Matt's POV

I wonder about every single day why I made this stupid deal. It all started when we were kids and continued till now. We're both in the WWE so it's even more possible to do something like, interrupt a match and get almost fired. We're both victims of this deal I believe though. It's truly I deal with the devil. It's not either of our faults, we both grew up and problems got worse.

He's a good guy…but I really haven't gotten the chance to know him. It's like one of those business relationships. He only really calls me when he needs to call in the deal. Then I call him to call in mine. No one knows about this ridicules deal. If they did they would try to pull us out of this, but here's the catch, both men have to agree to call off the deal. God knows with how screwed up our lives are getting no one wants to give up a cry for help, someone who will do whatever you want, whenever you need it. There's another catch though, this goes in order. As in he called in my deal, he can't call in another till I call in mine. The down side to that is that sometimes the problem gets worse with time and I have to fix it.

I was standing there talking to my best friend Shane Helms when I saw this guy get ganged up on. I look to see what's happening. Apparently this guy did one little thing wrong and this guy who thinks he's got it all takes his little buddies who are always backing him up. (You don't really have it all if you need henchmen to back you up in my opinion.) He was out numbered and I walked over when he took the first swing at the guy and pulled him off of him. Now not to brag but I was very good at sports and I kept working out every day so I was pretty good built. I was pretty popular too, which I guess might have helped, but maybe it was even my words, I honestly have no idea.

"Why don't you try to do something without your henchman?" I got right in his face.

"Go to hell Hardy." He told me.

I punched him in the face and he fell down, easy as that. None of his friends did a damn thing but look at me with a dumb 'I don't know what to do.' Look then helped him up and left. I helped the guy up.

"Hi, I'm Matt." I told him.

"Thank you so much, I'm John." John shook Matt's hand. "I swear I'll repay you."

That's where it all began. "I swear I'll repay you."

So far I have helped him with many things, most recently got him back together with WWE diva Melina. But he's been through hell with me too. I would like to say I haven't asked him to do anything to extreme…but I'd be lying. That's just something we will both have to put up with for the rest of our lives.

Recently of course I called in my deal. Some bastered stole my wallet and I had to leave the place soon…and you were there. So I called my deal in right then and there. You give it to me with a busted lip. I did feel bad, but you've made me do some stuff that has ended in quite a few black eyes…and by a few I mean A TON.

"Here, Hardy." He said.

"Thanks." I looked him in his eyes. "I owe you."

"I know." He nodded at me. Our faces were both completely plain.

I got a phone call two weeks later, apparently some guy fan punched him in the face, not liking his storyline character, and ran off. He gave me a description and told me to go after him.

I sighed loudly. I couldn't say no. "Okay." I say simply.

"Good luck." He told me.

"Thanks bye." I hang up. I search for a mask to put on so I'm not recognized. I find a black ski mask. Will do. I think to myself. Not the worst think I've had to do. Sad but true. I knew exactly what he wanted.


I finally catch the guy John described and stop him.

"What the-." I punched him in the face. Feelings horrible that I did. I kicked him in the gut before running off, just relieved that I completed the deal and now it was my turn to get some help, with anything I wanted. Anything.


When I got home I was met with a right hand almost hitting me if I hadn't of ducked. I take off my mask to see Jeff.

"Matt?!" He asked.

"Yeah!" I looked at him.

"Sorry I thought you were breaking in!!!" Jeff told me.

I rolled my eyes. "Breaking into my own house with a key?"

"Well what's with the mask and I didn't see the key." Jeff asked.

"…just seeing if the mask keeps my face warm." I shrugged. "Also I just bought it and it looks cool."

"That's kinda stupid." Jeff said.

"Says who?" I looked him up and down and he started laughing.

"Okay then, Okay then." He smirked.

Jeff's the hardest person to lie to. It hurts me to lie to him and not tell him what's going on, but if I told him about the deal he'd think it's either stupid, or be scared for me and tell me to try to call it off…but it was my turn to make him do what I wanted, he might agree to calling it off now, but I don't want to currently.

I know not asking to call off the deal and being rather selfish on both of our ends could be the biggest mistake we both ever made. As a matter of fact, I think it was the biggest mistake we ever made.

Well that wasn't the best writing I've done but its okay. XD Yes I am using John Morrison. I have no idea why I just thought it would be cool to put him in there.