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Tick. Tick. Tick. The steady heartbeat of the clock is like a little prick into my side every time it clicks. I put in my headphones to try and get rid of the noise.

Hit on Deborah like a boss! Get rejected like a boss! Swallow sadness like a boss! Send some faxes like a boss!

I lip-sync along with the words, or at least as many as I know. Its beat is too good not to move and I find my self dancing along. As I turn around the next lyric dies on my lips.

"Get a G- Oh hello Mr. Spock! Heh. Uhm how are you doing today?" I try to act nonchalant, but my red face and shaking hands give me away. I can see amusement in his brown eyes, and if he weren't a Vulcan, he would be smiling.

"As you seem to be evading the discussion of the previous occurrence, I will be what you humans call polite and bypass it as well. I was merely wondering if you are going for shore leave."

"Shore leave? When?" I hadn't heard a word about it.

"Approximately three minutes"

"Huh? Where?"

"A small snowy planet called Orgonia."

"Yes! I'd love to go!" I hurry to grab my coat and boots and only narrowly avoiding tripping over a box. Coat, check. Boots, check. Mittens, no check. I suddenly remember Spock is still standing there.

"Oh! Thanks for telling me about shore leave! It was very nice of you." Green appears on his check. He nods in acknowledgment.

"Uhm have you seen my mittens?" He looks confused. "Y'know, my gloves?"

"Are they the things sown to your coat sleeves? I look down at where he suggested. There they were, my cobalt blue wool mittens with cheery snowman grinning up at me. I

remember I got them when I was ten years old. I had gone to the store with my dad and it was a particularly chilly day. Only when I left the warmth of the car did I discover I left my mittens inside. My hands started to turn red so my dad let me choose my own pair from the store we were at. I loved these because they changed colors with the temperature. I start to cry at the thought of my dad and how much I miss him.

"Ms. Lawson? Is something amiss? He moves closer to me, a worried look on his face.

"Yeah I'm cool. Sorry about that." My cheeks are red from crying and now embarrassment. He probably thinks I'm weird for crying over mittens. Or for crying at all.

"You are cool? It is not cold in here." I start to laugh. I'm not sure if he's intentionally doing this to cheer me up or just doesn't understand. Either way it makes me feel better.

"No I meant I'm alright. Lets go" I brush at my face and start towards the door. As we walk down the clean metallic corridors, a question pops to mind that I've wanted to ask Spock for a while now.

"What happened between you and Lieutenant Uhura?" As soon as those words left my lips I wish I could stuff them back down my throat. A look s pain etched into Spock's face making him look worn down and old.

"I mean- you don't have to answer. I was just- I'm sorry." I'm such an idiot! This is obviously uncomfortable for him!

"No it is alright. As you know I am half human and half Vulcan. After the death of my mother, I was distraught. I was raised to keep my emotions in check and out of sight but I just couldn't. I was so confused on what to do and she did not understand. She could not understand as she had never experienced anything similar. "He stops suddenly in the middle of the hallway.

"I'm sorry. I should not have burdened you like this. I apologize."

"No." I catch his arm and he starts to walk away. "It's fine. Really." He looks curiously at my arm as to ask, why is this here?

"We are here." We turn the corner and arrive in transporter room. Already people are beaming down in groups of eight. Kirk spies up walking in and hurries over to meet us.

"Hey! Excited about shore leave?"

"Yes sir!" I answer back truthfully. It's been a while since I've seen the snow so this should be fun. I don't see Rebecca or Chekov; they must have already beamed down. Across the room McCoy looks glum while babysitting Radha. I wouldn't want that job. I wait in line until it's my turn to step onto the transporter. The weightless feeling is still exhilarating and I get tingles all over my body. When I open my eyes I think I've gone blind. The initial shock of so much snow makes my eyes hurt. Soon I can distinguish a hill in the distance sitting like a hat on top of the snow. The sky is a soft gray and snowflakes fall gently. We're instantly covered in snow that clings to us like a shirt. Oof! My back is suddenly cold from the hit of snowball. I see Scotty grin wickedly from behind a snow fort.

"Oh it's on!" I start scooping up a handful of snow to chuck in his direction. Whish! The ball soars through the air, but is deflected by Uhura's face as she walks into the fight. I choke back my laughter as I pack another snowball. We keep throwing back and forth until I pack a snowball really well. This one hits Scotty right in the face.

"Yes! In your face! Literally."

"Alright! I give in!" He surrenders but I don't believe him. I walk away cautiously, never turning my back from him. I finally turn around to almost be knocked down Chekov speeding by on ice skates.

"Oh! Sorry Sarah! "He calls back over his shoulder. I guess Rebecca taught him how to ice skate already. He seems to be really great at it too. Both of them fly through the air doing flips and turns at unimaginable speeds. I start to walk around this snowy planet, watching my fellow crew members' smile and have fun. I'm day dreaming until I bump into a snow man.

"Oof! Oh, sorry Mr. Snowman I- I'm talking to a snowman. Wow I need this shore leave." I'm about to walk away when I Radha suddenly jumps out from behind the snowman.

"GWALALALALA" I jump back startled.

"Oh hello. I thought you were still on board." Radha is nice but sometimes frightening. Then again I know nothing about her so who am I to judge.

"OH HELLO I THOUGHT YOU WERE A BOY. NAO JUST KIDDIN' ROFL" As soon as she finishes speaking she's scurrying up a large tree a few feet away. When she gets to the top, I thought she had to stop. Nope, she jumps and flies away. Apparently she has clear wings. Go figure. I'm about to walk away when I see the snowman move. I pull out my phaser, thinking it to be some sort of snowman alien. Then I see a human hand reach out, then a leg, then a chest. It turns out that Radha had made a snowman around McCoy while he was napping.

"Damn that girl or boy or whatever it is! If I catch her!" I point him in the direction of which she flew away and he starts running after her.

"Over here, cupcake!" I turn around just in time to see the security man hurl a snowball and hit Kirk right in the chest with it. I hurry away so I don't see Spock killing him. His fury when it comes to Kirk is ferocious and I wanted to be as far away from that as possible. It seems like everyone had someone except for me. Kirk and Spock have been together for a little over two months now. It's supposed to be a secret but everyone already knows. They might as well wear flashing neon signs on their back. Next are Chekov and Rebecca. There was no separating them without a crowbar. I heard Uhura was dating cupcake guy. Oh the Irony. That pretty much leaves me. McCoy is too old for me and Sulu's not my type. For the second time today I put in my headphones and start walking. To where I'm not sure. For how long I do not know. Just walking in this snow globe of a planet. The song that starts seems fitting and it helps me trudge through this deep snow.

Can you hold me in your arms?

Say it's going to be alright?

Oh please baby don't you go!

You know it's only for tonight.

I need comfort from this pain.

Need your hand entwined with mine.

Catch my tear drops when they fall.

Won't you be my shining light?

I hope you like it! I know it kind of lacked an ending…