Crys: Hey, you okay Joci?

Joci: Of course I am, what would make you think I'm not?

Kuro: Well, the bruised eye is kind of an eye sore. *Whack* Ow! What?

Crys: That was a bad pun!

Kuro: Couldn't help myself.

Joci: It's nothing big, really. I just happened to whack myself with my tennis racket while I was playing the other night. And YES! It did INFACT hurt! I hit the bone that just curves into the socket where the eyeball is, right on the brow. It look's like I'm wearing eye shadow, so not many people noticed or bothered to ask if they did.

Kuro: Anyway, onto more exciting news…

Crys: You've graduated from college with and Associates in General Studies!

Joci: Yes, yes I have, and I am really excited about it too. I'm the first to do so in my immediate family, and first out of my memere's 10 grand children, me being number 3 from the oldest to the youngest.

Kuro: Well done, where are you off to now?

Joci: Well, I got to apply first before I'm off anywhere, but unfortunately, by the time I have all my paper work, the deadline for fall semester line up's will be over, so I'll have to wait till spring.

Crys: Oh well, you'll still get there soon and become one of the most amazing art teacher's, ever!

Joci: With a minor in history…

Kuro: Of course, can't forget that small tib-bit. As well as forgeting, let me remind you all that Joci is not the owner of Transformers, rather the Owner and Creator of the Davidson's.

Crys: We would love to here form you too, so if you'd please review, that would be so nice.

Joci: So I guess the next best thing is to present to you all, the latest chapter of, A New Life….

Previously in A New Life…


Christopher found Crystal in bed under new, clean sheets that Sarah must have put on. He walked over slowly after closing the door behind him and sat on the edge of the bed beside her as she held onto a pillow. He played with her hair a bit when she opened her eyes and smiled. "I thought you'd be up here once Sarah left."

"I should, to apologize for what I did last night." He said as Crystal sat up.

"But Chris-"

"No, let me finish first, please?" Crystal nodded and he continued, "It never crossed my mind that these emotions I have for you were fake, for they have never been more real till now. This love I have for you Crystal, I will do everything in my power to keep it going strong, each and everyday that I wake and breathe on this earth. I want to be there for you during the good and bad times, the happy and sad, and I want you to be happy too, no matter what may happen to us." He said. "To take things slow I suppose, I'd like to be your boy friend to the world, not just your twin." He said.

Crystal had tears in her eyes as she leaned over and kissed him, "I'd love for you to be my boy friend Christopher." She smiled before he kissed her back teasingly. After their brief kisses, Crystal whispered in his ear, "I am all yours, Christopher. No one can claim me as their own but you. I love you, and I want to be beside you every step of the way."

He smiled and covered her with kisses, eventually just lying under the sheets with her to get his well-needed rest as well.

Chapter Seven

Later in the afternoon, they walked downstairs dressed in their cloths and into the kitchen where Sarah was feeding Annabelle her lunch. " Oh, you two are up." She smiled. "How was the nap?" She asked.

"It was nice." Smiled Crystal holding onto Christophers hand as he looked in the doorway when Will walked in.

"You two heading out?" He asked.

"Yea. I think it's time we head home." Said Christopher.

"Have something to eat before you go. I made extra today." She smiled. "Heaven knows when your last meal was." She said.

"Probably lunch was really my last one, I didn't really eat much last night." Said Crystal as her stomach rumbled a bit.

Sarah got them a plate together as they sat at the table with Annabelle. Will joined them and chatted with Christopher as they ate. It wasn't much, but it fueled them up. "Thank you Sarah, Will, for allowing us to stay." Smiled Crystal.

"Anytime sweetie." Smiled Sarah taking Crystal in her arms before whispering in her ear. "You are always welcome in this house." She smiled.

"Thank you." Smiled Crystal hugging her back.

"Well, guess we'll be neighbors before you know it, eh." Said Will taking Christopher hand.

"Yea. Maybe we could hang out some time." Said Christopher.

"Anytime." Said Will. "Take care you two."

"Thanks, and you as well Will, Sarah." Smiled Crystal with a wave before she turned with Christopher to the car. They were about to walk past Ironhide when his hologram formatted in front of Christopher again and he fell over.

"Christopher?" Questioned Crystal looking behind her to see him on the ground and the tall bulky form of Ironhide covering her view.

"Ah, I'm fine." He said as he stood rubbing the dirt off his butt. He looked up at Ironhide and ironhide stared down at him with a stern look. "Well, we'll be seeing you around then, Ironhide." Said Christopher as Ironhide grunted and turned to Crystal. He took a step toward her before rubbing a hand through her hair, ruffling it up a bit.

"Hey, what was that for?" She asked with a smirk.

"No reason." He said. "Behave yourself. If you find yourself in trouble-"

"I'll call you. Thank you Ironhide." She smiled before she gave him a quick hug and turning to join Christopher to the car. He opened her door for her, and closed it after she was in her seat. He hurried around to the drivers seat, and took his spot behind the wheel. Starting the engine, he gave it a little gas to get it going before backing out slowly onto the road, and driving off for him with a honk and wave.

Crystal turned the radio on to battle with the awkward silence when Christopher spoke up first. "Mom will want to know everything that happened last night."

"Yea. She'll be very worried. Probably ground me till graduation." Said Crystal.

"But she can't, cause you risked your life saving Annabelle."

"As you risked your own to save mine." She smiled leaning over to him. He slowed down and stopped at a red light before giving her a quick peck on the lips. Once green, he took off down the road.

"So we'll tell mom about the accident with the man who held the boy as a hostage, and that will be the end of it, and if she want's more, we'll give her more." He said.

"What about us?" Asked Crystal.

Christopher sat in silence as he drove into tranquility. "I think, we should tell mom and dad, together. At a different time, after graduation would be best. Once we're settled at the new house, we can invite them over for dinner, and tell them." He said as Crystal rested a hand on his bisect.

"I love you Christopher, and I believe what you say is true. We'll tell mom and dad after graduation, and we're settled into the house." She smiled as he turned down the familiar street.

Christopher nodded with a soft smiled before pulling into the driveway. They stepped out of the vehicle and walked up the front porch when their mom opened the front door with a cry, "My babies are home." She smiled hugging them. "I was so worried when I heard there was a problem at the Lennox house. Is everyone okay?" She asked.

"Can we come in first mom? I think it's better we talk about this inside." Said Crystal looking around.

"Oh." Their mother walked back inside and they followed. Christopher shut the door behind him before following Crystal and their mom into the living room. As their mom enjoyed a cup of tea, Crystal and Christopher shared their part of what happened last night, leaving their affections to one another out.

"It was so nice of Sarah and Will to let you stay over for the night. You two must have had a long night after all that happened." She said.

"Yes. Crystal slept in till nearly 11 as I had gotten up around 9. " Said Christopher.

"Of course, I was the one who was shot, not you." She said.

"I've been shot plenty of times out in war, I know what it feel's like, no need to be reminded of it." He said standing from the couch. "I'm just going to go to lay down in bed a bit more." He yawned.

"That's a good idea. Crystal, you should go as well. You must feel drained after losing quite some amount of blood." Said her mother.

"I think I will." Crystal sat up and gave her mom a quick hug. " Wake me when dinner's ready."

"Okay deary, now you two go to bed and rest. I'm making my Italian wedding soup." She smiled standing from her seat, taking her mug with her and back into the kitchen.

Crystal led the way upstairs and Christopher followed staring at her ass. He absent-mindedly reached out and grabbed her around the waist at the top of the stairs tossing her over his shoulder. "Christopher!"

"Quiet." He said as he carried her down the hallway past her bedroom.

"What are you doing? I thought we were going to take a nap." She asked with a slight squeak in her voice, suddenly nervous.

He opened his bedroom door and walked in, closing it behind him before he locked it. He put Crystal down and she walked around looking at everything, taking in the strong scent that was him as he tossed his shirt off and throwing it in the hamper of dirty cloths.

His strong aroma consumed Crystal, she nearly screamed when he came up behind her, pulling her to his bare chest as he found his way under her hair to the skin of her neck. "C-Christohper." She gasped when he found her weak spot. She nearly collapsed if he hadn't lifted her up and carried her over to his bed.

Lying down on his sheets, she felt herself flying to cloud nine as his built body crawled over her and found her neck again. She was in pleasure the whole time he kissed and nipped her neck. " Christopher." She moaned in his ear. Her arms wound themselves around his neck as her hands fiddled with his hair.

Her soft gasps and moans that emitted from her tender lips sent Christopher's senses haywire. God he loved how his body reacted to her simple signs of pleasure caused by him. "Christopher." The moan of his name sent him over the edge.

His hands traveled to the front of her shirt and he found the buttons. Clumsily with one hand, he got her top to open and he pulled back from her neck to observe the beauty of her body he could only feel last night. She sat panting beneath him. Her chest rising and falling in tune with his own breaths. His member was throbbing, and Crystal saw it in his eyes, not to mention feeling it against her own vagina.

She closed her eyes in pleasure as she arched against his body, trying to get his member closer to her as she sat up, slipping her top off, leaving her sitting up against Christopher in her bra and pants as he sat in his on her in his own. They kissed and made-out for nearly a half an hour straight, pausing for short moments to get breaths of air in. It started to get dark outside.

Crystal now sat on top of Christopher straddling him in only her underwear as he sat with his boxers on against the headboard. Crystal's breasts were swollen and sore by Christopher's hands and mouth suckling them. He loved them, she knew it. He had stopped suckling them when she shifted against him, rubbing her vagina over his member in a stroke, he couldn't help but thrust into it and she cried out shuttering a gasp.

He held her closer and rubbed his member against her opening seals again and he smirked when he felt her shutter in his arms again before her wet cumm soaked through both her thin fabrics of underwear and onto his boxers. The cool cumm only made his member throb more in anticipation.

A hand traveled down her back where he found the elastic of her underwear and he tugged, hard. The rip of her underwear startled her and she looked over her shoulder to see him toss her underwear into his trash bin. "You owe me a new pair, I was fond of those you know." She said with a pout before it shifted into pleasure when he inserted a finger into her opening.

Her legs shivered as her arms grabbed hold of the headboard to hold her up. "I'll pick out the next few pairs for you." He said as he inserted a second finger allowing her to cry out and pant. Her cumm trailed down his hand slowly as tears formed in her eyes. "Shh." He whispered kissing them away, "It's okay, relax. Let them extend you." He said as he used the scissors motion to spread her open.

"Right." She panted allowing him to open her wide for his large member. As he continued to do that, Christopher used his other hand to pull down his boxers. He kicked them the rest of the way down his legs before they were tossed off the foot of the bed with the flick of his foot. He kissed Crystal as he inserted a third finger and he felt her lips tighten as more tears streamed down her face.

He kissed them away again with soft words of encouragement as he leaned over to his nightstand and opened the draw, rummaging around till he felt the square foil package. "Crystal." He whispered her name.

"Y-yes." She panted.

"Would you like to do the honor?" He asked holding up the condom package to her.

She smiled and took it in one hand as she kissed him softy. "I love you Christopher."

"Anything for you." He said as he continued to play inside of her, her opening already wide enough for him. She opened the package slowly as to not rip it and figured out the right way to roll it down over his member before putting it on him. She rolled it slowly, felling his member throb wildly beneath her hands. She cupped his balls and gave them a little squeeze before her pulled her with his free hand down onto his member as he pulled his fingers out and guided it into her entrance.

She threw her head back as her nerves tingled her whole body. She felt his arms wrap around her, making her lean over him, so she circled her arms around his neck. She still sat on top of him she realized, straddling him, his member inside her. She looked at him with questions in her eye when he smiled. "Ride me, till your body can't no more." He said.

She smiled softly and kissed him as she began to pull out and push back in at an even, steady pace. They panted together at each thrust. Christopher helped by thrusting up as she pushed back down into his hips. The fact he was fondling her breasts again was also tipping her over the edge. "Chris." She cried, "I-I'm going to orgasm." She moaned as her body arched with the last thrust she could do. That didn't stop Christopher.

With Crystal in his arms, he pushed up from his spot against the headboard and rested her back on the sheets thrusting back into her as he panted deeply into her neck. She panted beside him, crying out his name to him. He could feel her insides tighten, but it wasn't the same as their first time the night before. Raw, hot sex was far better.

"God damn it." Growled Christopher as he pumped harder with more force into her not hearing Crystal's cries. He then finally felt his member react when Crystal orgasm again beneath him. His orgasm soon followed and he cried out Crystal's name as he panted heavily. After a few deep breaths to stead his racing heart is when he first heard them. He pushed himself off her hot body and looked down at her tear stained face, red puffy eyes and cheeks. "C-crystal." He put a hand to her cheek, but it was soon slapped away.

"Get out of me." She cried.


"Now! Oh god now." She sobbed.

His heart shattered that moment as he crouched panting over her. He slowly pulled out, making sure the condom came with him. He checked the bag to see if it had ripped, and luckily it hadn't, but I was definitely worn down. He tossed it in the trash as Crystal crawled from beneath him and found her shirt and shorts. She quickly put them on as Christopher put on his own cloths to help her when she unlocked the door and left, running into her room down the hall with the slam of her bedroom door behind her.

Christopher shut his bedroom door and punched his wall hard, hearing a small crack beneath it. "Shit, I fucked up big time." He muttered. He looked down at the floor and saw Crystal's bra lying on top of his comforter that was kicked off during the whole excitement. He held it in his hands, debating on whether or not to bring it to her now or later. After second thoughts, he tossed it into his hamper along with his sheets.

He grabbed his comforter and put it back over the mattress before lying back down on it with a pillow over his face in anguish.

End Chapter Seven

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