"I think my headache's getting worse…if that's possible." I mutter to McCoy. I'm sitting in the cool comfort of sickbay nursing a throbbing headache. The now familiar swish of the doors and whoosh of hypos sounder fifty times louder then usual.

"Oh stop your whining for heavens sake Sarah! You sound like a broken record! He retorts. I groan kicking my lanky legs like an impatient child. He reaches behind him and drags over a stool. I wince in pain at the high pitched scream.

"Now here's the problem, since you're new here I can't give you any medicine yet" I flop backwards onto the bed dreading the future hours of this agony.

"But I know a great home remedy…" I raise my head back up warily. A clear bottle with amber liquid sloshing inside appears before my eyes.

"Is that one of those experimental treatments..?' I trail off nervously.

"Trust me I'm a doctor" he smiles mischievously and hands me a glass. Before I know it we're singing show tunes down the ships long hallways. My headache is a hazy distant memory. I'm actually happy for once even if it is artificial. There's no pain anymore, only a dull ache.

As we round the corner, still parading, we run into Captain Kirk and First Officer Spock.

"Hey Jim Jamboree! How are you this fine afternoon?" McCoy flings his arm around the captain's shoulders and smiles his famous Georgia smile. As I look over at Spock I catch something in his eyes. A flash of deep possessive blazes but is quickly smothered. It was subtle but I'm sure I saw it. That look said "He is my Jim. Mine. No exception." This was startling but not unexpected. I had seen the looks they gave each other and the touches lasting a couple more seconds then necessary. Even though this anger was as fierce and uncontrollable as the sea, it made me jealous. Now my giddiness has run off and left behind bitter nausea.

"First off bones, it's evening. Secondly, what's going on here? Kirk looks from my probably green face to McCoy's Cheshire cat smile.

"Sarah are you alright? Kirk asks with a look of concern written across his features. I blushed.

"Oh yeah I'm just-" My words are getting progressively slower throughout my sentence. My knees feel odd and I stumble. I wasn't able to finish my sentence because the room went from lightly spinning to full scale hurtling. The last thing I remember is the floor coming up and kissing me.