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Prolouge: In the Sank Kingdom

" There is no way I'm going to go through with this Milliardo!"

Relena walked over to the window, she placed her hand on the glass feeling the cold
from the coming winter. She saw her brothers reflection in the glass and quickly took
her hand off of the glass, watching the frost cover where her hand had once been.

"Relena, I know this is difficult to swallow but it's necessary."

She swung around to face her brother, her voice straining to keep under control.

"You are asking me to marry an ex-OZ delegate, who by the way was Trieze Kushreinada's
second in command, how in the world can you expect me not to be upset."

Milliardo walked over and took Relena's hands in his.

"Relena..this will bridge the gap completly between the colonies and earth. No more
animosity, if they see you marry this delegate, the people will feel comfortable."

Relena stared at Milliardo.

"It will be at my expense, how am I going to get through this?"

Milliardo sighed.

"You'll survive, you always have."

Relena turned to look out at the window, she spoke softly.

"I don't love him."

She suddenly jumped at the sound of Milliardo's hands hitting the top of her desk, he yelled
at her.

"Are you still waiting for that no good bastard pilot of Wing Zero to come to you? He does
not care about you or about anyone."

His words brought tears to Relena's eyes. She knew he was right, but it was so hard for
her to stop hoping. Her brother spoke again but in a softer tone.

"Lena...this is your chance at happiness."

Relena stood in reluctance, and stayed quiet. Milliardo got frustrated at her silence, strode
to the door; he looked back and spoke one more time.

"Now is not the time to act like a child, it's time to grow up But, whether you like it or
not your getting married to that delegate."

He closed the door. Relena's hands closed into fists, she strode over a picked up a glass
bear (in honor of remembering Heero) and threw it at the door. It shattered, and she
watched it for a moment before her tears started to fall.