing the last plate. He took it from her and dried it before putting it away and following her into the living room.

She was already sitting down and going over what he had. "This is remarkable Christopher, you have a great sense of color." She smiled.

"You have a better one." He said sitting down beside her as she looked over his selections.

"I love them all." She smiled, "but what about the guest bedroom?" She asked.

"Well, I was thinking we could leave it white for now, and in the future, paint it our self, you know." He said.

"That's a wonderful idea! That way no one can complain either, you're a genius!" She smiled and hugged him.

"Thanks." He smiled wrapping his arms around her waist. Neither one moved, but just sat in the embrace.

"God I missed you Christopher." Whispered Crystal in his ear.

"I know, I'm here, I'm here." He whispered and ran his fingers through her hair as she started to cry.

"I was so alone, I didn't know what to do." She choked out looking up at him.

"You won't be alone now, ever." He said looking down at her with a smile before kissing her forehead. "It'll be alright, we're together again." He said as she rested her head under his neck.

Her tears died out till all that was left was her soft, nearly silent breaths. Christopher shifted his position on the couch slightly getting Crystal on top of him and making himself comfy. He grabbed the blanket that rested on the couch and draped it over her shoulders before wrapping his arms back around her waist and holding her close. "Never again will I let you go." He whispered to her sleeping form before he himself fell asleep.

Later that night, Mr. and Mrs. Paolini walked back inside and headed off to bed, passing the living room to shut the light off, but stopped spotting the two on the couch asleep. "They're so cute." Smiled Mrs. Paolini walking over, brushing strands of hair out of their face.

"Leave them be, tomorrow Crystal has her last day of school to make up the hours she missed." Said Mr. Paolini.

"You're right." She smiled and kissed the two on the forehead. "Night my sweetie, and goodnight to you too, my son." She smiled before walking over to her husband and up the stairs, shutting the lights off on her way up.

End Chapter One

The audience applauded as Joci, Crys and Kuro walked back on stage.

Joci: Well, how was that?

Crys: That was nice, doesn't explain what happens after that last chapter you posted in 'A Savior' though. *The audience agree's with Crys*

Kuro: After observing the 'Revenge of The Fallen', we've taken into consideration that the twins we all know and live, a.k.a. Sunny and Sides, were not both in the film, we had to change the idea around.

Joci: Sideswipe will be making an apperarence later in the story, much later, and sadly, Sunstreaker will not be joining us, unless he appears in the third film, of course.

Crys: So, just ignore that last chapter then?

Joci: Yes, I will probably delete it now as to not confuse the audience.

Kuro: Wonderful idea. Now to get back onto business, we will be more then happy to remind you that Joci does not own the transfomers cast, just Crystal, Christopher, Crystals adoptive parents and Luke as of right now.

Crys: We love to hear your reviews, so send many this way.

Joci: Just a reminder, because of the high rating of the story, I advise that you keep inappropriate comments to yourself, I will censor those who are rude.

Kuro: So until next time.

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Joci: Please leave your comments and take your trash with you.

Joci, Crys and Kuro bow before walking off stage with the curtain closing behind them as the light turn back on allowing the audience to file out of the auditorium.