I pulled up to Dad's house with a sigh. Marti had forgotten something before we left and it was my 'brotherly duty' to go and get it. I got out of my car and started to walk to the door when I saw a woman leaving the house. She looked like she had just barely managed to get her clothes on. Of course. Marti is gone for an hour and Dad has someone over to screw. Judging by the ring on her finger this one was married, too.

I nodded politely to her as I passed her. I don't think she even noticed me. I wonder what she'll say to her family when she gets home looking like a mess. Oh well. Not my problem. I walked into the house to see Dad buttoning up his shirt.

"What are you doing back so soon?" he asked.

I shook my head at the mess they had made in the room. Just an hour ago the place was clean. "Marti forgot her phone. I was sent to get it."

He didn't seem to care, and replied, "Okay. Be sure to lock up when you let yourself out."

He went into the kitchen and got himself some scotch and a glass. He sat down on the couch and poured himself a glass as I went upstairs. A small part of me hated to see my Dad like this, but after what he did to Nora I was hard-pressed to care all that much. I found Marti's phone and went back downstairs.

As I passed by him, I said, "It didn't have to be like this, Dad. Look at yourself. You're a drunk who sleeps with married women on Christmas. Your own kids don't want to spend the holidays with you."

He shrugged as he took a sip of his drink, and said, "I don't need to be getting advice from you, Derek. I like my life just fine."

I shook my head as I started for the door. Before I left I looked back at him. The look on his face told me that he didn't like his life. I could see in his eyes how much it hurt him to know that his kids were spending Christmas with their ex-stepmother instead of with him.

He didn't want to change his ways though. It's his own fault that things ended up this way. With us being happy, and him being a miserable drunk that was only good enough to be the booty call for some nameless married woman.

Serves him right.

I showed up at Casey and I's apartment. Just seeing it had made me forget all about Dad. I walked in and Marti ran up and excitedly grabbed her phone from my hands.

"Chill out, Smarti. Dimi isn't gonna hold it against you if you don't call him on Christmas," I said with a chuckle.

She rolled her eyes and walked into the other room while dialing the number. It really was sweet. And Dimi was scared of me, so I didn't have much to worry about. Not that I had anything to worry about. I mean, really. Emily's little brother? I can't imagine there is a single bad bone in the kid's body.

I laughed at the thought, and then went to find Casey. Her and Nora were talking in the kitchen. Once Nora saw me she quietly excused herself as I pulled Casey into my arms. This was home. With my Casey. My fiancé?

"I missed you," she said as she leaned against my chest.

I smirked, and said, "I'm not surprised. I am me after all."

She swatted her arm at me before giving me a quick peck on the lips. "We should get out there before you get too excited," she said as she pulled away from me.

I followed her into the living room and we sat down on the couch next to Edwin and Lizzie.

Nora cleared her throat, and said, "I must say that although I had my doubts about this two years ago, I am so happy that things turned out this way."

Casey started to get teary-eyed, and Nora continued, "Derek, I don't think anybody else could make Casey as happy as you make her, and I can't wait to help plan the wedding. Edwin... You and Lizzie are just perfect. Who would have thought that it would end up like this. And Marti... Wait? Where is Marti?"

Lizzie laughed, and said, "She's talking to lover-boy on the phone. I don't think we'll be able to pry them apart anytime soon."

Nora laughed. "Oh. Well, that's OK. I was getting a little speachy anyways," she said while sitting down.

"Thank you, Nora. It means a lot that you're happy for us," I said sincerely.

Edwin added, "It really does. And I don't mean to steal your thunder, but Lizzie and I have an announcement to make."

Lizzie gave him a stern look, and he said, "What better time than now? I think we should tell them."

Now we were all dying of curiosity. "Are you sure?" Lizzie asked.

Edwin nodded, and turned to the rest of us as he said, "Well.. I don't know how to say this.. I guess I should just spit it out. Lizzie and I are having a baby!"

Casey's eyes went wide and she turned to Lizzie. Their faces were a mirror of happy tears and excitement ready to burst as they hugged.

"Congratulations, Ed. Wow. I didn't expect that," I said as I shook his hand.

He smiled, and said, "Thanks bro."

He turned to the quiet Nora, and said, "Uhh, Nora.. The quiet is kind of scaring me."

That knocked her out of her thoughts and her face broke out into a huge smile as she said, "I'm going to be a grandmother! Wow! This is so great!"

She ran over and joined in Lizzie and Casey's hug. Edwin and I just sat back and watched the McDonald girls. There wasn't going to be any stopping them. They had all broke out in huge smiles, happy tears, and excitement.

I guess Marti heard the commotion and came back into the living room. "What's going on, guys?" she asked curiously.

Edwin pulled Marti into a hug, and said, "You're gonna be an Aunt."

Her eyes went wide. "Really?!" she asked excitedly.

Edwin just nodded and Marti completely forgot she was on the phone as she practically squeeze the life out of Edwin in their hug.

Looking at our family it was obvious how great everything had turned out. A part of me thought about Dad for a second, but then that gave way to the incredible happiness of the night.