Hello everybody I will try to make this story the best but i loved Skater Gal i thought it was the best lolz. Junie B Jones is 10 in this story and she still acts the same but i don't know how to make a line to seperate the story so pretend lolz ok now here the story........... Dear Jernol Journel today is the day!!!!!!!! we are going to pick out our chrismas christmas tree!!! i suck at spelling today i guess cause im happy great i mean cause my teacher Miss Olivia says to use more million dolaer words but great words like great isnt worth a million dollars but gess guess what else i get to help mother pick out the christmas tree!!!!!!!!! and i am going to pick out the best one there and guess what else!!! only 2 more days till Christmas!!!!!! from: Junie B Jones 4th grader I put my pencil down and i started on my homework. Junie B come on and come help me pick out the christmas tree! mother said. Coming. CRASH! oh no I ME broke moms favorite vase water went everywere and her favorite flowers fell and the water went all over my homework!! I said coming and ran to the car to pretend like i didn't do it and it was my brother Olli and Ollie would get in trouble and not me. I bet that will work! when we were at the mall i picked out a pink pretty tree but mother said no i would like green i said mom i would like white or pink and that is what we are going to get! Mother grabbed me by my arm and said dont act up Junie B Jones! We got a green boring tree and boring candycanes to go on it and fake little santas and elfs to go on it and all kinds of boring stuff when we got home i heard a scream mother yelled Junie B Jones! I said mother it wasnt me it had to have been Ollie! Ollie went out with Dad in his new car to go to the docters office remember? I just remembered that! Find out how Junie B Jones gets out of trouble in chapter 2 i hoped you like it i know it is a lot for 1 chapter! lolz please commet it -Olivia09