A few hours later, the New Year's party began.
It was being held in the middle of the centre, which had been decorated in order to celebrate it properly. A disco ball was hanging from the ceiling, and multi-coloured spotlights had been attached in order to lit up the party. Banners hung from all four corners, reading "HAPPY NEW YEAR" in different colours and fonts. Nurse Joy had even prepared a fireworks display. Two Chanseys were serving food, and a band had se t up at the front desk.
Ash and Brock walked into the party, which was already in full swing. Ash was wearing a blue shirt and jeans, but Brock had dressed up in a tuxedo, which made him look extra fancy.
"I still don't think it'll make Nurse Joy want to kiss you." Ash said, eyes rolling.
"Pika." Pikachu agreed. The Mouse Pokemon was wearing a bowtie on a elastic band. Brock looked at them, smiling.
"I am not just looking for Nurse Joy, I will gladly kiss any girl at midnight." He said, and quickly rushed over to a girl.
"Hang on a second." Ash said to Pikachu. They stared at Brock, who had started hitting on a tall girl with long brown hair. A second later, there was a white flash, and Croagunk formed, and instantly stabbed his trainer in the side. Ash laughed, and turned away as Brock was dragged away.
"Hi Ash." The young boy looked, and was gobsmacked.
Dawn was standing right in front of him. She was wearing a sparkly, flowing red dress, which was a bit tight. Her hair was hanging down, but was very glossy and glimmered in the spotlights. She had finished it off with a pair of red high heels.
"Wow Dawn, you look amazing." Ash said, his jaw hanging.
"Thanks Ash." Dawn replied, and smiled with her luscious red lips. "Do you have my PokeBalls?"
"What... oh, yeah." And Ash pulled the five PokeBalls out, which Dawn took and put inside a small black purse she had brought.
"Now, shall we dance?"

There were five minutes left till midnight. Ash and Dawn had been dancing for an hour and half, with Pikachu, Piplup, Buneary, Croagunk and Happiny watching on the side. Pikachu and Buneary and Piplup and Happiny danced on a table, while Croagunk watched Brock move around.
"This night has been so great." Dawn said, nearly yelling over the music.
"I know, we hardly ever get to have fun." Ash agreed, smiling. The two looked at each other, and slowly stopped dancing.
"Should we kiss at midnight?" Ash asked, looking rather nervous. Dawn instantly blushed, her facing turning as red as her dress. Before she could answer, the music abruptly stopped, and Nurse Joy took over the microphone.
"Hello everyone. It is time for the official countdown." She said, and everyone cheered. Brock pushed Croagunk over to the other Pokemon, and rushed back to the woman he had been dancing with. Ash and Dawn looked at each other, as the countdown began. Thoughts rushed through both of their minds, both of them confused about what they should do as soon as they reached 'one.'
"Five....Four....Three....Two....ONE!" The crowd yelled. "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" At that moment, Ash and Dawn leaned in, and they both began to kiss. The Pokemon stared at them, and sighed as they stood there for a minute, nearly inseparable. They stopped, and stood back, breathing deeply.
"That was, um... good." Ash said, blushing.
"Yes, it was very, um, good." Dawn nodded. "I think I am going to go now."
"Ok, see you tomorrow." Ash said, and they both turned away. Dawn ran over to her Pokemon, smiling broadly.
"Finally." She said, and picked Piplup and Buneary up and danced out of the hall.

Happy New Year everyone!