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"Rise, King Arthur of Camelot."

The crowd burst into applause and Arthur looked back to see Merlin grinning idiotically at him as his eyes sparkled. It had finally all come to fruition. All the secrecy, all the fighting, and all the conflict was over. Now they could focus on uniting Albion and creating a peaceful time for Camelot and its citizens. Now they got to the fun part.

…Hours later, after much celebration and much wine, Merlin and Arthur were standing on the battlements looking out at the sleeping city.

"Its all yours," Merlin said, waving his arm dramatically, "How does it feel?"

"Amazing, obviously," Arthur replied, with a lazy smirk, leaning against the stone wall.

"So I guess that means you can thank me now," Merlin said, looking at him expectantly, but there was a teasing glint to his eyes, "I mean, after all, you would never have gotten here without me."

Arthur gave him a thoughtful look. "You know what, Merlin?" he said seriously, "You're right. I wouldn't have gotten here without you. You must be rewarded for your admirable actions."

"Really?" Merlin asked, looking surprised and excited.

"Oh yes," Arthur said, smiling, "You're fired."

Merlin's jaw dropped, "What?!"

"You're…fired," Arthur repeated slowly as though he were a particularly slow toddler.

"I heard what you said," Merlin snapped, crossing his arms, "But how is that a reward?"

"Well you're always complaining about doing your chores," Arthur shrugged, turning back to look out at the city, "So now you don't have to."

"But-but," Merlin spluttered, letting his arms fall and looking around wildly.

"Besides," Arthur continued, glancing back at him, "It would hardly be proper for my Court Magician to be seen polishing my armor."

Merlin stared at him for a moment.

"I need to sit down now," he said finally walking over to sit against the wall.

Arthur laughed and went over to join him.

"Sorry, Merlin," the new king said, grinning, "But you should have seen the look on your face."

"Yeah," the warlock replied sarcastically, "Give Merlin a panic attack. That's a good idea."

"But really," the blond said, nudging him in the arm, "Would you? Be my Court Magician, I mean?"

"Is that even a real title?" Merlin raised an eyebrow skeptically.

"Well, it hasn't been for a while," Arthur said thoughtfully but then he shrugged, "But there's been a few in the past, and who am I to criticize my forbearers?"

"In that case," Merlin said slowly, a smile spreading across his face, "I accept."

They were both silent for a moment, lost in thought.

"I feel…almost liberated," Arthur said quietly, "The whole world just seems freer somehow."

"You're telling me. I just found out I never have to touch your nasty socks again."

Arthur punched him in the arm, but there was a contented smile on his face.

"Shut up, Merlin," he said playfully, "You know what I mean."

"Yeah," Merlin sighed, "I do."

They went quiet again.

"I know how hard this will be for you," Merlin broke the silence this time, "But please don't let this whole absolute power thing go to your head. You're enough of a prat already."

"Merlin," Arthur said exasperatedly, "I can still have you executed."

"Yeah, but life would be boring without me," Merlin said cheekily.

"Too right," Arthur muttered, pushing him gently.


Then, "Merlin?"

"Yes, Arthur?"

"Can you tell me why there is a creature that looks suspiciously like the Great Dragon headed towards the castle right now?"

"Oh...um, well…you see…that's a funny story…."

"Merlin. You. Are. An. Idiot."