Ed's pov

Ok first five, and now thirteen, who does that work, what's happening to my Bella?
"Umm how do you feel Bella?" I asked looking back at her.

She shrugged.

"Real hungry, so let's go eat." Bella said, then looked over to Nessie and smiled at her.

I put the car back on the road, and began to race to Bella Italian.

"So Bella, what do you feel for all of us, I mean do you know who we all are?" Jacob asked curiously.

Bella looked confused.

"I love my husband Edward, you're my best friend, and Nessie is my beautiful daughter that I also love you should know how I feel Jake." Bella said.

So Bella was back to her old self, just in a thirteen year olds body, how could this be.

"Umm Bella your thirteen." I said looking back at her.

She looked down at herself and gasped.

"OH MY GOD, WHAT HAPPENED?" Bella shrieked.

"Calm down Bella, can you remember anything when we were back at the house?" I asked upset that Bella seemed to be in fear.

"Umm yeah I saw a vampire looking in the window and I went to call for you but everything went blank." Bella said chewing on her lip.

I growled at that.

A vampire must of did this, then how can we fix this?
"But while I was out I kind of got this thought from the vampire he said that everything will be as it was with memories that have touched my heart in a certain way, but only good memories, the bad ones will make this worse, so I guess in means I'll age down." Bella said.

"So that's why when I said lamb it reminded you of something from your human years you got older." I said understanding now.

Jacob looked at us in confusion along with Nessie.

"I'll explain later, come on Bella needs to eat." I said getting out of the car as we parked.

Bella walked to me, and held my hand.

"This doesn't look weird does it, you holding a thirteen year olds hand does it?" Bella asked sadly.

"Not at all, and if it did I wouldn't care, I love you Bella, at any age." I said leaning way lower then I was used to and kissed the top of her head.

She grinned, and pulled me in.

The hostess looked at her with envy as she escorted us to a table, but Bella stuck her tongue out at her.

She looked at her outraged.

I chuckled.

"Kids." I teased, and set Bella onto my lap as we all got into a booth.

Bella grinned smugly as she left in a huff, and I laughed quietly.

"Even as a kid you are still just as adorable jealous." I said kissing her gently.

Bella rolled her eyes.

"I'm still a teen Edward, not a kid." Bella said relaxing in me.

I had to laugh at that, but then the waitress came, and we all ordered.

After she left Jacob looked at Bella in amusement.

"Did I tell you about Seth getting pushed off the cliff yesterday?" Jacob asked.

Before I could replay with a no Bella began to shake again, and she was now ten for sure.

I looked down at her shock.

She looked around, and struggled to reach the table so I sat up a little straighter so she could.

She sighed.

"When Jacob said cliff it reminded me when you left and I jumped off the cliff." Bella said looking up at me sadly in the most adorable voice I ever heard, but I was stabbed by her words.

I glared at Jacob now.

"How was I supposed to know, I still don't know what's going on." Jacob defended.

I sighed.

"I'm sorry Bella; I put you through some much I wish I could have changed what I did back then." I said sadly.

Bella again started shaking and she was fifteen.

She hugged herself to me.

"When you said change that reminded me of when I woke up of being changed into a vampire." She said, and gave me the passionate kiss that I'd been waiting for.

I smiled around her lips, but pulled away.

Maybe we will be able to get Bella back to her normal self again as long as someone doesn't say anything that brings back bad memories.

Nessie laughed as Jacob put a rose in his hair and fluttered his eyes.

"Nice flowers Jake." Nessie giggled.

"I'll get you some for Valentine's Day." Jacob said with a grin, and again Bella was shaking.

Now said was seven.

"Sorry that reminded me of Valentine's Day with Jacob, and you weren't there." Bella sighed.

Damn, maybe if I just keep Bella away from Jacob completely long enough to get her back to her normal self that would work!