The new girl

Once upon a time there was this girl named Hannah. She was moving to a new school in Bel air Maryland. Her new school was Patterson Mill Middle School. She was very nervous but excited at the same time. She hoped that she would meet some people that would become her friend. That night she could not sleep. So she decided to email her friend Jenna who lived in San Diego California. Email: Hey Jenna,

I am so nervous about school tomorrow. I can't believe I had to move away from you. It's not fair. I hope you move here soon. I can't wait to see you again. Tell destinee I said hi and that I miss her. Please reply back soon.

Miss you so much,


As soon as she sent that she was ready for bed. Hannah got up early and got ready for school. By the time she was ready to go her dad was awake and ready for his new job. Dad: morning Hannah.

Hannah: Mornin dad

Dad: are you nervous?

Hannah: a little

Dad: well I hope you have a good day any ways.

Hannah: OK. I have to go know. See you later dad.

Hannah's Mom died when she was really little and now she lives with her dad in a big house near her school. On her way to school she saw someone walking to school to. She decided to say hi to her. Hannah: Hi. Um my name is Hannah. What is your name? Girl: oh hi. I'm Katie, nice to meet you. What school do you go to? Hannah: well I just moved here from California and I going to Patterson Mill. Katie: really??????? I go to that school to!! That is so cool. Maybe we'll have the same home room together. What home room number do you have? Hannah: 201

Katie: really I have 201 to!

Katie: well since it's your first day here I'll help you find all your classes and stuff like that.

Hannah: OK.

On their way to school Katie pointed out the stuff around Bel Air. Katie: hey maybe you can come over my house later for a snack or something. Hannah: OK. Maybe. Katie: there's the school. Hannah: whoa it's big.

Katie: yeah I guess you can say that

To be continued…………