Ed's pov

When I opened my eyes, I looked around for my love, but I didn't see her anywhere. Maybe she went to check on Nessie. I thought to myself hopefully. I raced over to Nessie's room.

"Hi daddy." Nessie said coming over to me with two dolls in her hands. "Hello sweetheart, have you seen mommy?" I asked as I picked her up. "Umm, yeah she came in a few minutes ago to see what I was doing, and then I think she went to the living room" Nessie said.

I beamed at her feeling relieved. "Then I think we should join her, don't you?" I asked as I carried her to the living room.

When we made it into the living room we both gasped. Sitting right on the couch was a beautiful baby. She had brown curly hair, and big brown eyes. She looked about 4 years old.

I walked over to the baby hesitantly. She looked a lot like Nessie, except for a few things. Then something in my brain clicked. "Bella?" I asked unsure.

"Yes?" She asked in the most adorable voice I ever heard. "Mommy?" Nessie asked surprised. Bella looked around confused.

"Umm Nessie, I don't think mommy remembers us yet." I said looking at Bella sadly. Nessie's eyes started to water. "Don't cry honey, mommy won't stay like this forever, we will take her to grandpa Carlisle, and get mommy back to normal.

Nessie blinked back her tears, then smiled. "Ok daddy." Nessie said hopeful. I picked Bella up carefully, then walked quickly outside. Bella smiled at Nessie.

Nessie smiled back, and laughed. "You look a lot like me." Nessie said looking Bella up, and down. "Yeah we could be sisters." Bella said giggling.

Nessie laughed. "Yeah, but you are my mommy." Nessie said grinning. Bella looked at her amazed. "Wow really, who is my husband then?" Bella asked.

"Daddy, silly." Nessie said pointing to me. "Wow." Bella said smiling at me, then hugging me tightly. I chuckled. Even as a baby I still loved Bella to death, but I wished that she was 18 again so I could kiss her again. Hopefully Carlisle can help, I don't think I can wait for 14 years for Bella to grow up, I could barely wait for a year.