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Part 2

Relena felt better after talking with Hilde, even though no one kne about the abuse she
suffered, it was comforting to know that she had a friend just to talk to. She heard the door
open to the bedroom and immediatly tensed up, Relena felt arms circle around her waist.

"What have you been up to?"

Relena remained still, but whispered to him a soft voice.

"Nothing. I..I was just reading a book."

She felt his breath right by her ear.

"Did you talk to anybody?"

Relena shook her head.


She felt his arms tighten around her waist.

"Stop it James, your hurting me."

The hold did not loosen, in fact it got even tighter. James's voice got harsh.

"Now I know for a fact that you were talking to someone, the maid said she heard you."

James took one hand off her waist and grabbed her throat.

"You are going to learn to stop LIEING TO ME!"

He pulled her by her throat to the bed, Relena desperatly trying to take his hands away
from her throat, so she could get some air. He pushed her down on the bed.

"Please James, NO!"

Preventer HQ: 0800

"Two of our agents have undercovered some information to make us suspicious of OZ

Wufei was talking to the agents in the Preventer group. Heero stood off in the shadows,
quietly listening to his fellow Gundam pilot. The other Gundam pilots had all joined the
Preventer group, he looked around saw his other friends sitting to the right of him.
They were the only people that he trusted with his life. The agency had asked Heero
to take part of the leadership responsibilities, but he denied the position, rather
being out in the field in the heat of battle. Heero turned his attention from his thoughts
back to Wufei.

"We understand that after the fall of OZ, there is a fraction planning on the destruction of
the alliance bases. As of right now we have no information on which of the bases are going
to be hit. All of you will get your assignments in your offices. Dismissed."

The four Gundam pilots waited until all of the agents walked out of the room before talking
with Wufei. Heero spoke first.

"So, what exactly do we know?"

Wufei spared a glance at him.

"We know nothing. This group has evaded us and seems to have some very high power
on their side."

Quatre thought about something for a moment.

"Is there anyway that we can find somebody who knows about this group, even former
members of OZ must have heard something about this."

Trowa inclined his head slightly.

"Quatre's right. We should all pay a visit to some OZ soldiers."

Duo gave a huge smile.

"Alright, now we get to have some fun!"

1 Week Later: Sank Kingdom - Relena and James Bedroom

Relena winced as pulled her robe on, her shoulder just got straightened from James
dislocating it. She heard him yelling at someone, Relena caught the word "Preventer",
and looked at the huge golden doors that led into the private office. Making a decision
she tip toed to the door and carefully put her ear to it. She heard James yelling to someone
on the phone.

"I told you I need those explosives ready in three days and sent to Russia on earth. If I'm
going to take down the alliance, I need those sent to my people NOW!!"

Relena away from the door as if had suddenly turned hot. She whispered to no one in

"Oh no, he going to bring down the preventers that means...Heero!! and the other pilots
will die! I can't fight back physicaly James, but can fight in other ways."

She heard him slam the phone down. Relena ran back into the bed and turned down the light
just in time for James to come out of the room.

The Next Day: Sank Kingdom
Relena waited for James to go to his usual Wednesday nightly gambling, and locked the door to
her room. She thought about contacting the pilots directly but realized that if she went
through a middle man, her identity would be protected even more. Relena thought for a
moment then picked up the phone.

At Hilde's and Duo's place: 9:00pm

Hilde was waiting for Duo to come home, like she did every night when the phone rang.
She went over and picked it up.


"Please listen, I am a friend, if you want to help save your boyfriends life come to Samson
Lake tonight at 10:00pm."

Hilde not wanting Duo in danger agreed to the meeting. She left a note for Duo that
she was going to visit a friend, and walked out the door.

At the Sank Kingdom:

Relena put the phone down, she guessed that lowering her voice was enough that Hilde
did not know who it was. She walked over to her closet and opened it, Relena
reached up on the shelf and moved her hand around until she felt the object.

"I hope this will work or I will be dead in the morning."

Relena quickly copied her image and anything she needed to say into the hologram.
She went over to the balcony and looked down the four stories.

"Heero could do this, but I'm not suicidal."

Relena spotted the gutter to the left of the balcony, she smiled slightly.


The air was cool, Relena was glad that she had her cloak with her. She landed on the ground
and took off in a run.

"I'm going to help you Heero even if it means my life."

End of part 2