Hey, y'all! This is MadeeThePhirana, a.k.a. madeerox1260. My other Sepulchure romance…sucks. Just put it that way. So, here's my rewrite…I hope you like it…

"Hey, little girl. You really shouldn't be playing that game," said a young silver clad woman known as Madee.

The small girl tore her gaze from the computer screen to stare at Madee like she was insane. "Why?" She was apparently a dedicated gamer.

"Well, how do you think those poor heroes feel?"

The girl rolled her eyes. "Dude…it's a game. It's fake. Get over it." She got up from the computer at the library and walked away, muttering about "all the crazy nut jobs that live in the city".

Madee sighed. "This will never work," she said to herself. All she wanted was to see her best friend, Zoe…her daughter, Mila…and, most of all, she wanted to see him.

She remembered how tall he was…how strong…and how evil he is now, she reminded herself.

Madee remembered the day she first found out…


Madee staggered to the chair in front of her computer. It had been a long day of convincing heroes not to play DragonFable, and even goddesses could get exhausted. Now, it was time to be hypocritical.

Madee opened the internet and went to dragonfable.com. She went to Osprey Cove and clicked on the quest "Sepulchure" with mounting excitement. However, after several lines in the cutscene, she realized that something was…different. He was evil! She felt the tears building up in her eyes. He lost a close loved one…me, she thought. The tears spilled over onto her cheeks. Sepulchure was one of the most hated people in Lore, and it was all her fault.

Well, I know it's short, but that's just my writing style! Please tell me what you think!