I was so shocked, so angry and yet felt so different in a way I guess.

Why? That's what I keep asking myself, Why would he do that to me? He knows my history and then telling me " It's not you, it's me." How dare he?!

I felt so scared, so agry and lonely and … different as I walked trough the woods, as painful as it is , I still remember the day he told me I shouldn't walk in the woods alone or without him. And as the memory flashed in my mind it felt as if my already broken heat just broke a little more, if that's even possible.

Nobody would be able to repair it, and the little piece of my heart that he left behind, that little piece that belonged to Charlie was my only reason for living these days.

I won't survive if I lost him, I'd die even if I'd have to do it myself I won't care.

But.. what is this weird powerful feeling ?

Erm okay, if you would like me to continue to write for this story please say so and I'll try ,

I know I don't update a lot for my other stories but that's just because , I just don't know what to write, if an idea pops into my head I start writing, and last night at 3AM I just took my little book thingie and started writing the idea down that popped into my head and this was it. This is whatyou get if I stay up till 4 AM eventually.