Remus woke up with the taste of blood filling his mouth. Blood was caked all over his body and around his mouth. His stomach felt heavy and was churning very unpleasantly. He pushed himself up and saw he was leaning Hermione's blood soaked leg. He scrambled to her side and started furiously shaking her, ignoring his stomach's violent protest.

"Hermione! Hermione!"

She groggily opened her eyes and groaned. "Remus, I was sleeping. I'm fine." She stood up and then extended her hand to help Remus off their ground. "You didn't touch me. I pet you, played fetch with you, then I feel asleep."

Hermione tried the door, found it unlocked and guided Remus to the holding cell where he started to get redressed.

"You played fetch?"

"Oh…well…the wolf was quite happy to play. Not to mention persistent. Although I imagine you're going to need a few Stomach Settling potions when we get home."

Remus groaned and clutched at his stomach. "I might need more than that. What did the wolf eat?"

"I'm sorry…I knew you would be sick…but the wolf…he ate the cell's worth...I'm sorry. He looked like he was having fun though, if that's any consolation."

"Don't worry about it. I've done worse to myself. A few potions and I'll be fine. A little bit of food poisoning is nothing. And look, Hermione, I'm sorry I doubted you. I just had no idea that Moony trusts you like that...I didn't know they're capable of..."

The outer door was opened. Four wizards stood by the exit with their wands extended.

"They're both alive," one of them called out. The woman who had showed them in appeared behind the four men.

"Very well. If you could just sign another set of papers we can give you back your wands."

She led them back to the front desk. Remus had started to turn slightly green and was hunching over with his arm around his stomach as he walked. Hermione slipped next to him so his arm was over her shoulder. She wrapped her other arm carefully around his waist and helped pull him into a more upright position.

"If you'll just sign these papers that state you both survived the full moon." They signed them. "Thank you. Now, since Mr. Lupin had officially been newly classified as 'non-threatening,' you can sign these papers," she turned to Hermione, "if you would like to be legally divorced with no repercussions to either party."

"I quite happy with my husband, thank you, so if you don't have anything else for us to sign, we'll have our wands back."


She looked down at Remus, slouching over by her side. "I love don't...have to do this."

"I don't have to stay married to the man I love? No, I don't. But I'm going to. So," Hermione turned towards the woman again, "our wands, please."

The woman handed Hermione both her and Remus' wands and Hermione was now dragging a very nauseous Remus out the door.

"Can you Apperate? Or should we call a cab?"

"Apperate," he groaned, "don't want to be sick in the cab."

"Okay. Hold on."

Hermione Apperated them into Grimmauld Place, knowing that Harry, Ginny, and Sirius were anxious for news. As soon as they appeared in the kitchen, Hermione heard footsteps rushing downstairs.

"Hermione! Are you both okay? You're covered in blood!"

"We're not hurt. Tell Dumbledore and the rest of the Order."

Remus moved Hermione's arm of his waist and wobbled to the bathroom. Harry cast Hermione a questioning glance, but she just shook her head. Ginny and Sirius came rushing in behind Harry.

"Is Remus alright?"

"He's fine. A bit sick because he spent the night gorging on raw meat. I suppose the Ministry thought they were either be helpful or trying to get us killed." She went on to explain everything else that had happened as quickly and completely as she could.

"Anyway, they officially declared Remus to not be a threat which means that he's no longer under the werewolf marriage law."

"So you and Remus can get a divorce?" Ginny asked.

"Yes, I suppose."

"You suppose. So you and Remus are still married then?"

"Yes, Harry. And we've decided…we're going to stay married."

"Thank God," Sirius barked, "last thing I want to deal with is Remus moping about for a couple of years. He hasn't exactly gotten lucky with love."

"So I've heard... but I really love him and I'm staying with him. Speaking of which – I should go see how he's doing."

"Hermione?" She turned around and looked at Harry.


"You really do make a fantastic couple. Better than you and Ron could ever have been."

Hermione ran and gave him a hug. "Thanks, Harry."

Hermione grabbed a towel and a cup of water and ran into the bathroom to see Remus still hunched over the toilet, throwing up copious amount of pink substances.

"No more meat for while then?" She knelt behind him and put a cool hand up the back of his shirt, running her hand up and down his spine.

"Merlin no."

"Well, Sirius, Ron, and Ginny are thrilled to see you back. Harry also thinks we make a great couple. Now that we're a 'real' couple."

"That's wonderful, Hermione."

She soaked the towel and rung it out over the sink. Remus had stopped vomiting and was leaning back against Hermione, his throat burning. He took the cup of water Hermione offered him gratefully. Hermione started to clean the blood off his face and arms.

"Feel better?"

"You have no idea. For the morning after a transformation I feel fantastic. I guess I owe it all to my fantastic wife who crazily agreed to stay with me. "

She kissed him on the forehead.

"Feel up to going back home?"

"Yes. I'll got let the rest of them know you haven't killed me yet."

They said their goodbyes with promises to visit again and start with plans to have a proper wedding.

They Apperated back to their house.

"It seems so different now. Before it was like…a refuge from the law. Now it's an actual home. Our home."

"Ours," Hermione agreed, "the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Remus Lupin. And," she wrinkled her nose, "a residence that's going to smell like a slaughter house soon." Hermione looked mischievously at Remus in a way frightleny reminiscent of a young Marauder. "I'm going to take off these clothes and take a shower. Care to join me?"

Remus followed her, thanking the universe for giving him a strong, beautiful, and compassionate wife who gave him back everything his lycanthropy had taken.

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