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Chantage d'Amour

"How do you know for sure the kid is even yours, do you remember who are we talking about here?"

Phil ran the tip of his tongue across his lower lip and drew in a deep tired breath. It wasn't the first time the woman standing by his side implied such a thing and just like all the previous times the question annoyed him. "Micks, not again ok"

The petite woman shrugged. "Don't get mad at me and just think about it. The woman is a proffesional liar, I mean you told me that yourself! Since day one she's been moving you around at her will and you know it. Now because she had a kid she's Saint Maryse and you have to believe everything she says? That's a load of crap and the Phil I knew from a year ago will agree with me… do you remember old Phil? The one who complained to me about how the woman was pure evil, about how much she made his life a living hell? I think that old Phil would smack some sense into this Phil who wants to play house with her, I know because sometimes I want to smack you myself"

Without slowing his pace Phil turned his head to the side and stared down at the petite woman. "She wouldn't lie to me about this"

"Right, because she hasn't lied to you before, why would her now…?

"It's not the same" He said without thinking about it and went back to stare at the way ahead of him. "You can't compare what she did before to this, I mean yes it was wrong and stupid on her part but… it's just not the same and she wouldn't lie to me about this baby been mine" As wicked as the woman has been to him before he knew she wouldn't do that. "She has changed…"

Like he told Mickie, forcing him to play her boyfriend couldn't compare to her making him believe Sofia was his; yes it has been annoying playing by her rules back then but if he came to think about it the whole thing has been nothing but ridiculous…

And then there was their time together after he decided to make peace with her; in that time he noticed a few changes in her, yes she was still her cocky self but she didn't act like the conniving bitch he has known her to be and she was pleasant to be around… even funny in her own silly way…

"Then tell me one thing, for your sake let's say the baby is yours and Saint Maryse was just being stupid with the whole photo thing and the let's get Mike jealous crap, but then why haven't you forgiven her? I mean you can fool everybody but you can't fool me. I can see from a distance you are in just for the baby and like I said, let's hope she is yours because otherwise she's screwing you big time"

Phil stopped, not only to take a look at Mickie but also because they finally made it to her car and there was no reason for them to keep walking. He watched as she grabbed her keys and opened the door to get in… and while she climbed inside the vehicle he stood there, thinking.

"I know I sound like a complete bitch here but think about it ok, I just don't want you to keep making mistake after mistake and end up being hurt with all this. Anyway, here, take this" Phil watched as his so called friend reached for a box that has been sitting at the passenger seat and gave it to him. "This is for the baby" She shrugged. "I have to go now" With that said she closed the door and soon after she was gone.

Phil didn't wait to see the car getting out of the parking lot; he just turned around as soon as she closed the door and walked the same way he came in, going back into the hotel while carrying Mickie's box.

That wasn't the first box or bag that he has been given for the last couple of days; in fact it seemed that every single person who came to see the baby bought something for her, and taking in consideration that quite some people showed up it was safe to say that he had up in his room lots of baby stuff. Brie said that it was great since Maryse didn't get to have a baby shower but to Phil it was kind of annoying, especially when he was going to be the one carrying everything back to Maryse's home in LA.

He sighed, anticipating the journey there to be a long one. He wasn't sure if he had what it takes to travel with a woman who recently got a c-section and a new born baby… especially when that woman was Maryse and the baby his. Not that it mattered if he had it in him or not, he had to do it and that was it. Resigned, he put the box under his arm and made it all the way back to the suit.

Maryse and Sofia were released from the hospital that same morning, and ever since he took her into the hotel there has been people coming in and out and Phil was already tired of seeing them, he wished they would all disappear.

But when he opened the door there were still people, not many, just the worst of them all.

"And he came back, just when I thought you got lucky and he ran away"

Phil closed the door behind his back and through half closed eyes looked at the woman who just spoke; he could swear on his mother's name that it was Nikki, Brie wasn't so bad to deal with and by now he could tell them apart whenever one of them opened their mouth to speak. "Funny, I was hoping you had taken a dive out the window but here you are, pestering my room"

"This is my friend's room too" She said, her tone full of a stuck up attitude and all.

"Wrong, I'm paying so this is my room" He said, leaving the box over the sofa and lifting his eyebrows as he walked to the portable crib where Sofia was sleeping undisturbed.

"Guys… do you really have to fight all the time, can we all just get along?" The other twin asked, looking from her sister to Phil.

"Argh, I just don't know how you tolerate him" Nikki said, turning to a very silent Maryse.

"You know, if you would put the same dedication you do bashing me into your relationships you would be married by now, by the way how is Nick with his new girlfriend?"

Nikki opened her mouth to protest but before letting anything out she clasped her mouth shut and sent him a death glare. He didn't care, after checking Sofia and giving Maryse a passing glance he left for the bathroom to take a shower.

He was tired, his mind was a mess and tomorrow was going to be a long day… he just wanted to sit back and relax. He took the shower, and even when he was trying to keep his mind in blank Mickie's words keep coming back to slap him in the face… she didn't know it, but she had planted something that had put him to think.

Maybe it even helped him make up his mind.

After he was done and changed he walked out to find Maryse sitting alone in the suit's living room, she was watching over Sofia but when she felt his gaze on her she looked up. "She's still sleeping"

Phil nodded, he had figured as much because that was pretty much all she did… what he noticed and liked was that the twins were gone, everyone was gone.

"Help me take this into the room, I'm tired" She looked away from him and back to the baby, then after a few seconds she began what it seemed to be the arduous work of getting up.

"Do you need help?" Phil asked, taking a few steps towards her to help her stand up.

"I can do it. Just take the crib into the room" She said, almost curtly as she struggled to get on her feet.

Pretty much ignoring her he held her arms and waited for her to do the rest of the work, in other occasion he would just have put her up to her feet but because he didn't want to hurt her he just offered her support.

"I said that I can do it myself" She said, refusing him.

"Don't be stupid Maryse, you'll be here all night long trying to get up by yourself" Without waiting for her he pulled her up, watching as the French Canadian bit on her lower lip to keep from complaining.

It was awkward, ever since that talk in the hospital room where she told him she knew he was leaving they hadn't have the time to talk. First it was the baby and then her family came, after some introductions that left him feeling way out of place he disappeared and went to the hotel, once there he upgraded his room into a suit and got a good sleep; by the time he got back to the hospital the family was gone and the friends were there, that has been when the invasion of people and gifts began.

But now they were alone and it was… well, awkward…

When she was up to her feet she turned and faced the crib. "Help me move this"

Phil sighed and took hold of her hand to lightly pull her to him; she gave way, turning to him until they were standing face to face. "I want to talk to you"

"Look Phil" She began saying before he could even say anything. "I get it you know, I mean it's not like I'm stupid so don't even say it okay"

Phil arched an eyebrow and stared directly into her warm hazel eyes. "What is it that you get?"

The blonde rolled her eyes and breathed in. "Everything, I know you just stuck around for the baby… I saw it since the very beginning… I told you, I'm not stupid"

"Is that so…"

She ran her tongue across her lips and stared at the ceiling. "I've been doing a lot of thinking and I know I screwed up and you know, I won't take it against you when you leave… I guess all there is to say is I'm sorry, I don't know…" She shrugged, looking away.

Phil tilted his head to the side and snorted, the sound making Maryse eyes go to him held her gaze and after a moment he opened his mouth to speak. "Well I think you are stupid, very, very… stupid"

Maryse blinked and he could almost hear her brain urging her to say something back to him; he didn't know why she didn't… but anyway, maybe her mind was in delay and she was still loading her response, whatever it was it didn't matter much, because if she was to say something he prevented it by taking a step closer so he could lean and cover her lips with his.

He could feel how her body tensed for a second before relaxing against him, it wasn't until that moment that she started kissing him back.

He didn't push it and kept things simple, applying the slightest of pressures and then taking the invitation of her parted lips, his tongue swirling around hers before pulling back. "I'm not going to leave, I mean I'm not going to lie and say the thought didn't cross my mind because it did…"

Maryse bit on her lips and smiled, her hands resting at his sides.

"But there's one thing; you are stupid Maryse, I mean the thing you did with the photo was very stupid"

"I know" She said without trying to bring an argument in her defense.

"If you wanted me so bad you could have told me; you know, I don't think I would have minded and a 'I like you' would have worked" He said with a smile of his own while she rolled her eyes and nested her face into the crook of his neck. By instinct he brought his hand to her hair, his fingers burying into the silky locks.

"I like you" She said and he chuckled.

"Well, I think I already figured that out"

"I like you a lot"

He reached for her chin and made her look up to him. For a moment that seemed to drag for eternity he just stared into her eyes, thinking about everything that leaded them to that moment. It was truth that they started all wrong, but like he told Mickie, the attitude of the Maryse who got into his locker room that night so long ago has changed for the better; and yes he liked her too… it was just he hadn't allowed the relationship to progress because even when he said numerous times that he had left the past behind the truth was that he hadn't. His mind would always take him back to that place where he despised the woman and it didn't allow him to work things out with her.

But he wanted the past to be bygones, he had a daughter to look out for and a beautiful woman he still needed to work things out with, and he wanted to work things out, for real.

"But there is one more thing, please, please get some better methods of birth control, one Sofia and one Maryse is enough to keep me busy"

Maryse chuckled and Phil kissed her, this time he wanted to seal his compromise to her for real, kissing her right in front of their sleeping daughter. They were going backwards, but he knew they could make it, as long as she didn't force him to go shopping her again everything would be fine.

This was going to be their new beginning.