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Aya sat on her bed staring at the familar picture in her hands. She didn't know how often in a day she would look at the picture, but she knew it was a lot. The moment captured was of her and Touya and their daughter. Touya was hugging Aya in the picture and Aya was holding their newborn daughter, Nami.

Touya had told Aya he only had a year or so left but she still wasn't prepared for him to die. Touya had died exactly six months after Nami was born. The first couple days after giving birth Aya had been so happy she forgot that Touya wouldn't be with her forever.

Touya hadn't wanted to spoil her happiness so he kept on a cheerful face for her. Touya had been to one to give Nami her name, Touya had never lost his love for the ocean so naming his daughter after the ocean's waves made him happy.

The name suited the little girl too. She loved to have baths and play in the water. Everything had been going well until the day Nami turned six months old. A few days before Aya had noticed that Touya was looking paler and had less energy, but it still surprised her when he died.

The only thing that kept Aya from being depressed was Nami, she knew that she had to take care of her little girl. Nami was her biggest way to remember Touya by. Nami had long hair the same color as Touya's and his color eyes too. However her personality matched Aya's. While she was still pregnant with Nami, Aya had a small fear that something might have happened and somehow Nami could have some part of Ceres in her.

Aya watched the little girl for any signs of Ceres powers but she never showed any, even though Aya had been a little worried she had never really expected her to.

Aya looked at the clock, it read 5:45, she sighed, it looked like moere of her sleep wasted. "Mommy!" A small scared voice called from the next room.

Aya hurriedly made her way into her daughter's room. Her daughter was sitting up in her bed with her blankets clutched tightly around her. "What's wrong sweetie?" Aya kneeled against the side of Nami's bed.

"I h-heard a m-monster under the bed!" Nami now 4 years old had a big fear of monsters. "There's no monsters Nami." Aya bent down and looked under the bed. It was completely empty and spotless.

"There's nothing there Nami, see I just looked." Slowly the little girl calmed down, "okay thank you mommy." Aya smiled and kissed her on the top of her head. Then she left so Nami could fall back to sleep.

Aya went to the kitchen to make herself some coffee. When Ceres had went back to the heavens she had been so glad to have her hagoromo back that as a small thank you, she had left a tiny portion of her powers with Aya. She had telekinesis, the ability to move objects with her mind. Aya had used the power a few times before but only in emergencies since the power left her feeling exhausted and weak.

After she was done with her coffee Aya took a shower and began to get ready for work. She worked as a surgeon and physical thereapist in a hospital close by her house. Aya enjoyed her job because she had the oppritunity to help others so much, but it was very time consuming. Aya and Nami rarely spent much time with eachother.

While Aya was at work Nami would be at kindergarten, then since Aya couldn't pick her up right after school, Mai one of Aya's close friends would pick Nami up and her own daughter, Suki.

Nami and Suki were both in figure skating. Usually Aya would be off of work once the figure skating classes were over, but if not Mai would bring Nami home with her until Aya could come and get her.

Aya grabbed her favorite pair of hot pink scrubs. The hospital didn't care what color of scrubs people wore, they mostly cared about how good the person was at doing their job. The hospital Aya worked at was the best in the country, she had been so excited to start working there.

Aya sat on the couch and read a book for a while. Right on time Nami came downstairs with her backpack all ready for school. Each morning Nami would get herself up on time and get ready for school. She refused to let Aya help her since she insisted that she was a "big girl" now and could get ready by herself.

After dropping Nami off at kindergarten Aya drove to the hospital. Once she got there she went to get the schedule she would need for the day. "What are you doing today?" Aya turned around to see two of her friends who both worked as surgeons with her. Sai stood leaning against the wall, he had on navy blue scrubs. Next to him was Azami his wife, Azami had on light purple scrubs.

"Sorry guys, today I'm doing physical therapy." Aya smiled at her friends. Sai sighed and put his arm around Azami, "well I guess it's just us and the nurses today."

Azami smiled up at her husband and Aya felt a pain in her heart as she remembered Touya. "So how's Mai?" Azami asked smiling. Even though Mai didn't work with them both Sai and Azami knew her. "She's good, so is her daughter Suki."

They chatted for a few minutes then Aya left to go up the the physical therapy section of the hospital.

The day went by slowly for Aya, finally it was time to leave, Aya grabbed her bag as her cell phone and pager went off at the same time. Sighing Aya quickly picked up the pager, the message on it read, -call me, it was from Azami.

By the time she had checked the message Aya's cell phone had stopped ringing, picking it up she saw that it was Mai who had called. Sorry Azami, you'll have to wait a minute for me to call, Aya thought to herself.

Aya called Mai quickly, "hey do you need me to pick up Nami today?" Aya left her office after grabbing her stuff, "no it's fine just tell her I'll be about five minutes late."

"Okay." Mai replied, making a mental note not to forget to tell Nami the message. After Aya got off the phone with Mai she called Azami.

"So what did you want Azami?" Aya out at the parking lot by now searched for her keys in her messy purse.

"Oh I wanted to know if you heard about the surgery patient today?"

"Nope." Aya found her keys and finally opened her car door.

"Oh I thought you might have because he had the same last name as you, I thought he could be a family member. I guess it's just a common last name. Oh I have to go, see you tomorrow!"

Aya sat in her car nervously, the only person she had seen since all the incidents years ago was her mother, and even that rarely happened. Well things are different now, the past is over and Ceres isn't here anymore so I need to stop being nervous.

Aya glanced up at the hospital one last time before she left to go pick up Nami.

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