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Turns of Fate

Chapter 1

Coruscant, Luke decided, probably was born as a crowded city. It seemed no matter what period one lives in, Coruscant would always be a bustling metropolis that never slept. Even when one face of the planet was in darkness, one would hardly call it dark; the lights from the buildings were bright enough that it might as well be day, still.

He wondered if, before this planet was populated, Coruscant was ever a desert, like Tatooine. Or maybe it was green and lush, like Naboo. Or maybe it was a mix of the two?

Naw. He wrinkled his nose. Multiple climates on one planet? Please. Like that could ever happen.

The fifteen-year-old sighed. Just what was he doing here? Just twenty minutes ago, he had been on the farm with his uncle, fixing vaporizers for what must have been the thousandth time. And then all of the sudden, he was here.

He knew he was brought back in time. The Force around him told him so. He had always been able to sense the Force like he was reading a book, probably even easier than that, even, so he instantly knew he was at the wrong timepoint, despite having never experienced this before. The question, however, was why he was brought to this point in time. To that, the Force provided no answer.

How far back in time was he? Sometime before he was born, that was certain. He wondered if he could still talk to Leia, across time. She probably sensed his disappearance, all the way from Alderaan. Well, he thought, already preparing a retort for the series of indignant scoldings she would no doubt have when he returned, it was not my fault. He certainly never decided to ask the Force for a hand in time travel. In fact, he did not even know it was possible. He doubted Leia knew either.

It sucks not having a Jedi teacher. Luke decided, as he started to make his way down the streets of the metropolis. Ben Kenobi had taught him some things from when he was four years old, but then the Empire sniffed the use of the Force and came knocking on Tatooine. The old Jedi escaped the planet to lead the Empire away from Luke, but not before Luke learned how to communicate with his sister, using the Force. Afterwards, Luke would keep in constant contact with her. Their sibling bond enabled the strong connection without the Emperor ever sensing the disturbance in the universe, and the twins quickly learned many things on their own, through mutual meditation, with some occasional guidance from Ben when he could risk a little exposure. For the most part, Luke and Leia did not really need a teacher; so much of the Force came too easily to them. However, on occasion, it would be nice to be able to ask someone a question and get an immediate answer, rather than have to muse on it for hours on one's own. Right now, he would dearly like to ask someone, why am I here?

Oh banthaspit that's Ben. Luke pulled back when he saw the younger version of the old Jedi walk down the block. He was with a tall, blonde man. Both were wearing Jedi outfits. Dad. Luke thought. Before he turned to Vader.

Well that narrows the timepoint down a lot. He was back sometime between fifteen to twenty-five years ago, he suspected. His father was tall, which meant it was more like fifteen to twenty years ago. If he followed those two, assuming they were not on missions, they could probably lead him to the Jedi Temple, where he would hopefully meet with Master Yoda and figure out a way to get back home.

Luke? Luke, where are you?

And that answers the question of whether he could speak to Leia across time. Hi Leia. I'm, uh, on Coruscant.

Silence. No you aren't…

I'm about a decade or two in the past. Luke replied. I'm currently following Ben and Dad around now. Not sure where they're going.

Are you serious? His sister seemed shocked. How? What happened? What did you do?

What do you mean what did I do? Luke frowned in slight indignation. He then remembered his earlier prepared retort. It was not my fault. One minute I was with my uncle, the next I'm here. In the past.

Well you must have done something!

Luke rolled his eyes. Even though his sister could not see it, she could still feel his irritation.

Alright, fine. How are you going to get back?

Don't know. I'm in the era of the Old Republic, which means there are other Jedi around. Including Dad. Hey, got any questions to ask him while I'm here?

Other than ' Why did you turn to the Dark Side?'

Well, yeah, since…we already know the answer. It was to save Mom.

Sure. ' How do you turn back?'

Luke stifled a chuckle. I'll see if I can't get an autograph from him or something.

An autograph. From our father.

Yeah, well, we already know life sucks. Hold on, they're speeding up through the crowds. Luke slipped through the masses of moving bodies. Leia, is Coruscant still this crowded? There are people everywhere!

Depends on where you are and what time it is. Leia replied. She seemed more worried about him now. What are you going to do? Don't tell them who you are!

I'm not stupid, Leia!

I'm not saying you are. Just reminders, also to myself, you know. Leia thought back. And be careful not to change too much of the timeline while you're there.

I don't know. I'm kinda tempted to fix our Dad.

You're putting the rest of us at risk if you do that, Leia warned.

Yeah yeah, I know. Luke thought. I'll make it back, I promise. This isn't the Empire, so times are more peaceful here.

You never know. Keep your connection open to me. I need to know how you are.

Sure, though I don't know if you can do anything if something happens.

Peace of mind then. Leia's thoughts went quiet.

The two Jedi were indeed heading toward what looked like the Temple, which prompted Luke to call to his sister again. He projected the image of the building.

Is that the temple?

I don't know. Leia replied. I can't look it up without someone being suspicious, namely, the Emperor, or Vader.

Here goes nothing, then. Luke thought to himself. He glanced down to see what he was wearing. Tatooine farmboy outfit. Great. What a sure way to stand out in a crowd. Though, from the looks of the place, no one was paying him any attention.

After a particularly outlandish alien passed by him, Luke decided that his outfit was probably more inconspicuous than most.

" Master Kenobi, Knight Skywalker," The Jedi at the entrance of the temple greeted, " Welcome back."

Luke considered his options as his father and Ben disappeared inside. He wanted to see Yoda, but he doubted simply marching up to the entrance and demanding audience would do him any good.

I'm a fifteen-year-old kid with a lot of Force potential. Luke thought. All I have to do is attract their attention.

The Temple had steps leading up to the main entrance. In front of the gates were tall pillars that supported an overlying roof. Demanding audience would probably not be all effective, but there were other, more entertaining ways of attracting attention.

Like a blatant use of the Force. Luke grinned. In a world where the Empire did not exist yet, he might as well have some fun. With that thought, he scampered up the steps and jumped from the pillars up to the roof.

A burst of astonishment resonated from below him. He sat over the roof, dangling his legs. Across the street, some people turned and noticed him and began pointing, while he sensed the Jedi within the temple begin to assemble. With all the citizens gaping and staring, Luke waved at them with a grin and started humming old tunes from Tatooine. He was hungry. Would they have food in the temple? He hoped so. He had been working on the farm for a while, and had been about to break for lunch when he arrived here. Oh awesome! I can taste high-end Coruscant food. This adventure would be great! Who cares why he was here? He might as well amuse himself.

" It is not safe up there, young one." A Jedi's voice interrupted his musings. Luke looked down to see a dark-skinned, bald man. Master Mace Windu, of the Jedi Council, the guy that nearly killed Palpatine, if only his father had been a little smarter about choosing his friends. " Will you not come down?"

Mace Windu or Yoda, for Luke's purposes one was as good as the other. Though, before he returns home, he did want to have a Coruscant lunch. " Hi." He started to ask for food, and then decided that perhaps some introductions might be in order. " I'm Luke."

The Jedi Master considered him. Now that Luke had jumped down, he found that other Jedi had assembled near the entrance. No doubt, they were all wondering about his outfit. And my age. Fifteen-year-old kids jumping on Jedi Temples probably were not common at this time. Well, it probably did not matter what my age is. Still is not common.

" Hello, Luke." Windu smiled a little. He clearly sensed no evil intent in Luke, though he was definitely puzzled. " I am Mace Windu. Are you lost?"

" In a way." Luke said thoughtfully. " But it's more complicated than an escort home. The Force brought me here."

Windu frowned a little, even more perplexed. " I see." Said he. " And would you happen to know why the Force brought you here?"

" Nope." Luke turned around. " But whatever reason, it would be revealed in time. I guess." Would now be the right time to ask for lunch? " I smell food. Is that food?" Forget Yoda! An authentic, Republican Coruscant lunch! Leia would be so jealous! Maybe I should bring her back a souvenir?

He had darted past the gathering of Jedi into the temple. In truth, he did not smell any food, so once inside he had no idea where to go. It was the first time he was inside the Jedi temple, however, and this warranted some gaping time. He did so, looking around at the polished marble space. " Wow." He breathed. " This place is so awesome!" The food here is probably even better than I thought!

" Ah, yes," Said a less welcome voice, " I do believe I must thank young Skywalker here. The galaxy truly would be a different place, without this fine young man."

Luke looked in the direction of the words, already scowling. Sure enough, Chancellor Palpatini emerged. He was a bit surprised by the man's appearance though. The chancellor looked like a friendly grandpa. Compared to his Emperor self, this guy almost looked handsome.

Flowerface! Luke thought, adding to the growing list of nicknames he and Leia had been compiling for the bastard ever since they knew what he had done to their father. The nickname was too absurd+, and Luke burst out laughing at the thought.

Palpatine paused. He was walking with Ben and Luke's father, along with some other Jedi, including...Yoda. Luke shut his mouth with a click. Shoot. Luke could be ten times more powerful than the little green goblin, but the very Force itself is probably scared senseless of the guy. Which meant it was probably not a bad idea for Luke to also be somewhat scared of him.

" A surprise, this is, Master Windu." Yoda said to the Jedi after considering Luke, his ears perking up a little to listen to the expected explanation.

" He hopped on the roof, Master Yoda." Windu replied. " No doubt a Force sensitive, but I have never seen him before."

" A force presence, he does not have." Yoda remarked, studying the teenager.

" Do too!" Luke blurted out, before realizing he had been masking his presence. With Palpatine so near, however, he did not want to drop his shields. There were other ways he could prove his sensitivity, though. Luke and Leia were both good at using the Force while keeping themselves shielded. And, unable to hold back that personal grudge against the man who not only ruined his father, but killed his mother and separated his family, Luke undid Palpatine's belt and slid his pants to the floor.

With the long robes, however, there was not much to show for Luke's efforts, except a loud cry of shock and outrage.

" Do you guys have a cafeteria around here?" Luke asked Yoda, as Palpatine struggled to lift his pants up without lifting his robes. " I'm starving!"

Yoda looked bemused. The rest of the Jedi looked startled, and torn between addressing Luke and helping the Chancellor somehow. Later, Luke would contemplate the absurdity of having pulled the Chancellor's pants down, but that he would save for later. Right now: Food!

" What is your name, young one?" Yoda asked gravely. Next to him, Luke sensed Sidious seething in anger. And well you should! Thought the boy. The Sith would not retaliate for fear of revealing his own identity, and Luke took this opportunity to enjoy the moment.

" Luke." Said the boy. He sprinted past the Jedi to admire the rest of the hall. There were tall statues and engravings lining the walls. An atmosphere of peace settled over the place, so that even Luke's energetic mood was somewhat subdued.

" This place is really cool." He remarked. It was lame, but he felt he had to say it for some reason. He sensed someone walk up behind him. It was his father.

" Luke?" His father murmured, " Are you from Tatooine?"

Count on Dad to recognize the clothes, Luke thought, turning around to face the man. The two of them stared at each other, with Luke searching his father's face. His father looked...young. There was a kind of dark wisdom in his eyes, but he looked young. Troubled, but young. This was his real father.

Luke was suddenly struck with a desperate longing to tell this man everything that was going to happen. Curse that Paupertine!

Luke! His sister warned. She sounded apologetic. Don't do anything stupid!

I won't. Luke replied sulkily. For a good measure, he projected the image of their father to her. He sensed her responding sorrow.

You two look alike. He looks like he's taller, though.

Yeah, well, 'tis life. Luke thought morosely. On the surface, he brightened. Here was a chance to hang out with his Dad, for however long that will be. " Say, can you lead me to the kitchens?"